Do you plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Following months of leaks and rumors, we're finally getting close to the announcement of the Galaxy S9. We have a pretty good idea of what the phone will look like and what major features it'll be shipping with, and all that remains is for Samsung to officially unveil it.

The Galaxy S9 will look a lot like the S8, but thanks to things like a repositioned fingerprint sensor, even slimmer bezels, and possibly a camera with a physically changing aperture, there's plenty to be excited for. Some of our forum users recently got into a discussion about whether or not they'll be picking up the S9 once it's available, and this is what they had to say.

While I have no doubt that the S9/S9+ will be awesome, I'll wait for the Note 9. The Note 8 will get a refresh with Oreo. Even if it didn't, the Note 8 does everything I need it to and more. Then we will see how much of a leap the Note 9 is from the Note 8.


I love my Note 8...but there is a S9+ with my name on it. Just wish I could get it in Pearl White!


S9+ features definitly look nice but that just means the N9 will be even better. Of course I'll be getting the S9+ tho.


The more I read about the S9 series, there's just no real upgrades over the note 8. There are some minimal things but that's it. Less ram, smaller screen, no S pen for $1000? It's def a no for me. The Note 9 is the only phone that can take the note 8 off of the throne.


How about you – Will you be upgrading to the Galaxy S9?

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