Do any Android users plan on switching to the iPhone XS?

This coming Wednesday, Apple is holding its annual fall event where we'll likely be introduced to the next generation of iPhones. This year, we're expecting three different models that all adopt the iPhone X's bezel-less design.

The iPhone X is already one heck of a device, so even though Android is our passion, we're still interested to see what Apple has up its sleeves next week.

One of the AC forum members asked if anyone was planning on switching to Camp iOS with the new hardware, and these are a few of the responses they got.

Not even if they paid me.


No. I have zero desire to do so. I'm well invested and far far prefer android and Samsung in particular.


I came over from the iPhone X. Which was a great phone. I chose the note 9 for DeX and the secure folder. My phone is used for both personal and work. I like that everything work related is now seperate from the rest of my phone.


My first smartphone was iPhone 3gs. After that I was with Android all along. If I didn't return to iPhone while Android phones were still laggy and buggy as hell, dun see why I would now when there are so many good Android phones around. :p


What about you? Will you be checking out this year's iPhones?

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