Pong is one of those games that can still be enjoyable. Rather, the many iterations of it that have shown up over the years, have us continuing to enjoy a game that is decades old. Android Wear has the newest twist on this classic from Spooky House Studios, in the form of Cyclopong.

Cyclopong is a deceivingly difficult game to play. It follow the age old idea behind Pong, with a bouncing ball and paddles that keep it inside the play space. Unlike ages past, Cyclopong gives you three paddles that rotate in a circle. Your goal is to keep that ball within the circle. It seems simple, it is simple. That can be the hard part.

Cyclopong Menu

The controls are very, very easy. Tap the screen and the panels will begin to rotate clockwise, tap again and they're double back counterclockwise. This adds a whole new level of difficulty as there are far stranger angles than you might be used to.Timing things is far trickier with three rotating panels, but it adds a really fun and challenging twist on things.

Seems easy, but it's got a learning curve that will probably have you grumbling until you get the hang of things. Once you do get the hang of it, it becomes wickedly fun. You'll soon be trying to beat your high score, if only for your own benefit. There aren't any levels, or achievements to be found here, just a new spin on a retro classic.

Cyclopong Gameplay

There are no real settings to play with here, and that's not surprising for such a simple game. One of the few things that doesn't work quite as well is the notification pop-up when you get a new high score. It can be distracting and make your miss on timing to keep going. But hey, you're playing a game on a watch so you kinda did this to yourself.

Cyclopong is another great game available on your Android Wear, and It's available now for free on the Google Play Store. With a very simple, but tricky premise it provides plenty of enjoyment when you need to take a step away from the real world. If you're a fan of simple games, or you're jonesing for something to remind you of Pong, make sure you check it out!