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This was a busy weekend, what with the inundation reports that new, replacement Note 7s have been catching fire. Not only is the Galaxy Note brand damaged, but Samsung will have a long difficult couple of quarters as it attempts to come back from this.

Many media outlets are taking this opportunity to write about how Google and LG must take this opportunity to pounce on people looking to switch loyalties, and manufacturers. Both companies will almost certainly see a bump in sales, but Apple may be the real winner here, as the path of least resistance.

And now, today's major news.

Samsung ceases global sales of the Galaxy Note 7

After all four major U.S. carriers announced Sunday they would stop selling the Note 7, Samsung itself has come out and said it has asked its carrier partners and distributers to stop selling the phone as it "investigate[s] the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7."

The company says it is working with regulators from each market, and "consumers with either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available." More

Samsung has reportedly stopped Note 7 production

Production of the Note 7 has reportedly ceased as Samsung looks into the reasons for its latest batch of replacement phones catching fire. More

HTC's and Under Armour's now-cancelled Android Wear watch breaks cover

HTC has often said that it has experimented with Android Wear, but nothing has stuck, largely because the barrier to success is fairly high in the wearables space. Now, we're getting our first look at the now-cancelled collaboration between HTC and Under Armour. The pictured prototype looks like any other rounded smartwatch of the last two years, but you can rest assured that if HTC ever does release a wearable with the sports company, it won't look generic.

Google Maps gets deep integration with Google Calendar

If you have calendar events with locations, you'll now see them displayed on Google Maps, much like you would find previously with flights, trains and hotel reservations. There's also a new "upcoming" tab in Maps to see all of these events and quickly navigate to them.

Cyanogen shuffling software strategy, executive ranks

Rather than offer up its full Cyanogen OS experience, the company is now hoping to license individual "Modules" to companies who want to integrate with their own software. To kick off the new strategy, several executives move to new positions, including Steve Kondik. More

Sprint offers unlimited talk, text and data to business accounts

For just $35 per month per line everyone in a business can use their Sprint phone to the max. It's a pretty good deal, and undercuts the competition pretty handily.

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