devious dungeon

Devious Dungeon, an action-RPG platfomer game that was released for iOS earlier this year, made its Android debut this week in the Google Play Store, which gives gamers a chance to level up and kill lots of creatures while collecting loot.

Developed by Ravenous Games, who previously released Random Heroes and League of Evil, the $1.99 Devious Dungeon combines the look of a 2D platformer game with the features of an action-RPG like the Diablo series. There are five worlds to explore in the game. The developer adds:

Fight your way through randomized dungeons locating the key to open the portal. Slay enemies, collect loot, earn experience, and level up! Only a true champion will be victorious!

Keep in mind that Devious Dungeon also offers in-game purchases as well. Does slaying monsters, collecting treasure and gaining experience sound like a fun time?