As part of its newly recurring "This Week in CyanogenMod" post, the CM team has announced that it has fixed a long-standing issue on Samsung Exynos 4-powered devices that made them unable to make emergency calls. Courtesy of a fix applied by Daniel Hillenbrand, several popular Samsung phones and tablets with the XMM626x modem now have access to this vital service while running CM:

  • i9100/9100g (int'l Galaxy S2)
  • i777 (AT&T Galaxy S2)
  • n7000 (int'l Galaxy Note)
  • n7100 (int'l Galaxy Note 2)
  • p3100 (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0)
  • p5100 (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)
  • i9300 (int'l Galaxy S3)
  • n8000 (Galaxy Note 10.1)

It's great to see so many devices pick up this functionality in one swoop after being left out for so long. Users no longer have to make the choice between running a CyanogenMod ROM and being able to make emergency calls on their devices. The latest nightlies for the devices will have the fix implemented.

Source: CyanogenMod