Dell Streak teardown

It's not sugar and spice, and everything nice, but sometimes resistors and IC's and ribbon cables are better anyway.  Ifixit has gotten their hands on a Dell Streak, and what you see is the result.  A few highlights found during the process:

  • The LCD is bonded to the front panel glass to increase the strength of the device, as well as the sensitivity of the capacitive touch panel. The front panel's solid construction should withstand drops from above waist height.
  • The five T5 Torx screws holding the unit together are found right underneath the bezels on the front of the device. It's super easy to open it and take it apart.
  • The "C"-shaped motherboard comes out easily after disconnecting some cables. Rather than using daughterboards like the Droid 2, the Streak has all components attached to this singular motherboard.

They also give a very nice component list:

  •    Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon processor
  •    Analog Devices ADV7520 Low Power HDMI™/DVI Transmitter
  •    Hynix H8BES0UU0MCR NAND-based MCP
  •    Qualcomm MXU6219 RF transceiver
  •    Qualcomm PM7540 power management chip
  •    TriQuint Semiconductor TQS 7M5012 Power Amp (Quad-band GSM)
  •    Texas Instruments TPS 65023 integrated Power Management IC

If hardware pr0n is your thing, or if you're just curious about what goes into the world's biggest Android phone, hit the source link to have a peek. [ifixit