Disney bundle with Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ to support Add-ons for existing accounts through credits

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Disney+ Home Screen Frozen Banner (Image credit: Disney)

What you need to know

  • An update to Disney+ Founders Circle terms of service offers details about the bundle.
  • The Disney+ bundle will link to Hulu or ESPN+ accounts by using the same email address.
  • Once linked, monthly credits for the basic plan will be applied, but Add-ons can be managed separately.

Everyone is excited about Disney+'s launch tomorrow. The new streaming service is combining the best content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Fans and newcomers are excited about the new original shows and movies as well as the large catalog of existing content. Now all that's left is picking a plan.

Disney is a big company with multiple streaming services, so the company is offering a bundle with three services for one price. They will offer a bundle to give users Disney+, ESPN+ and ad-supported Hulu for $12.99 per month. As launch day approaches, details about the bundle are appearing online.

New Terms of Service related to the bundle have posted to the Disney+ Founders Circle, with information on linking the bundle with existing Hulu and ESPN+ accounts. These things are very lawyerly, and can be confusing, but the following passage from the Subscription Terms seems pretty clear.

If you already have any eligible Hulu subscription (purchased through or received from Hulu or any third-party other than Spotity) when you purchase the Bundle, you may keep and manage that subscription. You will continue to be billed by Hulu or such third-party that currently bills you for that Hulu subscription. You must subscribe to the Bundle with the same email address as associated with your existing Hulu subscription for Disney to provide you with a monthly credit against the Bundle price in an amount equal to the then-current retail price of Hulu's ad-supported plan (currently $5.99) for as long as you maintain that separate Hulu subscription.

What this appears to say is if you already have a Hulu account before you sign up, you can link it to your Disney+ bundle. You will do this by signing up for Disney+ with the same email address that you use for Hulu. Once you do, you will be billed the full Disney+ bundle price of $12.99, and then receive a monthly credit to your existing Hulu account for the $5.99 retail price of the ad-supported plan.

This means you could still manage your Hulu subscription separately. In theory, you could still use Hulu add-ons, like the No-Ad plan or premium channels like Showtime. Hulu would bill you for the remaining balance.

This is exactly what many of us have been hoping for regarding the bundle. It could be enticing to viewers who have the ad-free Hulu plan but still want to save by bundling. Remember that the Disney+ bundle isn't available for people who have promotions on their accounts, including the Hulu-Spotify deal, or ESPN+ annual plan. For a household like mine, where we already subscribe to Hulu and ESPN+ and are planning to add Disney+, this is a godsend.

Roy Delgado