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Last chance: Save 15% on all Android cases and accessories!


Independence Day for the good ol' U.S.A. is July 4, but we're kicking off the celebration savings a little early and going a little long this year, just to make sure all Android Central readers have a chance to take advantage of this special offer.

Starting now and going until midnight PST on Sunday, July 7, you can save 15 percent on your entire order using coupon code 7413 at checkout (and yes Canadians, the coupon will work in our Canada store too!).

The 15 percent coupon code covers all of our accessories, including Galaxy S4 cases, Galaxy S3 cases, everything for the HTC One — and all the spare batteries we got.  

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4 years ago

From the Forums: Independence Day through the eye of an Android phone


Show off your best Fourth of July fireworks pictures

We recently set up brand spanking new photography forums to discuss all things related to Android and photos, and we wanted to get the discussion going with photos you took of fireworks this Fourth of July. Smart phones have drastically improved their low-light performance over the years, but there's a certain touch (and bit of luck) required to grab a great shot of fireworks with your phone.

We were able to snap a few good shots of our local firework shows, and we imagine you did as well. Hop into the forums and show off the best shots you were able to grab with your phone this Fourth of July.

Show off your Fourth of July fireworks pictures here!

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week: QWOP, Skip Lock Screen, Grocery iQ and more!


We take a moment to show off the apps that have been working for us

Just like that, it's Saturday again and that means you're in for another edition of our Apps of the Week column here on Android Central. In case you've been asleep at the wheel and missed previous posts in the series, this is our weekly column where we have writers from the Android Central team chime in with an app that they've been using regularly on their devices in the previous week.

This week we have a couple of games, a tool and  a little follow-up to last week's post from Jerry. Hang with us after the break and see how our picks stack up this week.

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4 years ago

MIUI version 5 ported to HTC One


Version 5 of the popular alternative ROM now available for HTC One owners

We know that MIUI isn't for everyone. It's a drastic shift away from the "Stock" Android look and feel, and cries of iPhoney always seem to be heard whenever the software gets talked about. But if you're a fan, you probably aren't going to let that stop you from enjoying the unique look and feel on your new HTC One.

The multi-language ROM has a huge list of features, and the focus is on style and customization. As far as this version for the HTC One, the "not working" list is pleasantly short:

  • NFC maybe, not tested!
  • Bluetooth (similar to CM).
  • Signal strength shown needs to be fixed. RIL is fine otherwise.
  • Xposed Installer isn't compatible with MIUI because they both make changes at the same location. Avoid using it or you might end up with bootloops.

Of course you'll need to have rooted your HTC One, unlocked the bootloader and flash a custom recovery, and know how all this affects your warranty.

If you've never given MIUI a try and have an HTC One handy, now sounds like a good time to have a look. See the source link for all the details, and there are a few screen shots after the break.

Source: AdyScorpius at XDA. Thanks, Android creature!

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4 years ago

Android Photography: Lions, Tigers and Photo Spheres … Oh, my!


One of the most interesting things we added to the Android Central forums over the past week was a brand-spankin' new Android Photography section. From cameras like the Samsung Galaxy NX, to device vs. device camera shootouts, this section has it all for anyone that uses their Android device as their primary photography tool.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition is the Photo Spheres forum. The uptake has been great thus far. Heck, we've even had a Photo Sphere product engineer from Google stop by to give us some Photo Sphere tips! (how awesome is that!?).

Yes, Photo Sphere goodness is starting to trickle in. Check out these photo spheres from Glacier National Park. Or bask in the beauty of Lincoln Center Plaza in NYC (thanks fantasma4!).

Dive right in. And if you need help posting your photo spheres we've got you covered. We've put together a quick guide to show you how (it's dead easy).

Yes, the Android photography forums are off to a great start. Let the celebration begin! :)

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4 years ago

What's new in the HTC One Android 4.2 update - a video walkthrough


Instagram in BlinkFeed, new video highlights, lock screen widgets, an end to the black bar of doom - and more

The HTC One has just had its biggest update yet — bringing HTC's latest up to Android 4.2.2 and adding a bunch of new features to the manufacturer's Sense 5 UI — in new firmware now hitting parts of Europe and Asia. In addition to the regular Android 4.2 features like Daydreams, quick settings and lock screen widgets, HTC's introduced Instagram support in its BlinkFeed home screen reader. There are new templates for "video highlights," a new swipe-up gesture for Google Now and and end to the dreaded black menu bar.

We've got a full video walkthrough after the break, along with some cheeky bonus content. Enjoy!

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4 years ago

Motorola 'Droid Maxx' pictured for Verizon


New device could be part of Moto's 'Ultra' line

We've recently been hearing reports about the upcoming Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini, and now we have what might be the first image from Motorola's new line of phones for Verizon. Notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks has published the shot above, saying it's the "Droid Maxx" — apparently one of three new phones headed to Big Red from the new Motorola. (We've previously heard it referred to as the "Droid Ultra Maxx.")

The image doesn't give too much away — you've got a big, robotic Droid eye occupying most of the screen. But we can make out the power button and volume keys, as well as the earpiece and front-facing camera. It's unclear as to whether the home, back and task-switching keys are capacitive or on-screen. However we've done some number-crunching based on the size of the on-screen image in the render, and if this device has a 16:9 (widescreen) display then the bottom area with the buttons would seem to be part of the screen. It's also telling that the home key isn't exactly what we've come to expect from vanilla Android, suggesting Moto's putting its own UI on this upcoming Droid. Interesting too is the presence of what seems to be a Kevlar-like texture around the "chin" of the device.

