Solve puzzles at your table with Cubism's passthrough update on Quest

Cubism Passthrough Update Screenshot
Cubism Passthrough Update Screenshot (Image credit: Vanbo LLC)

What you need to know

  • Cubism is getting another free update on January 6 for Quest and Quest 2.
  • The Passthrough Update lets players see their surroundings while solving puzzles thanks to the cameras on the Quest.
  • Pieces can interact with the table when tabletop mode is enabled, creating a new sense of immersion.

At its heart, Cubism is a casual puzzler that encourages players to try, try again. It's a game best played daily until you solve all the puzzles, and the latest update for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 encourages that play in a whole new way. The Cubism Passthrough Update allows players to solve puzzles while still seeing their surroundings, opening up a whole new perspective on puzzling.

Cubism Passthrough Update Drinking Tea

Source: Vanbo LLC (Image credit: Source: Vanbo LLC)

Whether you're drinking tea while solving your morning puzzle or just making sure the kids aren't getting into mischief while you have a quick puzzle break, passthrough mode utilizes the four cameras on either Quest headset to show you exactly what's around you at all times. It works especially well when you use your hands instead of your controllers, thanks to native hand tracking support.

Other games like Blaston have recently added the same feature, but Cubism goes one step further with some environment interaction. While playing, players can enable "tabletop mode," which makes the puzzle pieces cast shadows on the table you're sitting at — virtually, of course — and even lays the puzzle menu flat on the table for easy access.

Combine this with the previous hand tracking update and the additional set of 30 puzzles that were added for free and you'll understand why this is one of the best Quest 2 games you can buy. The Cubism Passthrough update is free and rolling out to all Quest and Quest 2 users on January 6 at 10 AM PST.

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