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4 years ago

Huawei Ascend D Quad XL headed to WIND per leaked promo


A leaked promo poster from WIND mobile shows the carrier getting the Huawei Ascend D Quad XL (along with a pair of movie tickets to see Django Unchained with purchase). There is nothing about a date or a price, but we're going to guess that it will be "soon" and "relatively cheap" respectively. 

While the price on the D Quad should be low, a quick look at our review will let you know that this isn't your average budget handset. During the week Andrew had it for evaluation, we tried to find fault with it but came up short most times. It's a good, solid ICS phone with a great screen.

As soon as anyone says anything official, we'll let you know. Believe it or not, this is one to keep an eye on.

Source: MobileSyrup

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4 years ago

Official eBay for Android app hits version 2.1


After a little slip-up with a bad v2.0 update, ebay has charged ahead with a feature release, v2.1 to its official app. What we're looking at here is a smattering of fixes and a couple of feature enhancements. As for new features, you can now save multiple draft listings, shipping can now be calculated (in the U.S.) and there are more pre-populated fields to simplify posting. As for fixes, there are improvements to saved searches, improved tracking information handling and better image handling.

Snag the update at the Play Store link above.

Thanks, Ellis!

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4 years ago

OUYA Development Kits up for pre-order at $800 US


If you're a game developer, or the sort of fellow who just has to get your hands on cool stuff as soon as you can, you might want to have a look at OUYA's page today. The Development Kits -- an OUYA console, two controllers, and access to the ODK (software development tools) -- are now available for preorder. The kits check in at $800 US per piece, and should be available in January 2013.

Now before the comments fill with lunacy, remember that this is not the retail price of the units. This offer is designed for software developers who want or need early access to make sure their stuff is ready when the OUYA consoles launch later in 2013. We're not going to second guess the pricing of the developer kits, as we assume that the people in charge know what they are doing. 

All this means for the consumer (that's you and me) is that there's an even better chance the OUYA will launch with support for more apps and games. That's a good thing.

Source: OUYA

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4 years ago

AT&T to invest $8 billion in wireless infrastructure


AT&T has just released its plans regarding a massive investment in both its wireless and wireline infrastructure. Over the next three years, AT&T plans to invest a total of $14 billion -- $8 billion in wireless, $6 billion in wireline -- to improve all aspects of its services. Although its 4G LTE network has been rolling out at a steady pace, it is upping expectations with this new influx of spending. The new goal is to cover 300 million Americans with 4G LTE coverage by the end of 2014.

AT&T plans to leverage its recent spectrum acquisitions in the most populous markets to help improve 4G LTE networks that have already been deployed. Hopefully with this new round of investment AT&T will offer a truly nation-wide LTE network in the near future.

Source: AT&T Newsroom

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4 years ago

Sprint Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S factory images now available


One of the greatest parts of owning a Nexus is the software support from Google. Now this goes beyond just updates, as Google also posts complete "factory images" for Nexus devices so that willing hackers can always return their devices to stock firmware through first-party approved methods. Things got a little sticky when the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Sprint Galaxy Nexus (and Nexus S) were released, however, because they included closed-source bits related to CDMA and LTE. This put a damper on Google's ability to release the images for anyone to download.

Thankfully, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus ("mysidspr") now has a complete image available for download by anyone that includes everything you need to return your device to stock 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Additionally, Google has posted the 4.1.1 factory images for the Sprint Nexus S 4G ("sojus") and 4.1.2 images for the AT&T Nexus S ("sojua") as well. It's good to see Google not leave out older hardware, even though it's two Nexus revisions behind now.

The process is pretty simple if you've got a little bit of patience. Need help using these tools? Head to the forums, there's plenty of great info and helpful users at the ready.

Source: Google Developers; More: Sprint Galaxy Nexus Forums; Sprint Nexus S 4G Forums

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4 years ago

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 OTA bringing Multi Window View


When the Galaxy Note 2 started showing up on carrier store shelves here in the U.S., there was one curious omission to the firmware. The U.S. variants of the device were shipping without Samsung's touted Multi Window View software that lets users move around different apps in small windows while they do other things on the device. Well, fear not if you're on Sprint because the feature is rolling out OTA (Over The Air) starting today.

The update to software version L900VPALJC is primarily to bring the new Multi Window View feature, but also includes a few other fixes. GPS lock settings can now be controlled by corporate administrators, email messages properly go into the Outbox when sending with no signal (or in AIrplane Mode) and SMS notifications will now beep while in a phone call.

Have you received the OTA yet? Let the other users know in the forums.

Source: Sprint Support Community; More: Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Forum

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4 years ago

LG Nexus 4 review


$jump = Jump to a sectionThe hands-on videoThe Nexus 4 hardwareBattery life on the Nexus 4The Nexus 4 storage conundrumData - HSPA or bustSoftware on the Nexus 4Miracst, maybeThe new Nexus 4 cameraPhotosphereThe bottom lineBack to the the beginning EOT; ?>

The Google Nexus 4 is easily the best since the original, but this one does come with some compromise​

There's something about taking a Nexus phone out of the box that still gives goosebumps. Even now, with the LG Nexus 4 -- a phone that leaked every which way to Sunday before finally being announced, sans Google event, thanks to Hurricane Sandy -- hands tremble a little bit. This time around, however, those tremors are from a sense of unease as much as they are from excitement.

