Did anyone buy the smaller Pixel 4?

Google Pixel 4 in Just Black
Google Pixel 4 in Just Black (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Every year since 2016, Google launches two versions of its flagship Pixel phone — a regular Pixel and larger, more expensive Pixel XL. This year, we got the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

These latest Pixel phones have come under fire for poor battery life, especially the smaller Pixel 4 and its measly 2,800 mAh unit. It struggles to get through just one day of normal use, and as such, has a lot of people recommending the bigger Pixel 4 XL over it.

With that being the case, it's a bit surprising to look through the AC forums and see how many people opted for the Pixel 4.

I've got the 4. switched from the Samsung s10e. so far I'm very happy with my decision. size is great. phone is fast and snappy. face unlock is fantastic and fast. I'm way happier using that than the fingerprint, but that's my preference. battery wise I'm ok so far. I'm always around a charger if I need. but frankly, for my usage, I don't see a real difference between the s10e and the 4 in...


I have the 4. Battery is slightly better than my 3 was. I haven't checked usage but I can notice a difference. It's a good size, overall similar to the 3. Good size for a smaller phone.Slightly bigger screen than the 3 was. Lose more around the edges when zooming YouTube videos now though. Display is definitely warmer than my 3. (I prefer the 3's cooler display). Still nice, clean and sharp. ...


I have the Pixel 4 64GB white one and after a week the battery is better it’s adapting to my use and I have set up the Pixel with digital wellbeing and motion sense off as l do not need them, and with minimum apps required, the assistant is excellent compared to my old I phone Siri, it’s a compact and well built phone looks good too and with November security up date, I have no complaints it...


I'm using the smaller Pixel 4 and it's perfect for my usage. I'm getting slightly better battery life than my Pixel 3 and that's with 90hz forced on etc. But I'm not into mobile gaming or video streaming etc. Majority of my use is messaging/calls, web browsing and some music playback of songs stored on the device itself. YMMV


What about you? Did you buy the smaller Pixel 4?

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Joe Maring

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  • Go go gadget defensive fanboys!
  • Something I use to have & definitely don't want anymore is battery anxiety. That's what a 2800mamp battery will do for you? I don't know what Google was thinking but I'll take no part in it!
  • I got the XL and the battery life is just fine. Better than my old Note 5 was and better than my pixel 2 XL was. and as it gets to know my usage it is better than the first time I used it. Since I live in a rural area and don't have WiFi at home the only time I need a charge during the day is when I use my Hotspot all day long. Otherwise my phone easily lasts all day. Once I stayed away overnight without a charger and the next day at 1PM I still had 39% charge left. …
  • Funny that the comments so far are about not buying the 4 and why not. The question was if anyone bought one.
    Yes, I did.
  • Well, the way I see it Google should have included a battery pack when this phone got released? There's just no way I would consider an 800.00+ phone with a 2800mamp battery & 64gb's of base storage. Whoever came to this conclusion should be hanged in his town square, yikes!