Do you think the Pixel 5 is worth $350 more than the Pixel 4a?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

I think it's safe to say that Google had a pretty strong year for its Pixel series. The Pixel 4a stands out as one of the very best deals the market has to offer, the 4a 5G is a great budget option for under $500, and the Pixel 5 is one of our top picks for the best Android phone of 2020.

All three phones deliver a ton of value for their respective price points, but when it comes to the lowest-end Pixel 4a and most expensive Pixel 5, how do the two compare? There are some obvious compromises the 4a had to make in order to hit its $349 retail price, but does the Pixel 5 offer enough upgrades to justify costing twice as much?

Some of our AC forum members recently got to talking about the phones, saying:

Have two pixel's 5 and 4a. 5 has more ram and 5g gen chipset 4a SOC handles it's hardware better. 5 has the SOC tripped out. Don't know if its a memory stack thing or/and band search ... SD765 5g is not a bad chipset. Samsung S20 FE 5G suffers a bit of the same thing. will take a bit of time for things to shake out. Their all good phones. However, it is what it is.


I just got my 5 about 3 weeks ago... Upgraded from my 3 XL... I love it so far!


Pixel 5 battery been very good, Solid device!


Yeah mustang dude I completely agree with everything ... the 5 is amazing!


Now, we want to hear from you — Do you think the Pixel 5 is worth $350 more than the Pixel 4a?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • No. *Sad trombone*
  • Nope definately not I think more than anything 550$ relevance its overpriced if they wanna sell out in the market but if they don't wanna outsell hardware compare to brand valuation than it's upto their marketing team what's they want!!!
  • what is this wallpaper ????????
  • Google could easily have increased the storage at minimal cost to 256gigs to help increase the value proposition.
  • No. The 5 should be about the same price as the 4a 5G currently and the 4a 5G should be $50-$100 cheaper. "I think it's safe to say that Google had a pretty strong year for its Pixel series" It will be interesting to see if sales figures agree with this.
  • The Pixel 5 is absolutely worth the extra money, just on small size and wireless charging alone.
  • Yes! Absolutely yes!
  • The price point is more reasonable than the Pixel 4 ever was. That said it's still way way overpriced. As someone mentioned earlier it should have been the price point they have the 4aXL at. Along with having the 4aXL at a hundred less than that. If they'd have done that these would have been the hottest phones this holiday season. Instead it's...well? Since 5G really is still shaking out the 4a is a better value for the time being. Now if there was a greats sale (and I don't mean 50 off with activation, just GTFO with that). I'd be looking to get it just to have both good iOS and great Android.
  • No Pixel is worth more than $300.