Do you use Samsung DeX with the Galaxy S9?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the Jack of all Trades when it comes to Android phones, offering every feature under the sun and then some.

One trick brought over to the S9 from the S8 series is support for Samsung DeX. DeX allows you to dock your Galaxy S9/S9+ into a hub, connect it to a monitor, and use it like a traditional desktop computer with your own keyboard and mouse.

The idea is that this allows the S9 to be your one-stop computing system, and while it's a great idea in theory, is it something that people are actually using?

Here's what the AC community had to say.

I wanted to try it and I have to say I am vey well surprised with it. DEX desktop opens in a few seconds once docked and you just have all your phone data there. It really works like a desktop and is supper smooth. While you cannot replace a PC with it due to what app runs it is having a Chromebook. Most important apps run a DEX version, being full screen, and then you have the...


It is pretty nice, isn't it. I paired mine to a compact bluetooth keyboard with a built-in track-pad, from Logitech. Works well in combination. I'd be curious to know if anyone has run a DeX Pad vs DeX Station to confirm that the alleged higher resolutions on a compatible TV screen are available with the new 2018 DeX Pad.


I received a free Dex Oad with my S9+ and I finally got a chance to try it out. it's a cool gadget (I love my gadgets) but I can't see a real practical use for it that I couldn't accomplish with Screen Mirroring. Can someone give me some ideas on productive uses for this thing?


I have to be honest: I bought this with $99 to blow. I am amazed at what this DexPad does. My Note 8 is just so so as a trackpad, so I use a wireless mouse. I have a wired keyboard to a monitor. Many apps are not polished to work with Dex, but the main one's like Office 365 products work great. One problem is that when varifying passwords with my LastPass, I can't use the fingerprint reader, so...


How about you? Do you use Samsung DeX?

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Joe Maring

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  • I use the OG DeX at work as a second computer and it works great. Some hiccups with secure folder that I never experienced with Note 8 and Nougat but otherwise great. Definitely prefer navigating with a mouse as opposed to the track pad on the phone though (I use a usb-c extender cable off of the original DeX to try the trackpad).
  • I feel like the extension cable would be a good solution to that one comment where the person couldn't get to the fingerprint reader.
    That or just plug it in upside-down?
  • We have an all Mac environment at work. Heck, I'm the only one with an Android phone. I couldn't pull the trigger on buying one especially since everywhere I would use it has an integrated Mac so there is no external moniors to plug into.
  • That's depressing, only macs.....
  • I might have tried this out but for 100$ I don't think so. It doesn't seem like a worthy upgrade unless you for sure know you are going to use it. So many people I hear got theirs for free and use it, if I get one for free I'm sure I would at least push myself to use it
  • Check this out for $35 you can get a decent high quality 3rd party DeX adapter!
  • Oh this made me think, no wonder people are quick to adopt face unlocking and under the display fingerprint sensor, because when you use the pad or a wireless charger, the fingerprint is obscured. Little inconveniences.
  • Have been using Dex as primary computing method since S8+ launch, and now with S9+... It's pretty good, v but Samsung email client is slowly getting worse and has bugs that need ironing out fast. The worst is only half off the written text in emails gets delivered to recipient. Had problems with the S9+ so returning and getting a Pixel 2 XL delivered tomorrow. Back to using a laptop at work and selling all Dex and wireless chargers.