Do you use an online backup service in place of or in addition to Google Photos?

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Pixel 4a Alex Google Photos Outside (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

As Android users, we're big fans of the standard suite of Google Apps, including Maps, Gmail, and, of course, Google Photos. Not only does Google Photos offer a lot of free storage (though this is changing somewhat), it brings accessible editing tools and fantastic organization as well. But it's not the only option out there. Many people use an alternative to back up their photos, whether that be as a hedge against Google Photos or in place of it altogether. From Amazon Photos to Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox to a home-based NAS solution, there are several solid options to choose from.

This little thread on the AC forums got us thinking about photo backups this morning...

Since we need to pay for Google Photos in this June, I wanna ask couple questions. 1. If we pay Google Photos, they will give us unlimited storage or limited? 2. What will happen to my photos that have been backup on paid Google Photos if I don't pay the next month?

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Welcome to Android Central! There's no paying for Google Photos on its own -- you need to pay to expand your Google Drive storage beyond the usual free 15 GB using the Google One plan: Any photos that are already backed up to your Google Photos will remain safe, and won't suddenly count toward your Google Drive storage. Only after June 2021 will newly...

B. Diddy

I pay $2.99/ month for 200gb. I'm seriously thinking about seeing up a nas. Network attached storage. To have control over my photos. I have memories dating back to 2006 on google photos. It would suck to lose them all if something were to somehow happen on google's end. There will come a time when that 200gb will be used up. I could get a 1 or 2 tb drive and set up a nas. I just need to...

Joshua Luther2

Google has such immense storage capacity and redundancy upon redundancy that I'd say it's pretty much impossible for them to lose your photos. But you're right, at some point, you might use up all 200 GB of cloud storage. Another option to consider if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber would be Amazon Photos, which is unlimited (at original quality).

B. Diddy

We want to hear from you — Do you use an online backup service in place of or in addition to Google Photos? If so, which ones? Let us know!

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