4 years ago

Sprint's HTC One getting an update for HD Voice


If you've got an HTC One on Sprint, be on the lookout for a little update starting today. Sprint's pushing software version 1.31.651.2 that has an "HD Voice enhancement" and fixes things so Sprint's ringtones will show up in the ringtones list. HD Voice, of course, requires you to be speaking to someone else who has an HD Voice-capable phone. 

Keep an eye out for it any time now.

Source: Sprint; via HTC One (Sprint) forums

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4 years ago

We've added more functionality to our Google Play badges!


Attention, people of Earth! Somehow in the 1,000 or so words written yesterday on the Version 1.3 update to the official Android Central App, we managed to leave out another change — and this one actually affects the website as well as the app. 

The blog for some time has used the "Get it on Google Play" badges to link to apps. We've now implemented it in the same way in the app, which is a more consistent design. But we didn't stop there. Now we're using that badge to link to anything in Google Play. Books, magazines, TV shows and movies, music — anytime you see that badge, it'll take you to the listing in Google Play. In the app, on the blog, and straight to the listing. Done.

And if you haven't already (what are you waiting for?!?!?) be sure to check out the latest version of the Android Central App!

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia Z Ultra expected in stock Sept. 13


A quick heads up for those in the UK that retailer Expansys expects to have the Sony Xperia Z Ultra in stock starting Sept. 13. Priced at £639.99, the Ultra, of course, is the monstrous 6.44-inch more-than-a-phone-but-not-quite-a-tablet device we took a look at a couple weeks ago. Here's how Alex Dobie put it at the time:

Our brief time with the device has left us impressed. This isn't a mainstream phone, but just like the Galaxy Note line it's not really trying to be. Sony's aiming for a heavy hitter with the Xperia Z Ultra, a device targeted at the growing audience of buyers who want a sizeable mobile device — something larger than a phone yet smaller than a tablet. And for the moment, Sony's 6.44-incher is the best big phone we've seen.

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running on a Snapdragon 800? Yep, it's a beast. 

More: Expansys

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4 years ago

T-Mobile and AT&T: JUMP to your Next phone purchase — or don't


One is another option to buy a device, the other is giving the carrier more money for no good reason

We've seen a big couple of days in the mobile space. Following T-Mobile's announcement of its "boldest moves" last week that included a new way to upgrade your phone more often, AT&T announced today that it has launched its own device financing and upgrade scheme. "AT&T Next", as it is called, gives you another option to buy a phone outright on the carrier by paying the unsubsidized price spread out over 20 monthly payments. Similarly, T-Mobile's newly-announced JUMP! upgrade service lets users build on its device financing service to also allow returning of a device twice a year for a new handset with a monthly fee.

Both of these plans are new ways for you (and the carriers) to think about the device purchasing agreement, but that doesn't mean they're created equal. Let's do some (simple) math after the break.

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4 years ago

HTC One Mini crops up on Chinese certification site


HTC '601e' single-SIM device with WCDMA headed to China

Adding further fuel to the HTC One Mini fire, Chinese certification database TENAA has listed a brand new single-SIM HTC device that's the spitting image of a phone we've seen in numerous leaked photos. The HTC '601e' is listed with Android software and HSDPA/HSUPA data connectivity, and looks an awful lot like a 4.3-inch HTC One — note the metallic back and trademark front-facing speakers. The volume rocker appears a little different to the HTC One in this image, as two separate buttons rather than a rocker. And the Mini's LED flash has been relocated to above the camera lens.

With HTC itself teasing the arrival of something small but mighty, hopefully it won't be too long before the One Mini is officially unveiled.

Source: TENAA; via: Engadget, ePrice

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4 years ago

The new Google Play: We've come a long way, baby


The Android Market website, circa Feb. 2011

For better or for worse, Google does what Google does — we're going to have to adapt

I'm seeing a lot of hate about the new Google Play web redesign. It seems like no matter what Google does with it, haters gonna hate, and Google can't please everyone. We get it — change is not always a good thing, and it makes people uncomfortable. But love it or hate it, it's here and you're stuck with it.

The biggest complaints I'm hearing are about permissions, the "My apps" list, and filtering reviews by device. Now I don't claim to know why Google does the things it does, but to me there's an easy explanation about each of these changes. I like the easy explanation, because usually, it's also the right explanation. Occam's Razor and all that.

Hit the break, let's talk.

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4 years ago

Chrome beta for Android now has WebRTC for video chatting


Support for live video and audio without installing any software comes with today's update.

Chrome beta for Android has been updated today, and while there are the standard performance improvements on-board, there's also a slick new feature or two -- support for WebRTC.

WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications capabilities via some simple Javascript APIs. It's been supported on the desktop in Chrome for a few versions, and is a joint project between Google, Mozilla and Opera.

What it can do for you is easy -- it let's you use the camera and microphone on your phone or tablet to video chat without installing any software. You're warned when you visit a site that requests the permission, and while using it a persistent notification is present. This way, there won;t be any funny business or snooping involved. Is it useful? Not yet, but when developers implement WebRTC on their site, it very well could be. In the meantime, it's very, very cool.

