Dell Mini 5 teased by none other than Michael Dell

We're still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Dell Mini 5 -- a five-inch Android-powered Mobile Internet Device also known as the Streak-- and we're going to keep waiting, apparently. Michael Dell himself teased TechCrunch with it recently, saying nothing more than "it'll be out in a couple months."

Despite the CEO's unwillingness to talk about the nuts and bolts of the Mini 5, we do know that it's powered by the 1GHz Snapdragon processor (isn't everything these days?) and has a 5MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G capability. So, that's a snazzy-looking device. The question, Michael, is how much are you gonna charge us for that little slice of heaven? Video after the break. [TechCrunch]

Phil Nickinson
  • Looks cool, but the only way I'll buy a MID or tablet is if has Flash. If you can't watch Hulu or on it what's it good for?.
  • that ph does look nice, I wonder whos gonna b the carrier
  • that ph does look nice, I wonder whos gonna b the carrier
  • the pricing of this thing at USD1000 is ridiculous.
  • Verizon please :P
  • that is one good looking CEO lmao
  • I'm hoping it will be a CDMA phone, split between Sprint and Verizon. I would love to upgrade to this thing later this year. :D Although, sacrificing .7" of screen space for the SuperSonic isn't such a bad idea either ;)
  • I believe att is to carry it they signed some exclusive rights with Dell I know the mini 3 and other in disclosed products of Dell. So don't be surprised.