The search for a great pair of headphones can be tedious and ultimately unsatisfying, especially if you choose the wrong ones. This is especially the case when you're looking for great workout headphones. Earbuds are almost always better for working out since you don't have anything bouncing around on top of your head, but then you have the cord to worry about.

Bluetooth headphones are perfect for just about every situation. Whether you're working out or simply sitting at your computer enjoying tunes, Listening to your music wirelessly grants you total freedom of movement. You can usually even get up and walk away from the device you're connected to without losing the signal.

The HomeSpot AirBeans X True Wireless Earbuds are a great solution to your wireless earbud woes. Most wireless earbuds are connected by a weird cord or have huge receivers built into them, but the AirBeans are about as discreet as wireless earbuds get. They retail for $69.99, but at Android Central Digital Offers, they're only $49.99, a savings of 28%. They come with three different bud sizes so that they can fit any ear, and they're totally wireless.

The AirBeans comes with a sleek and convenient carrying case, which also acts as the charging cradle. Keep the case charged and you'll extend battery life for up to 8 hours of playtime. In the box, you'll get 2 Bluetooth earbuds, a charging cable, the charging case, the three sizes of ear tips, and a user manual. AirBeans use Bluetooth 4.2, which means they'll work with all of your devices, new and old.

If you need a great pair of Bluetooth headphones but don't want anything with huge receivers or annoying cords, then check out the HomeSpot AirBeans X for just $54.99 at Android Central Digital Offers and save 28%.

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