Cyanogen announces final CyanogenMod 11 and 12 releases as focus shifts to 12.1

Cyanogen has announced that it is starting to push the final releases for CyanogenMod (CM) 11 and 12. With these final snapshot releases, CM development will shift towards CM12.1, based on Android 5.1, and a build based around Android M later down the road.

Some users may be puzzled at the release of a new CM11 build, but Cyanogen says the choice was due to slower overall upgrades to CM12 by the community:

Why another CM11 build? Rather surprisingly, many users have been slow to upgrade to L – whether due to the lack of a snapshot release or adverse reaction to the Material design, we don't know. The meager stats that we have show that there is a rather large contingency of users who are sticking to CM11 as their release channel of choice, so we felt compelled to give a release showcasing all the work that went into that branch to make it ship ready.

Going forward, Cyanogen notes that nightly and weekly builds for both CM11 and CM12 will be phased out. Lastly for those caught unaware, it should be noted that this news pertains to CyanogenMod — Cyanogen's open source project —not CyanogenOS.

Source: Cyanogen