Days before launch, LG's Velvet pops up on video

LG Velvet
LG Velvet (Image credit: LG)

What you need to know

  • LG's next flagship is the LG Velvet, the successor to the G-series line.
  • Before its May 7 release, a new video has popped up on YouTube showing the handset in use.
  • Aside from LG's new design language, the video reveals support for an unnamed stylus accessory.

LG's Velvet is going to be released in just a matter of days, but a new YouTube video (via Android Authority) shows it off from every angle. Bearing in mind that LG has already shared enough about the its phone for us to have a really good example of what it's going to offer in any case, this is just the metaphorical icing on the Velvet cake.

As you'll see from the video below, the video shows off the Velvet's Korean spec sheet, the real-world design of the handset (as opposed to renders), and even a stylus for the upcoming flagship.

As we'd expected, LG's flagship looks really good. It's a definite shift from what LG has been putting out in recent times. Despite generally ushering in competent phones like the V60, LG's phones often lacked that little je ne sais quoi that would make them stand out. The Velvet is the first step in that direction.

LG's Velvet will also have a 6.8-inch Cinema FullVision 20.5:9 aspect ratio display. It'll be powered by the 5G capable Snapdragon 765G, and ship in four colors: Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Green, and llusion Sunset.

We're not sure what else LG has in store for us and how much it plans to charge for this thing, Then again, it's just a matter of days till we know all.

LG Velvet: Everything you need to know!

Michael Allison