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5 years ago

Sony Xperia T arrives at Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U in the UK


A little ahead of schedule, Sony’s new international flagship, the Xperia T, is now available in the UK. Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse are offering the device on-contract through their respective websites. Both retailers are selling the Xperia T with O2, Vodafone and Orange contracts, starting at £26 per month. That’ll get you 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of data on Orange through CPW, though if you don’t mind parting with an extra £2.50 per month, P4U will hook you up with 1GB of data, 600 minutes and 3000 texts.

There’s currently no way to buy an unlocked Xperia T online through these retailers, and independent online stores aren’t expecting stock until October. However, we called around a few of our local Phones4U stores, and it seems they’re more than willing to sell you a SIM-free Xperia T when it arrives in-store this Thursday. The Carphone Warehouse stores we contacted were unsure as to when stock would arrive, or if SIM-free sales would be allowed. Neither chain was able to give us any SIM-free pricing details.

Meanwhile, XperiaBlog reports that the Xperia T has gone on sale in Germany, where it’s available through O2. Over there, handset’s currently priced at €449 on Pay As You Go.

via XperiaBlog

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5 years ago

Sprint announces new 4G LTE cities


Sprint this morning announced a handful of new 4G LTE locales. They are:

  • Lawrence, Kan.
  • Topeka, Kan.
  • Wichita, Kan.
  • Waukegan-Lake County, Ill.
  • Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Mass.

Sprint also said New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are seeing improved 3G coverage.

Source: Sprint

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5 years ago

Intel confirms next-gen, dual-core Medfield + LTE plans


The current crop of "Medfield"-based Intel Atom smartphone chips has one major disadvantage compared to much of the ARM-based competition -- these SoCs don't support 4G LTE connectivity. Recent Intel-based phones like the Motorola RAZR i and Orange San Diego are 3G/HSPA-only, single-core devices, which has proved a barrier to U.S. carrier uptake. Though these chips boast Intel's Hyperthreading technology for improved multitasking, the chip giant is keen to move into true multi-core territory, while implementing 4G LTE support, allowing it to move into the U.S. market.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Intel's Director of Product Marketing Sumeet Syal said the company was readying LTE products "later this year and ramping into 2013." In the U.S. market in particular, Motorola would be the manufacturer to watch for future LTE-connected Intel-powered phones. Moto has partnered with Intel to develop multiple devices over the next few years, and it's already started with the RAZR i in Europe.

In addition, it should come as no surprise to see Intel readying dual-core Medfield chips to take on higher-end ARM offerings. Syal told TechCrunch "Our next gen product will be a dual-core but again that product will also have hyper threading so essentially… you will also have dual-core with four threads."

It's just the beginning for Intel on Android, and we expect there'll be more to see starting early next year at CES.

Source: TechCrunch

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5 years ago

Samsung updates Android 4.1 Jelly Bean roadmap


Alongside today's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for some Galaxy S3 models, the Korean manufacturer has confirmed that it'll also be updating some fifteen existing devices to the latest version of Google's OS. Though no timeframe for release is provided, owners of the devices below can rest assured that they'll eventually get Jelly Bean, even if the update takes a few months to arrive.

The devices so far confirmed by Samsung as "following soon" are  --

GALAXY Tab 2 7.0 & 10.1, GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY SII, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, GALAXY S Advance, GALAXY SII LTE, GALAXY Music, GALAXY Chat, GALAXY Ace 2, GALAXY Beam, GALAXY Ace Plus, GALAXY mini II and GALAXY S DUOS.

The Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note had already been extensively rumored to have Jelly Bean updates in the works, though we're surprised not to see devices like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 10.1 on that list. Though that doesn't necessarily mean they'll never get Jelly Bean.

