Disney+ dropping all the films on Twitter

What you need to know

  • Disney+ is 4 weeks from launch and is now sharing what you can see at launch.
  • The Disney+ twitter absolutely exploded with a massive thread of available titles.
  • Previous lists had abounded online based on the selection available on the Netherlands preview, but this is the definitive list.
  • There are some surprises in the lineup, especially for Fox fans and 90's kids.

Disney+ launches in the US and Canada on November 12, and while many potential lists of its content library were compiled by well-meaning fans based upon the current catalog for Disney+'s Netherlands preview, I'm happy to say that we now have an official, "basically complete" list, courtesy of Disney+'s Twitter account.

There's a lot to dig through here since this thread separates each and every title to its own tweet — RIP Twitter timelines this morning — but even a cursory glance will net some confirmations we weren't sure were coming to the US like X-Men Evolution and the Disney telefilm musical Annie. This is also the first time we've seen a look at how many Fox films will be included, including animated classic Thumbelina, which everyone thought was Disney anyway.

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It's a huge list and we're going to need time to go through it all and find everything — Disney+ isn't done tweeting the list yet — but there really is something for everyone, and November 12 cannot come fast enough.

All the movies!


The wait is almost over.

Disney is finally bringing all of its content under one roof for streaming, after years of it being split on half a dozen services. Disney+ will feature original content as well as timeless classics from Disney, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel, Disney Channel, and Fox.

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