After two generations of Samsung devices, Google's Nexus phone line shifts to LG. Worldwide standing aside -- and make no mistake, there's a big world out there, and a lot of it owns LG hardware -- it's not a company with much cachet here in the States.  

Add to that the preconceived hangups folks have about some of the Nexus 4's specs, and we're in for a drama-filled start for the fourth iteration of Google's premier smartphone. 

This is going to be fun. Strap in, everybody. It's time for the full Android Central review of the Google Nexus 4 by LG.

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4 years ago

Rogers, TELUS, and Bell announce nearly identical unlimited talk and text plans


Today Bell announced a handful of new unlimited talk and text plans for Canadians. Surprise! They're pretty much identical to the ones we've seen from Rogers, which have coincidentally also gone public today. Here's what you get on Bell starting November 9.

  • $55/month: 1000 minutes, unlimited text and MMS, 200 MB broadband data
  • $65/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 1 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV
  • $75/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 3 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV
  • $95/month: unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited text and MMS, 5 GB broadband data and 10 hours of Bell MobileTV

Rogers, starting today?

  • $55/month: 1000 minutes, unlimited text and MMS, 200 MB data
  • $65/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 1 GB data
  • $75/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 3 GB data
  • $95/month: unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited text and MMS, 5 GB data

Is it just me, or is there a shocking lack of honest competition between the big carriers in Canada? Now we just have to wait to see if TELUS will follow suit. Update: Aaaaand there it is. Slightly different mix. Includes caller ID, voicemail, and unlimited family calling on all three, but you pay five bucks more.

  • $70/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 1 GB data
  • $80/month: unlimited local talk, unlimited text and MMS, 3 GB data
  • $100/month: unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited text and MMS, 5 GB data

Anyone interested in the new plans can hit up Bell and Rogers, though Bell's plans aren't live yet. Or you can just hold out for another 6 GB/$30 promo, or better yet, switch to WIND or Mobilicity.  

Source: Rogers, Bell

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4 years ago

HTC Sense 4+ video walkthrough


The HTC One X+ has just launched in Europe, and it comes pre-loaded with the latest version of HTC's Android UX, dubbed Sense 4+. It's a minor revision to Sense 4, with a handful of new features stacked atop a familiar UI. The biggest change is the bump up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, bringing improved performance through Project Butter, and the new Google Search app with Google Now.

In addition, there's a new Sense gallery app, incorporating content from Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox and other sources, as well as a redesigned version of HTC Watch. The Sense camera app has also grown a couple of useful new abilities -- there's a countdown timer for the front-facing camera, as well as "sightseeing mode," which lets you lock and unlock directly into the camera app, bypassing the lock screen.

Other new stuff includes "Get Started," HTC's web-based setup assistant, and full USB host capabilities, which brings USB keyboard, mouse and memory stick support to the phone via a USB OTG cable.

Check out our complete video walkthrough above. We'll have full review headed your way tomorrow.

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4 years ago

AT&T fined $700,000 by FCC for overcharging PAYG customers



Back in 2009, AT&T started shifting pay-as-you-go data subscribers to full monthly customers, despite promises that they would be able to grandfather their old plans in. This meant that customers would end up paying $25 - $30/month more than they used to, but thanks to a tidal wave of customer complaints and the intervention of th FCC, not only are those customers getting refunds, but AT&T is coughing up a $700,000 fine. The FCC chairman Julius Genachowski commented on the resolution: 

"Today’s action sends a clear signal that wireless carriers can’t wrongfully charge consumers. These strong FCC accountability measures will ensure customers are not over-charged. I am pleased that AT&T is taking the appropriate steps to resolve this issue."

FCC Enforcement Bureay chief Michele Ellison also chimed in.

"This Consent Decree puts precious dollars back in the pockets of consumers—where they belong. We strongly encourage AT&T subscribers to check their bills closely and contact the company if they spot any overcharges related to wireless data."

That's some tall talk, and AT&T is understandably on the defensive. They say that fewer than 0.03% of their customers had been affected, and that the vast majority of them have already been refunded. 

Was anyone affected by this transition years ago? Experience any other similar forced transitions with other carriers? 

Source: FCC

Via: Reuters

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4 years ago

T-Mobile finally gets black HTC One S


Gray got you down? Been pining for a black, MAO-clad version of the HTC One S for T-Mobile U.S.? Your wish has been granted, as you can now snag a "ceramic black" version of HTC's slimmest and sexiest phone of 2012. It's free on contract (after a $50 mail-in rebate), and you'll have the the same version the rest of the world has been able to enjoy for months. The phone's exactly like the original -- same 4.3-inchSuper AMOLED touchscreen and qHD resolution. Same 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera. And (sigh) same Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though HTC has said the international One S will get Jelly Bean soonish, and we expect T-Mobile to follow suit. 

