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The Week in Android News


Another week in the Android books -- with a long holiday weekend, to boot -- and just a few days away from the upcoming reader meet- up (which you are attending, correct?) Lloyd dropped a little treat for us this week with the announcement of the new Android Central T-Shirts, which we know you ordered one already, right? Well, either way, at some point this week you probably slept, attending a meeting, or forgot to check the site so you probably missed something, so let's take a look below at some of what you may have missed.

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid 3 appears in Verizon device management pages


While this is in no way any indication of an immediate release, seeing the Motorola Droid 3 listed in Verizon's device management pages means the folks at big red are getting ready for the new slider to make it's way into stores.  We've seen pictures of the Droid 3 a few times, but the release date and specs still seem to elude everyone, although we've heard dual-core, 4-inch qHD display, and 3G only; sometime in June.  This latest piece of the puzzle still doesn't shed much light on any of it, unfortunately.  One thing we do know -- it's coming, and there's quite a few OG Droid users getting antsy to trade up to a newer model.  Not only is that a testament to the longevity of the phone that many feel started it all, but it should also be a hint to Verizon to hurry and help folks spend their money.

Thanks, NerdyDesi!

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6 years ago

SmrtGuard Mobile Security - A chance to win yourself a free subscription just for trying it out!


There is a lot of wireless back up / restore, locate and wipe applications available in the Android Market. But a lot of the time, getting all those solutions into one application is hard. You'll often find one app may have some of the features while; you'll need to download another in order to get all of what you seek. SmrtGuard Mobile Security for Android is looking to close that need for multiple apps by offering a all-in-one, complete solution for wireless back up / restore, locate, wipe and more.

Recently, SmrtGuard released version 5.08, which has the SmrtAdvisor feature: As soon as you download and install any third-party application, SmrtAdvisor feature will alert you if the application can uses your location, read/fwd your SMS/MMS, read/change your contacts, control your 'key strokes' remotely.

Oh, not to mention it has a full-featured call blocker and SMS blocker, which means you don't need to buy another app for block calls and SMS. The best part is that it even blocks unknown and private callers.

Key Features

  • Wireless back up / restore, locate, wipe - Security for your device even when lost.
  • Application Transparency – Know what you are downloading, and report to SmrtGuard if you see something suspicious.
  • Permission Pattern Malware Scan – Uses permission pattern scanning technology to identify potential malware and disguising as a free app you recently downloaded.
  • Uninstall Notification – Along with our free companion application installed, SmrtBeacon, you will be notified if SmrtGuard is uninstalled. Likewise, if SmrtBeacon is uninstalled, you will be notified too.
  • Ability to export any backed up data.


SmrtGuard Mobile Security is turning 2 years old today -- Memorial Day 2011 -- and they are giving away 50 subscriptions to Android Central readers who are new to SmrtGuard. To enter, it is simple: Download SmrtGuard from the Android Marketplace. From SmrtGuard application, activate you account and then you are automatically entered!

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6 years ago

Catch Andy Rubin's tease during the Google IO keynote?


Dunno how we all missed this during Google IO -- but we did. There in the demonstration of how you can resize widgets is either a fun little Easter egg, or a very excited Andy Rubin, who on May 6 apparently sent an e-mail with the following subject line:

K release — I've got the BEST name ever ...

Now all we have to do is figure out just what ol' Andy came up with. Any ideas?

Thanks, Brodie!

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6 years ago

OfficeMax appears poised to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1, too


Looks like the list of retailers preparing to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (read our full review) is shaping up quite nicely. First we had Best Buy, and now it looks like OfficeMax is getting into the game as well, thanks to this comparison sheet snagged by our sister site, PreCentral. We're all still operating under the June 8 date that Samsung announced back at CTIA in March, so we may well finally see public release of one of our favorite Honeycomb tablets in less than two weeks.

Source: PreCentral

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6 years ago

ASUS unveils the Padfone -- a tablet/phone hybrid



While the U.S. is in holiday mode today, the rest of the world isn't taking the day off. And for manufacturer ASUS, today's a big one, with the announcement of the Padfone at the Computex conferencfe. One part Android phone, another part Android tablet, the Padfone docks inside the tablet itself. One phone, one tablet, one set of data -- no syncing. An interesting concept, indeed, from the manufacturer of the excellent EeePad Transformer tablet/keyboard combo. (Read our full review.)

Details are still a little light, being as this is far from a finished product, but you're looking at a 4.3-inch smartphone that powers the 10-inch tablet -- the larger won't work without the smaller. Should be an interesting little marriage. Check out the official videos after the break.

Source: ASUS; More: Engadget

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6 years ago

HTC Desire S and Wildfire S going down under, exclusive to Telstra


Exciting times for Android lovers down under. The HTC Desire S is going on sale on May 31 and the HTC Wildfire S is going on sale July 19, exclusively on Telstra. Says Ben Hodgson, Country Manager for HTC Australia and New Zealand:

Australians are displaying an incredible appetite for adopting smartphones. HTC is committed to offering strong alternatives to Australian consumers looking for a smartphone to suit their individual lifestyles. The HTC Desire S hits the sweet spot for people who want a premium Android smartphone experience. The HTC Wildfire S is affordable and compact without compromising the quality consumers have come to expect from HTC.

