Could you replace your home internet with just your phone's data plan?

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Given the current state of the world and everything that's going on, times are tough for a lot of people. Many of us are trying to find ways to cut excessive spending to save extra cash every month, whether that be through random spending, unnecessary subscriptions, etc.

One of our AC forum members brought up this topic with an interesting question — could you rely solely on your phone's data plan if you had to cancel your home internet service? In-home internet typically isn't very affordable, and depending on your usage, it's possible you could get everything done via your phone or setting it up as a mobile hotspot.

It's certainly an interesting discussion, and this is how some of our other members responded.

Times are tight these days and just thinking if you are forced to cancel your Home Internet, is you cell phone data plan enough to get you by for the month? In Canada, it took a very long time for the Big Three (Bell, Rogers & Telus) to offer (un)limited data plans. I only got to try it for a few weeks until I switched & cancelled my account with Rogers. it was doable but no doubt it's...


No cos I have a lot of smart home accessories and they wouldn't work if I weren't at home for everyone else in the house.

Kizzy Catwoman

Great thread topic! At first I was thinking "yes," but now it's a huge "no." I have an unlimited* data plan with Rogers (*10 GB of 4G but after that it's down to 3G) but with the Netflixing, YouTube, music, watching online TV, etc, I'd be hitting 3G real fast. So, I guess it's a "sort of" response from me. Not that 3G is so terrible, but it would be very easy for 10 GB to be eaten up.


Of course any of us could, unless you run a business out of your house. It's whether we choose to. I could easily.


What say you? Could you replace your home internet with just your phone's data plan?

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Joe Maring

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  • No, I could not.
  • No. Most of my entertainment is online at this point, be it streaming services or podcasts, and I'd burn through to 3G in fairly short order. I'm typically at ~300 GB of my 500GB outplay per month, but having to reinstall windows in late April and Mid-June basically brought me to scraping the upper-edge of my home internet data cap for both months.
  • I did. Added a T-mobile line with unlimited data and hotspot data, got a Spitz router from GL-iNet and currently get anywhere from 20-60mbps down. Working fine for our family of 4 for now. although this is not how T-Mobile would like you to use their service although they do not offer the home solution in my area, I would sign up for it if they did. Before this solution i just used my phone as a hotspot but then I couldn't really use my phone due to massive battery drain.
  • You'd be better off cancelling your phone plan and using wi-fi calling.
  • I think if I were in an extra desperate times, I could 100%. It would sacrifice a few things your used to having, but my 3 kids just live on youtube and could use their phones. All 4 of our phones are unlimited data on the device and each device has 15gb of hotspot included too. Home wifi is ideal for PC's, laptops & smart devices like speakers and security cams though. I pay $69.99 a month for my internet...if it wasn't for the inconvenience of it, I could totally make it work if I had to via mobile only.
  • I don't think I could. I consume over 400gb of data over my WiFi every month. In my country, if you are consuming that kind of data, it's cheaper over WiFi than over a mobile plan. Plus I really doubt I'll get the kind of speed I get on my WiFi.
  • Nope. Wife needs landline for her job. We have to use one of the 2 big companies (FiOS or the Cable Co). We can't use anyone else. Plus, my TMo coverage in my house stinks.
  • Nope. I'm in a zero bar location and have to use a network extender connected to my modem in order to provide cell service for the house. Without my cable internet, I'd have nothing.
  • My parents do with Verizon and it looks like a nightmare. They are constantly having to check data, pause Windows updates, etc. Seems like a huge hassle. Plus you have to be on very specific plans that give you enough hotspot data and allow you to use that data from something other than a phone if you don't want to use the phone as the hotspot. The only way I could do it would be to purchase multiple (many) lines and swap them out every couple of days because our household uses like 400+GB in a month last time I checked. The other way would be to use a company like Unlimitedville which uses cell companies but somehow they don't have a data cap. I assume they have deals worked out with the carriers or are somehow using super old grandfathered plans. They are not cheap by any means. As someone who lives rural I am so looking forward to Starlink internet. I hope it can live up to the hype Musk is touting.
  • Absolutely! When you live rural with only one phone company providing the crappiest service at an outrageous price, calling 3-4 Mbs "HIGH SPEED INTERNET" - yes you can! Finally Verizon built a tower a couple of years ago. Now I'm able to do something online!
  • Nope no no .
  • Have done it for a few days while waiting for wifi to be set up at new addresses, doable but it definitely sucks. Especially during the day when networks are the most congested.
  • Yes, you can and yes I did. When I moved into a new place some years ago, for the first few months my tethered phone (iPhone 6S Plus at that time) with its unlimited data was my only source of internet. Worked splendid, always 4G speeds. Averaged about 60GB a month.
  • Nope. Unlimited Gigabit internet at home (Rogers) and unlimited (LTE) phone through Bell. LTE speeds are not even close to gigabit speeds; I'd hate the slower download speeds and higher latency.
  • Not a practical idea