A survey released this week suggests that mobile developers are picking Android to succeed over other Operating Systems, most notably iOS, in the long-run. The survey was conducted by Appcelerator and IDC asked more than 2,300 developers about the short and long term outlooks for various platforms. 

Apple's iOS won for offering the best short-term revenue opportunities, with 76 percent of developers supporting that platform. In the long-run, however, 59 percent stated that they thought Android had the best long-term outlook, compared to 35 percent who said iOS. 

This support from developers is not solely focused on the phone platform, but future mobile devices as well. When asked the question "which OS is positioned to power a large number of connected devices in the future," a glaring 72 percent voted for Android compared to 25 percent for iOS.

This is exciting new for the Android world; it's always a good thing to hear developers betting on your platform for long-term success. It is looking more likely that the OS race will be fought between Google and Apple. Microsoft has high hopes with Windows Phone 7, but we have yet to see a product yet and there hasn't been much talk of tablets; until then, they are playing major catchup. RIM has always been strong, but the numbers are showing that BlackBerry OS is likely to remain stagnant at best with the onslaught of Android devices hitting the market and the upcoming Microsoft products. [Computer World]