Full PR is after the break.

Source: HTC

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6 years ago

Keeper of leaked HTC ROMs disappears into the ether


Can't say we didn't see this coming. Word around the campfire was that the infamous 911HTC (née 911Sniper) blog that scored leaked HTC ROM after leaked HTC ROM had itself become the target, and tonight it's gone dead. The site itself redirects to Google.com, and its pages to Google 404s, though the ROMs still live on on their external hosting pages.

A shame, since we do love leaks around here. But at the same time, not surprising -- HTC takes its intellectual property seriously (as well it should). And the flip side of that is that leaked test ROMs can be fraught with danger, as evidenced by the recent bricking of HTC ThunderBolt's running one of these unofficial radios.

Oh, well. The game goes on, folks.

Via @LordG33k

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6 years ago

Sprint EVO 3D aiming for the fourth week of June?


We just ran across the latest edition of the Sprint Playbook, and not surprisingly, the highly anticipated HTC EVO 3D makes an appearance. But along with all the specs and talking points -- which we've definitely seen before -- is the header, which points to the fourth week of June as a targeted release date.

We will, however, couch that by saying nothing's official yet, and we all know how release dates are subject to change. (And this seems to go against Radio Shack's "rough launch date" of June 4-ish, which we weren't all that confident in anyway.)

Anyhoo, it's coming, and we might now have a more solid target window, folks.

More: EVO 3D forums; Thanks, anon!

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6 years ago

Best Buy preps for Galaxy Tab 10.1's arrival


Read our Galaxy Tab 10.1 review

We're a little more than a week away from the June 8 launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and the 8.9-inch version as well), and that means it's just about time for retailers to get their acts together. First out of the gate is Best Buy, which has just listed the Android 3.1 (guess it's going to launch with the update) tablet on its website as "coming soon" -- which, as we all know, it is.

Best Buy doesn't list pricing, but we figure it should be in line with the $499/$599 16- and 32-gigabyte versions mentioned back at CTIA in March. Just a few more days, folks.

Source: Best Buy; More: Galaxy Tab forumsThanks, Adam!

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6 years ago

OpenFeint on Android continues to grow, 16 new games announced


OpenFeint gaming on Android has hit some more milestones this month. What started off as a rather small showing in the Android Market, OpenFeint is now adding is now adding over 3 million new Android users a month and have increased their gaming catalog 46 percent in just two months, making the grand total of available games 460 and growing. With that many users, keeping games fresh and new is always something OpenFeint is working on. With that noted, 16 new games have been added to the Android Market as listed below:

  • Abyss Attack, Deep Byte Studios
  • Angry Viking, Zaxis Games
  • Big Time Gangsta, Glu
  • Contract Killer, Glu
  • Dead Runner, Distinctive Games
  • Dogfight, Joaquin Grech
  • Froggy Jump, Invictus
  • Happy Vikings, HandyGames
  • Lyric Legend 1, TuneWiki
  • Nano Panda, Unit9
  • Riptide GP, Vector Unit
  • Robot Unicorn Attack, [Adult Swim]
  • ShakyTower, HyperBees
  • Stardunk, Godzilab
  • Wisp, Triolith
  • Woof the Dog, Fishing Cactus

Needless to say, Android game developers are making use of the OpenFeint development tools and doing so on a large scale. That makes for great gaming on the Android platform as a whole and, we're suckers for great games so kudos to OpenFeint. Head on past the break for the full press release announcement if you're looking for further details.

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6 years ago

HTC Sensation hands-on video and initial review


Since its announcement in April, the HTC Sensation has become one of the most anticipated phones of 2011 so far. Combining a sleek unibody design with a dual-core CPU and the shiny new HTC Sense 3.0, the Sensation emerged as a seriously desirable piece of hardware. But it isn't the only dual-core Android contender, and competition is tough among high-end smartphones, so the Sensation's success is not a foregone conclusion.

We've spent the past couple of days getting acquainted with HTC's next big thing, and you can check out our initial thoughts and hands-on video after the jump.

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for May 28, 2011


Apps on apps on apps on apps. Just can't ever seem to get enough of great applications on your device can you? Well us either, and that is why we love to share with you, our favorite readers, some of our very own favorite applications. Hit the break and let's take a look at what we've got this week.

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6 years ago

Rumored Ice Cream Sandwich test device surfaces


Update 2: Yeah. Fake. Move along, folks.

Update: Tech Hog has pulled the post and picture. That proof it's real? Proof it's fake? News at 11.

ZOMG, might this be Google's next Nexus device? Could be. According to Tech Hog (yeah ...) what you see here indeed is testing platform for Ice Cream Sandwich  -- ICS. And if you had any doubts about how Honeycomb features were going to be merged into the smartphone platform, you need only count the number of buttons you can see on the front of this thing. While it's possible they could be the kind of magical disappearing capacitive buttons you see on a few phones now, we're more than willing to bet the home-back-menu-search functions will be moving to software, just like in Android's tablet OS.

Anyhoo, two manufacturers said to be in the running for the next Nexus device are HTC (natch) and LG. The device is said to be in testing with HSPA+ and Sprint's CDMA. No real surprise there. As for when we'll see release? We'd figure later in the year, much as we know you guys would like it out ... yesterday.

Source: Techhog 1, 2; Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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