Did anyone buy the 1TB Galaxy S10?

The Galaxy S10+, Samsung's largest entry in the S10 series, comes in a pretty unique storage configuration. If you've got $1600 to spend, you can get the phone with a gigantic 1TB of internal storage.

That's more space than most people will likely ever need, but even so, it's still pretty awesome Samsung's able to cram so much space into a phone.

Taking a look through the AC forums, it appears that not many people splurged for that model.

I got the 1TB for the same price as the 128 GB so it was a no brainer :) Will never be able to fill it up until I change to a new phone but it feels nice to have the extra ram at least :)


Sounds like a great deal. I thought I did good getting a 512 for the same price. The 1TB model is way overkill unless you really need the storage and at the moment the extra RAM doesn't buy you much except keeping more program running in the background. Since you got it at a bargain it's a no brainer.

Mike Dee

Heh, I've been wondering the same thing. I have the 128 GB S10+, but I have a 256 GB SD card from Samsung due to the whole Note 7 fiasco, which I use to keep photos, videos, downloaded Spotify, etc. Still have 218 GB left. Hopefully that'll be plenty of space for all the 4K HDR videos I edit with Adobe Premiere Rush. Whenever that comes out. :)


What about you? Did you buy the 1TB Galaxy S10?

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