You can play around with this one yourself. Fire up Google Play and update Chrome beta, or hit the Google Play link above, then visit this link

Via: Google

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4 years ago

Verizon holding event in NYC on July 23


Verizon set to show off 'the next generation' of Droid devices next week

An interesting (and short notice) invite has just landed in our inbox from Verizon for an event on July 23rd in New York City. There's not a whole lot to go on here, but what is there gives you a pretty darn good indication of what to expect.

Verizon. July 23rd. Droids. We'll be there, covering whatever Verizon has to show off.

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4 years ago

Google rumored to be considering online TV service


Rumors say system is developed and has been demonstrated to potential partners

Google TV needs an innovation injection. What was promising two years ago has been left to slowly waste away because no content deals were sourced and nobody was interested in having what Google TV could do in their living room. If rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal are true, that innovation is in the works.

According to their inside sources, Google is actively pitching the idea of an online TV service to media providers and distributors. Yes, just like everybody else is doing if you believe all the rumors out there. Google already tried this and was sorely disappointed with the result a few years back, but the difference this time, says the Journal, is that the content providers are looking for nationwide distribution.

In easy-to-understand talk -- let's say HBO, for instance, already had failed negotiations with Google about offering their content on Google TV. In today's landscape, where the competition is fierce and the dollar doesn't stretch as far, they would find more value with a service from Google that would sell their subscription to anyone with the box to stream it, sans cable company.

We have no idea how much of this is true or not, but the WSJ says Google already has the system developed and is shopping it around. It's something we'd love to see, so we're hoping for the best.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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4 years ago

TED 2.0 launches today, brings 20 new languages


Users in over 100 countries can now have the full TED experience in their native tongue.

TED, the lauded nonprofit that brings together Technology, Entertainment and Design through a series of talks and presentation by some of the world's most fascinating people, has updated their Android app to version 2.0. All the same great talks and video content is still there, but now it's available in 20 new languages thanks to some wonderful volunteers in TED's Open Translation Project.

This change gives people from over 100 countries the ability to use the app and browse for talks, use the help files and FAQ sections, and get the full experience in their native language. In addition, subtitles are now offered in 102 languages for the talks themselves, with Somali being the newest translation

TED is one of those apps everyone should look at. Maybe it's not for you, but you owe it to yourself to see the passion and ideas the speakers bring to their talks. Chances are you'll find something you love, and maybe even something that changes your view of the world. And now, chances are it will be in your native tongue. Grab the app at the Google Play link above.

More: TED

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4 years ago

Introducing Version 1.3 of the Android Central App!


New navigation drawer, YouTube API and forum search highlight this major update!

OK, folks. It's time to take the wraps off the latest and greatest version of the Android Central App! We've been testing this internally for a little while now, and for a little bit with a few close friends. Now it's time to unleash it on the public.

So what's new in v1.3? Quite a lot, actually, which is what took us a little longer to get the update pushed out. But we think it's worth it.

Keep on readin' on, and we'll walk you through the changes.

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4 years ago

Join the daily Talk Mobile Hangout at 1 p.m. EDT!


Our OS is better than the others. We already know that. And in today's installment of Talk Mobile, we're reminding everyone else of that.

Join us at 1 p.m. EDT as the editors (and special guests) of Mobile Nations hash it out!

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4 years ago

My OS is better than your OS - Talk Mobile


Hardware is important, there's no denying that. But without software, it doesn't matter how awesome the hardware is. It'll be a fancy paperweight. No matter how good the physical device is, if it has crappy software on it, nobody's going to care about it. Conversely, we've seen many times that excellent software can make up for crappy hardware.

4 years ago

Sony Xperia Z available for purchase from T-Mobile: $99 down or $579 outright


Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker included with purchase while supplies last

Whether it's much of a feat or not, T-Mobile has locked up the exclusive launch of the Sony Xperia Z on its network and now is the time you can finally get your pre-order in. While the device has been available from Sony Store locations since its announcement last week, chances are many people's first opportunity to buy the device will be online from T-Mobile. Pre-orders are slated to only last for today, as the device goes on sale officially starting July 17 — tomorrow — but the added bonus of pre-odering will be a free Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (valued at $69.99) and overnight shipping.

The Xperia Z will set you back $99 down and $20 per month on an Equipment Installment Plan, or an outright price of $579 for the waterproof handset. Those interested in buying the device outright can always order directly from Sony's online store as well (bypassing T-Mobile) and still take advantage of the free Bluetooth speaker bundle.

Ready to pull the trigger? Hit the source links below and get your order in.

Source: T-Mobile; Sony

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4 years ago

Zen & Tech 56: Why we hate people who love different phones


ZEN & TECH is our mobile lifestyle podcast, focusing not just on our phones, tablets, and gadgets, but how we can use technology to help us live better, richer, happier lives. It's how we center our inner geeks! Since it's platform week on Talk Mobile 2013, Georgia and Rene are back to discuss the elephant in every comment system — fanboyz, haters, trolls, and griefers. Namely, if we love a phone — or anything else - why do we feel the need to hate on people who love different phones?


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