The black One S on T-Mobile is only available online, so hit the link below, and grab your credit card.

Source: T-Mobile; via TMoNews

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4 years ago

Android smartphone adoption rate reaches six times iPhone


Mary Meeker, an investment partner at KPCB, has given a preview of her annual Internet Trends report recently, and is showing that the growth in Android smartphones is six times that of iPhone. This certainly lines up with data we've seen from IDC lately

She's using data from Gartner and Morgan Stanley to put together that figure, which is a sharp step up from the four times growth Android handsets were enjoying as of her last report in the spring. The research showed that by the end of the year there will be 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, but 5 billion mobile users total, meaning there's still a lot of folks that are due for an upgrade. It's also worth noting that the number of internet-connected Android devices surpassed the number of internet-connected Windows devices shipped in Q1 2012. Meeker estimates that by the end of 2013, 160 million Android devices, 80 million Windows devices, and 100 million iOS devices will be shipped every quarter. That certainly puts things into perspective. As great as Android is doing, iOS is still no slouch. iPad adoption is way higher than iPhone (five times faster compared to three times faster in the spring), and it's probably safe to assume that number will rise once the figures from the iPad 4 and iPad mini are factored in. 

Do these findings jibe with what you see on a day-to-day basis? Is Android really taking over as aggressively as the numbers suggest? Is it fair to pile on multiple mobile manufacturers against Apple alone in side-by-side comparisons like this? Are there really that many people still using dumbphones in the world? 

Source: TechCrunch

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4 years ago

The case for an on-contract T-Mobile Nexus 4


The Nexus 4 was announced to much fanfare last week, especially when the prices hit. $299 for 8GB? That’s less than half what a high end smartphone will cost you off contract nowadays. Buying from the Play Store at these prices is a no-brainer for many of us.

After the dust settled, we started to get more information about the pricing and availability of the Nexus 4 outside of the Play Store. Here in the states, your only option to pick up the device with a carrier attachment is on T-Mobile. As we’ve learned since the announcement, T-Mobile will be charging $199 (after $50 mail-in rebate) on a Classic Plan with a 2-year commitment for the 16GB Nexus 4.

Now some quick math will make you realize that this may not be the best deal in the world. At $199, you’re signing a 2-year contract to save $150 off of what Google is charging directly. As we’ve highlighted several times before on the site, there are a multitude of reasons to consider buying a device full price and choosing a cheaper plan without a subsidy. T-Mobile itself even offers Value Plans, which are in every way identical to Classic Plans but are cheaper every month because they offer no device subsidy -- not to mention the multitude of Prepaid options it offers.

So why do I think it’s a good idea that T-Mobile is offering the Nexus 4 on contract for an inflated price? There are actually a few good reasons.

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4 years ago

Carphone Warehouse cuts 32GB Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 2 prices


UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced several tablet price cuts today, including two leading budget Android tablets, the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. ASUS and Google's newly-launched 32GB Nexus tablet goes on sale from today at £189, £10 cheaper than most retailers, including the UK Google Play Store. Similarly, the Wifi-only, 8GB 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 will go on sale at Carphone Warehouse for £149. That'll get you a dual-core, ICS-based tablet which also boasts a rear camera, unlike the Nexus

In addition, Apple's short-lived third-gen iPad has been cut by £40 to £359. The new Tab 2 prices are live on Carphone's site right now, though both Nexus 7 and iPad remain at their previous price points for the moment.

Carphone Warehouse offers these price reductions as part of its push to "offer the lowest prices on tablets on the high street." With the holidays looming, we're sure to see more competitive deals emerge online and in brick-and-mortar retailers in the weeks ahead.

More: Carphone Warehouse

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia T/TX update adds Miracast streaming and more


Sony Mobile sends word that a new software update is now pushing out for its leading European and Asian handsets, the Xperia T and Xperia TX. Very similar in design and specs, we recently reviewed the Xperia T, while we met the Xperia TX briefly at IFA in Berlin, Germany a couple of months back.

The biggest feature added in the new software update is Miracast sharing over Wifi -- a feature you might remember from the Nexus 4 and Android 4.2. This allows the phone to wirelessly mirror its screen onto a Miracast-compatible display over a Wifi network. However, as we've discovered during our tests with the Nexus 4, your network infrastructure, as well as your TV or monitor, will need to be Miracast-friendly.

The latest update also includes an optional extended standby function, which can disable data connections after a set period of time, while keeping text and call features working. Sony claims this can increase standby time by as much as four times, which could greatly increase battery life for those who switch it on. The Xperia T's mediocre battery life, you may remember, was something we highlighted in our review of the phone.

Other changes include some Sony app improvements, such as interface changes in the Movies and Walkman music apps. Check the source link below for the full list of differences.

Sony says the update will begin rolling out globally starting this week, so if you've already received it on your Xperia T or Xperia TX, be sure to shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: Sony Mobile

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