Dell Launching Android Powered Ophone mini 3i in China This Week

The Dell Android smartphone has been expected for what feels like years now so hearing that Dell is going to make an Android Smartphone is hardly surprising--what is surprising is that it's supposed to launch within the week. What's even more surprising is that the US (and any Western country) will largely be ignored on launch. Say what?

Dell is planning to launch the Android-powered Ophone mini 3i on China Mobile and since China Mobile runs the China-specific TD-SCDMA 3G band, it pretty much won't work outside of China. Imagine that, a US company launching their forever-rumored smartphone in China and not the grand ol' U S of A.

No pictures, specifications, or any knowledge is really known about the Ophone mini3i yet but we'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Even though it's launching in China on China's standards, it's still a dellphone therefore there's still a chance of it hitting stateside. We hope.


Casey Chan
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