Do you use Samsung DeX on your Galaxy device?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Out of all the software features Samsung has debuted over the years, one of the more interesting ones is Samsung DeX. DeX is the desktop interface Samsung's created for its Galaxy devices — allowing you to run it on a monitor that's connected to your phone or directly on a larger device like a tablet.

DeX isn't perfect and still has some quirks that need ironing out, but it's a really unique way of repurposing Android for different types of workflows.

A few of our AC forum members recently shared their experience with DeX, saying:

Him i have used office with Dex and it works well. I personally prefer a portable wired monitor for dex on my S10+ when using office apps as wireless Dex on my huge TV has text too small for my eyes. But yes, Dex works well. It is pretty smooth and you can multitasking with it and you can still get texts and notifications on it. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with mine. Hope this...

Kizzy Catwoman

I can also say that DeX works really well with MS Office as well as Windows 10. I can work 100% remotely with using just a Samsung device. With my work we also use Citrix which also works well with launching a Virtual Windows machine if I need to use work specific apps that only run on a computer.


Dex is great. I use it a lot with my Tab S4. Only limitation working with office is that you can only open one document/ excel/ppt at a time. You can't open two and work with them.


If you have an Office 365 subscription ($6.99/mo personal or $9.99/mo Family), then it's awesome as it unlocks all the features and not just read-only. If you are a super power user that uses Macro's and tons of scripts/automation, you'll be disappointed. However, for just doing some edits, making a few quick docs or "normal" usage, you'll love it. It'll feel closer to the full office suite...


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you use Samsung DeX on your Galaxy device?

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