Woot has the AeroGarden Bounty indoor garden with Wi-Fi on Amazon for $199.95. That's $100 off its regular price and $130 off what Amazon normally sells it for. This is the first time all year the AeroGarden has dropped in price, and even going back to last year this is basically the lowest price it has ever been.

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AeroGarden Bounty indoor garden with Wi-Fi and seed kit

It can grow up to 9 plants at once, comes with 9 herb seeds to get you started, and works with Wi-Fi so you can use the AeroGarden app to get everything set up properly. This is in-home hydroponics at its finest.

$199.95 $300.00 $100 off

Have you ever tried one of these AeroGarden devices before? It's a really cool way to do some gardening when you don't have a lot of options for that sort of thing. For example, if you live in an apartment or just somewhere without a yard for a garden, you should grab one of these. Also, since it works indoors you can grow all year round. Cultivate simple herbs and other plants right on your counter top. The Bounty uses hydroponics, which means less of a mess because you just need water and no soil. The bright LED 45W lights help maximize photosynthesis so your plants grow rapidly and abundantly.

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The AeroGarden Bounty grows nine plants at a time, and this kit comes with a 9-pod seed kit. The kit includes a bunch of the basic herbs you might want to grow for practical use at home: Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Thyme, Dives Dill, and Mint. It also comes with a 3-ounce bottle of Plant Nutrients, which is enough for a full season of growth.

Since this version has Wi-Fi, you can connect to the AeroGarden app. It will help you set it up the first time and send you reminders when it's time to add water or nutrients. You'll also be able to find helpful tips or easily contact customer support.

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