Disappointed Samsung device owners may want to check out our recent article on the cruel world of Android updates.

via The Verge

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5 years ago

Android 4.1 update for Galaxy S3 rolling out, starting in Poland


Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 finally arrives, available first as a Kies update

Samsing has started pushing out the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the international Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300).The update appears to be pushing out to Galaxy S3 owners with unbranded handsets in the Poland ("XEO" region) initially, with other regions and networks expected to follow shortly. At the time of writing, the update is being pushed out through Samsung's Kies software, rather than over the air.

As we reported last month, the update will introduce familiar Jelly Bean features like Google Now, "Project Butter" performance enhancements and the redesigned notification shade, in addition to new TouchWiz features. These include dormant mode, for better notification and alert management, as well as "easy mode" for simplified home screen operation.

Owners of the unlocked international Galaxy S3 should be getting their updates very soon, even if they're not in Poland -- usually when one region starts being updated, it's a matter of days before others follow. Carrier-branded versions, such as the U.S. Galaxy S3 models, may have a little longer to wait, as those devices must go through additional certification.

To see if your update is ready to go, start up Kies on your PC and plug in your phone. If you're already up and running with Jelly Bean on your S3, head into the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

More: New features in Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean/TouchWiz update

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5 years ago

Motorola RAZR i review


The Intel-Motorola partnership has been a long time coming. The two officially hooked up at CES 2012, where they committed to a “multi-year, multi-device agreement” to bring Intel-powered Moto phones to market. Ten months and a few leaks later, the first such device, the Motorola RAZR i, reaches European store shelves. It may not have been the bleeding-edge, multi-core, 4G behemoth that some -- including us -- were hoping for, but the RAZR i is nevertheless an important device for both companies. For Moto, it’s a chance to tackle the less hotly-contested mid-range phone market, and differentiate itself through its unique Intel internals. And it’s Intel’s first major Android smartphone from a top-tier manufacturer -- an important milestone for the chip giant in its ongoing war against the ever-present ARM.

But all this talk of important firsts and key partnerships means nothing if the device itself isn’t up to snuff. So just how does the Motorola RAZR i shape up in the crowded and fiercely competitive smartphone marketplace of late 2012? Read on to find out.

The RAZR i is a speedy, well-featured handset from Motorola, and it does a great job of showcasing the power of Intel on Android. Camera performance is impressive for a mid-range handset.

Ho-hum industrial design, last-generation screen tech. Compatibility issues in a handful of applications. Launches with ICS as others are preparing to jump to Jelly Bean.

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the RAZR i, and on the whole, we like the direction Moto and Intel are moving in. They’ve delivered a fast performer with a couple of outstanding features, and they deserve credit for that. But does the RAZR i have what it takes to survive the firestorm of competing smartphones coming this October? We’re just not sure.

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5 years ago

From the Editor's Desk: So long, Seoul


What do you do if you're a company with some good products, but pretty much zero mind share? If you're LG, you pack up a handful of journalists and bring 'em to Seoul for a week-long media tour. That's where I was last week -- Seoul, South Korea, where LG hosted a number of us for the launch of the Optimus G, some closed-door meetings, a little bit of sightseeing, a lot of great food, and a new understanding of how this crazy smartphone business works in general, and for LG in particular.

Meanwhile, the world went crazy for the iPhone 5. Bat-shit crazy.

It's been a little while since we last chatted. Let's make this one count, shall we?

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5 years ago

Apps of the Week - OI File Manager, Music Volume EQ, Official XBMC Remote and more!


Another grouping of app picks that's primarily tools and productivity. We've got an EQ settings manager, file manager, remote app and a few others. There are enough dials, buttons and tabs in these apps to keep you busy for a couple weeks at least. If these aren't exactly your cup of tea, don't worry, we'll have another group of picks just 7 days from now. Either way, they're always worth a look -- you may just find something you like.

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5 years ago

Developers in India can now register to sell paid apps in Google Play


The Google Play Developers portal has received a welcome update, confirming now that developers in India can register to sell paid apps in Google Play. This is potentially huge news for two different reasons. India is one of the most populated nations on the planet, and the smartphone market in India is exploding at a tremendous rate. 

