Android clock

The times, they are a-changing

Spring forward, fall back. Tonight is the night for most people in the U.S. to set their clocks back an hour before they lay down to sleep, because at 2:00 am tomorrow Daylight Saving Time officially ends for 2014.

We don't expect any iPhone-level catastrophes. Places like the U.K. and Spain and even parts of Mexico have already set time back in the past week, so any sort of time-space shift wonkiness that will affect huge numbers of folks with Androids should have already been noticed. Yes, Alex and Richard have been living in the future for a week now. They claim it's glorious — we have jetpacks now. Not really.

In fact, the vast majority of us will need to do nothing to get our Android devices on the new time table. Your clock, your calendar, and other apps that use or report the correct time should move over just fine on their own at 2:00 am your local time.

Just in case, setting the time by hand is easy.

Date & time settings

Open the settings on your phone or tablet, and scroll down (or sideways) to the "Date & time" section. Tap it.

If Automatic date & time is checked (it probably is), you'll need to unchecked it to make any adjustments.

Once that is done, you can tap the line item entry to manually adjust both the date and the time your Android thinks it is.

When you're finished monkeying with the time settings, just press the home or back button to move away from the screen — changes happens as you make them.

What we can't do, is help you set the clock on your microwave.