Moto X

Additional $70 discount promotion will run until Feb. 14

In an attempt to get the Moto X out into more hands, Motorola will be running two discount promotions starting this coming Monday. On January 27th, Motorola will drop the price of the off-contract Moto X from its online store to $299 — that's $100 off — or a single hour from 3pm to 4pm ET. Given how its servers crippled under previous promotions we're going to assume it'll be another situation of signing up for codes that are then applicable for a number of days to get the discount.

If you happen to miss out on this $100 discount, Motorola isn't leaving you in the dust. In a move that's probably more impressive, the off-contract Moto X will have a $70 discount applied from January 27th until Valentine's Day, February 14th. That means you'll have over two weeks to grab an off-contract Moto X for just $329. Add another $25 for a wood back, if you wish.