Do you like the Galaxy Note 9's new colors for the U.S.?

Up until now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's only been available in two vibrant colors in the United States —Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple. Yesterday, Samsung announced that it's bringing two more subtle color options to the States in the form of Cloud Silver and Midnight Black.

These two colors were first revealed back in August, and while they were available for purchase in other parts of the world, there's been no way to buy them in the U.S.

Here's what our AC forum community has to say about the new looks.

Just read that myself! Part of me wants to pre-order a black one today!


Was waiting for the black to drop, i knew it would happen soon after the launch. Now I have a really hard choice to make. Note 9 in black (so sexy), P3XL (NOTCH) or maybe even 1+6T (super fast budget phone) October may be my new favorite month!


I'm happy with the ocean blue but would be happier with the black.


It's nice to see the new colors but I am satisfied with my ocean blue. For me, the color of the phone is not nearly as important as the features and performance.


What about you? Do you like the new colors for the Note 9 in the U.S.?

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