We're still not sure when exactly Motorola's new Droid line-up will become available — but if renders are starting to leak already, we might speculate that the Verizon-bound phones could appear before the usual end-of-year launch window. We'll keep you posted with more details as they emerge, in the meantime share your thoughts down in the comments.

Source: @evleaks

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4 years ago

HTC First kernel source now available from HTCDev


Developers looking to access deeper functions of the HTC First now have some of the necessary code

As we've seen many times before, HTC has just released the kernel source code for one of its devices via its HTCDev site. This time it's the HTC First on AT&T and just like before, the eager developers out there hoping to get deeper access to this comfortably-sized device now have more tools to do so. As we note each time that kernel source code is made available, this isn't a complete set of proprietary binaries required to make a completely custom ROM, but rather just some of the underlying code for the deep tinkerers that want to bother with the device's kernel.

We won't ever look this gift horse in the mouth though, as any time a major device manufacturer continually releases kernel source it deserves a nod for following the terms of the GPL license. Enterprising hackers among us can grab a download of the 99.2MB file at the source link below.

Read: HTC First Review

Source: HTCDev

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Talk Mobile Social Week Recap: The best things you said


Social networking and communications proved to be one of our broader topics thus far. Tackling everything from who you should follow online, why we post status updates in the first place, protecting our online privacy, and what kind of keyboard is the best, week three of Talk Mobile 2013 ran the gamut. And true to our goals with Talk Mobile, little time was spent talking about specs and stats - the discussion revolved around higher concepts of how we use these devices to begin with.

As always, we're wholly interested in your feedback and are constantly tweaking Talk Mobile to be the very best we can make it. So feel free to sound off in the comments about what you think of Talk Mobile so far.

Our goal with Talk Mobile has always been to generate a discussion in the community, and we're thrilled with the comments and deep discussions that have come as a result. There are a lot of great comments, and we'd like to take a few minutes here to highlight what we think to be the very best. You'll find them below, and those we've picked as winning comments will be receiving some awesome prizes - so be sure to watch your email.

We're also happy to have a reader survey for social and communications week, and by simply filling it out you can be entered to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Incentive? You betcha.

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Don't try this at home: Overclocking all 8 cores of the GT-I9500


File this under "Things that go BOOM"

Want to know a really cool way to ruin your octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4? Fiddling with the kernel so that all eight cores are active and overclocking (technically, underclocking as well) things to reach 2.8Ghz will do it. Android hacker DSWR managed to do just this, and he has the burnt board to show for it.

Yes, it's a bit crazy to purposefully do things you know will make your shiny new phone go belly-up, but in the name of science and hackery this is particularly awesome. DSWR was able to adjust the clock speeds on both sides of the big.LITTLE Samsung Exynos to the same frequency, and fool the phone into thinking it was in low power mode and performance mode at the same time.

While nobody will want to run this particular mod, things like this will give some great insight into hacking away at the new Exynos, which will lead to great things eventually. 

Jump into the forums, and thank and console DSWR for his work.

Source: Android Central forums

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FCC approves Softbank's investment in Sprint and Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire


The FCC has reached two very important decisions for Sprint today. The commission has voted unanimously to approve all applications filed by Softbank, Sprint and Clearwire concerning the recent acquisition and investment news.

This means Softbank now has the green light to pour their 22 Billion into Sprint, and likewise Sprint has the go ahead to purchase the 49-percent of Clearwire that they don't already own. Shareholders at Sprint have already approved the Softbank merger, with 98-percent voting yes on June 25.Clearwire's shareholders are set to vote on the deal come July 8, and the Clearwire board has recommended the approval of the sale.

Executives at all three companies were naturally pleased at the FCC decision, stating that these deals will strengthen not only Sprint, but the wireless industry and the U.S. economy as a whole. The three companies hope to have the deals closed early this month. We'll be following to see what, if any, difference this makes for the customers, who have no board looking out for their best interests.

Source: Sprint newsroom

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MetroPCS announcing what has to be the Galaxy S4 next week


MetroPCS is teasing that they'll be announcing something "huge" next week, and have produced a Vine to give everyone a clue. Notice the Samsung Galaxy S3 + 1, which can only mean one thing.

The Galaxy S4 with Metro PCS-specific radios has already met FCC approval, so it's not really a surprise. We'll know more details next week.

Source: @MetroPCS

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4 years ago

HTC One Android 4.2.2 update live in parts of Europe


417MB update to the latest version of Android now available in some European countries

A few days after Taiwanese HTC One owners got their update to Android 4.2.2, the latest firmware update is starting to roll to some European 4G versions of the phone. Posts on the Android Central forums indicate that the 417MB update to version 2.24.401.1 is live in Scandinavian countries, and we suspect it won't be long before the rest of the continent follows. (For what it's worth, we're not yet seeing the update on our devices in the UK.)

In addition to new Android OS features like Daydreams and lock screen widgets, the new HTC One update includes —

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Get your download on: Your favorite Mobile Nations apps on your favorite platforms


Mobile Nations site apps for Android and more!

We all know Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central are the best places to go to for your Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone news… But did you know we have a whole family of apps purpose-built to free you from the shackles of your desktop computer?

Below is a quick roundup to connect you with these awesome apps. Download and install. You'll be glad you did!

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Pushing buttons vs. Tapping pixels: The great keyboard debate - Talk Mobile


If you're reading this on a desktop or laptop computer, more likely than not there's a hardware keyboard sitting between you and the screen. If you're reading this on a smartphone or tablet, chances are there's not a hardware keyboard within the reach of your fingers. There was a time when hardware keyboards dominated the smartphone landscape, but in recent years they’ve been all but pushed out of contention.

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