Dell's 7-inch Looking Glass tablet to launch within weeks

After being announced way back in April, and teased by CEO Michael Dell just recently, the Dell Looking Glass tablet is set to launch in the "next few weeks", according to The Wall Street Journal. They spoke to Dell's own Greater China President, Amit Midha, who confirmed that the tablet was coming along with several other tablet devices, including a 10-inch model. He also said that Dell was planning on using both Android and Windows for its tablets and is looking into Chrome OS as well. As for the Looking Glass, the specs (as released in April) are:

  • Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor
  • Android 2.1
  • 800x480 resolution 7-inch screen
  • Optional TV tuner
  • 4GB each of ROM and RAM
  • microSD card slot (up to 32GB card)
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera

So, add the Looking Glass onto the pile of Android tablets we are expecting this fall. Toss in the recently announced PlayBook by RIM and leaked word of the PalmPad (set for early 2011), and the tablet apocalypse is fully upon us. [Wall Street Journal

Kyle Gibb
  • Specs are Specs but I need to know what the interface will be like. Hopefully it's alot more user friendly and tablet specific aka not the dell streak interface
  • ......
  • really? 800x480? Deal breaker right there!
  • Beat me to it. There aren't many automatic disqualifiers in my view, but low pixel density is one of them.
  • Agreed. Add to that 2.1, and it hurts. 2.1 isn't bad in and of itself, but it makes me even more skeptical of dell software support.
  • Android 2.1 .... seriously?
  • My sentiments exactly. If this thing gets the good ole root and some 2.2 AOSP love than I am all in. Otherwise Android 2.1 on a freakin dual core Tegra 2 250 is a damned waste!
  • TAB_Pocalypse?
  • 4GB of RAM?! :-O Really? I'm willing to bet that's a mistake.
    512MB is still enough for any android device today. I can see 1GB for future-proofing it. But 4GB...
  • That is what Dell announced back in April. Engadget got a copy of their product specs page ( and we linked to it at the time. 4GB would be insanely awesome though.
  • Part of me was fascinated by the Streak and it's gender (phone/tablet) confusion. But 4gb RAM? What in the world would you do with that?
  • 800x480 on a 7" tablet? Another massive failure by Dell.
  • Amen, very very true
  • This tablet is a joke compared to RIM's offering. Just a joke ...
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  • I saw the picture and looks like the Pixel Qi screen ? anybody know? I read that Pixel QI is making a 7" screen and if it is then i dont care if it is low on pixel as I will be able to read the screen outside in bright sun where I use a tablet !!
    Any body else know more?? thanks