Developers having the facility to be paid for their work is a big deal too. Famously, the lack of paid app support in the UAE became the reason that Carbon will eventually be given away for free. While this nation is still omitted, the addition of India to the list that now reaches 32 is a welcome one. 

Source: Google Play Developers thanks Vishal!

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5 years ago

Motorola updates device software upgrade timeline, several ICS updates delayed


While Motorola may have promised Jelly Bean updates for their most recently launched RAZR devices, for other Moto owners life isn't so peachy on the update front. The device software upgrade page has been updated, and it isn't going to make happy reading for some. 

The Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 now read as "further plans coming soon," having previously been pegged to update to ICS in Q3. The Xyboard 8.2 and Xoom Family Edition are also in the same boat, only the pair of tablets are still provided with a date sometime in Q4. Also slipping into the Q4 category is the DROID Bionic. 

We previously reported that devices such as the DROID 3 would remain on Gingerbread, and one has to only hope that the same isn't about to be said of some of these. The Atrix 2 isn't even a year old, so to see it left languishing in a pre-ICS world would be a sorry sight. Slipping dates leave us feeling less doomsday, yet still with a slightly ominous feeling. If Moto is already talking the Jelly Bean talk, one does have to wonder where some of these ICS updates are hiding. 

Of course, there is always the promise of a $100 credit towards a new Motorola phone should your 2011 onwards device not get updated to Jelly Bean. So don't go throwing away that Atrix 2 just yet. 

Source: Motorola thanks Rich!

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5 years ago

Motorola pokes fun at iOS 6 Maps, wants to prevent people becoming #iLost


By now, the vast majority of Android users -- no, make that people in the world -- have heard about Apple's new replacement for Google Maps in iOS 6. Proudly announced during their iOS 6 keynote, replacing Google Maps was another step away from using Google services for the Cupertino giant. Since the launch, much has been said about the maps, and their apparent lack of some key information within the maps themselves. 

We'll admit it. It makes us chuckle. As we sit here using our native Google Maps, more and more we see comments arising from iPhone owners, both new and old, slating iOS6 Maps. And now, Google owned Motorola is joining in on the fun. 

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

Seen on the Motorola Mobility Google+ page, and on their Twitter page, the message is clear. While an obvious advertisement for their latest handset -- and perhaps the RAZR M's edge to edge screen, compared to the 'stretched' iPhone 5 -- rather than Google Maps itself, we wonder how long before the #iLost tag will catch on. Probably until Google releases a third-party Google Maps application into the iOS App Store, but until then, we can but chuckle away.

Source: Motorola (Google+) (Twitter)

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5 years ago

Google Play expands social horizons with official Twitter account


We know lots of you still use the Twitters for a lot of your social networking needs -- no matter how good Google+ becomes -- and so we bring news of a hot new account that you all should follow. Google Play is widening its horizons, and now has an official Twitter account, @GooglePlay. 

The first tweet from Google Play read like this: 

Hello World! Follow us for special promotions, exclusive content, updates, and awesomeness from Google Play

We don't know about you guys, but special promotions on its own makes it worthwhile. Hit the source link below to get your follow on. 

Source: @GooglePlay

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5 years ago

Developer version of the Verizon Galaxy S3 already on backorder


The unlockable developer version of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, which just went on sale yesterday, already is on backorder. That means it either was popular as hell, or there weren't all that many available in the first place.

Both the 16- and 32-gigabyte versions are no longer available. There's no telling for how long, but the good news is if you just can't wait, the retail version can be hacked open pretty easily.

More: Verizon Galaxy S3 forums

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5 years ago

Motorola posts RAZR i event replay video


In case you missed it live, Motorola has uploaded the full presentation from London of the RAZR I unveiling. 2GHz of x86 CPU wrapped in the same great package we saw from the Droid RAZR M make this one of the phones we're keeping our eyes on.

Have a watch, then be sure to check out our hands-on with the edge-to-edge RAZR I.

Source: Motorola on Youtube

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