Control's first paid expansion The Foundation is set to release on March 26

Control Maze
Control Maze (Image credit: 505 Games)

What you need to know

  • Control is the latest game from Remedy Entertainment.
  • It launched in 2019 to quite a bit of critical success.
  • A free DLC, Expeditions, was released in December 2019.
  • The first paid Expansion, The Foundation, is now coming on March 26.

Today, Remedy shared some exciting news. The first paid expansion for Control is on the way! The Foundation is the first major paid expansion for Control, taking Jesse further, deeper and deeper underneath the Bureau. Remedy has previously stated that with this expansion, players should "Expect things to get weird."

According to this brief teaser, The Foundation will be available on March 26. If you don't currently own Control, you can try it out on PlayStation Now, as the full game has been added to the PlayStation Now service for a few months. After this, there's one more expansion planned according to the content roadmap Remedy has previously shared.

In 2019, Control won Android Central's Game of the Year award, as staff writer Jennifer Locke wrote that "Remedy came out of (seemingly) nowhere and surprised all of us with Control. It's a game that blends corporate satire, unknowable cosmic horror, great characters, and varied gameplay into one of the most unique AAA titles we played this year."

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