Did you get your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag? If so, how are you using it?

Galaxy SmartTag
Galaxy SmartTag (Image credit: Samsung)

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series came a new product called the Galaxy SmartTag. Ostensibly, the idea behind the SmartTags was that you could attach them to things that you might frequently lose, such as keys, luggage, or pets (meow?).

In practice, they're not really any different from any of the other best Bluetooth trackers. Still, we were curious how the AC community was using the new Galaxy SmartTags (or if they were).

I never got mine that i ordered with my phone on Jan 28th. I contacted samsung order dept and they said it would be shipped feb 24th,still nada :( MY order page says "delivered" but no tracking # available. Just curious if anyone else has had issue.


Trust me you're not missing out on much , they don't even work half the time


Got mine around the same time as the phone, which was early Feb. I think.


I received mine with my order and it works great.


Never got mine. Just got my watch and case last Mon - was backordered for 3 weeks. I've asked Samsung numerous times about the tag and keep getting the run around. I've heard the tags aren't great but would still like it to try it out.


Mine came with my phone but I don't think I will ever use it for anything. They talk about things such as adding it to your key chain to find lost keys but I certainly don't want something like that hanging off my key chain and I never misplace my keys anyway. There was a suggestion about putting it in luggage but I don't think you can track it unless you're within Bluetooth range, so I don't...


We want to hear from you — Did you get your Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag? If so, how are you using it?

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  • Still waiting on my to ship
  • I actually put it in my son's book bag last night to see if I could "track" him at the school... Didn't work. It won't update and the last time it did (this morning) showed him about 3 blocks from the house on his way to the bus stop.
  • Mine was delivered in the same package as my phone. I verified that it does indeed make a loud noise when asked to do so, and it's been sitting on the counter ever since. I'm the kind of person who puts stuff back in the same place every time, so this doesn't have a lot of use for me.
  • I have yet to use it. I've watched YouTube for additional ideas, but none of them grab me. Open to suggestions though.
  • I tried mine, couldn't find any use for it and threw it away.
  • I would have paid postage to have it sent to me. I would like a 3rd one. 😊
  • I have it on my key chain and configured it to open my smartlock when I press the button once
  • I need to take time to look at programming that button. That sounds useful.
  • I ordered my phone but the tag was never in my cart. However I did get it several weeks after my phone was delivered. I set it up and tested it but it is too big to actually keep it in my pocket with my keys and my car key fob. We are not traveling anywhere so on the luggage will not work because it won't be within Bluetooth range
  • I have one on my keychain and the other good between my camera bag and laptop/messenger bag depending on which one I leave the house with. I'll probably use this one in luggage when I travel. I might get another to put in my car to find in large parking lots. 😂