4 years ago

Seidio brings a gaggle of cases to #CESLive


You want cases for your expensive smartphone? Seidio has cases of all kinds

Seidio knows mobile device accessories. We sell plenty of their products at ShopAndroid for many different model of Android. That's because you want them — and you want them because they look great and work well.

John P. and Rene Ritchie sat down and had a little chat with them on the CESLive stage. Check it out and see what they have to offer, including the new OBEX Waterproof case for the Note 3.

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4 years ago

Vuzix brings AR glasses to the masses at #CESlive


Vuzix brings their own Android-based Smart Glasses to CES

Although there has been a lot of focus on Google Glass lately for the consumer market, Vuzix lays claim to being the world’s first commercially available “Smart Glasses” focused on business consumers. Vuzix's VP of business development Dan Cui joined John P. and Simon Sage to talk about their latest products.

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4 years ago

LTE Wireless Cars from GM at #CESlive!


GM takes connectivity to the next level with LTE in cars

GM has teamed up with AT&T to offer LTE in select cars from the company. The LTE will power GM's app shop to personalize the experience for the customer and the app shop will be open to developers. We sat down with Steve Schwinke from GM at CESLive to discuss it all further.

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4 years ago

Sprint introduces new 'Framily Plan'


Get together with your friends and family to save some cash on your monthly bill

That's not a typo. Sprint has started a new "Framily Plan" where a single subscriber pays $55 per month, but for each new person who gets on the plan, the price drops $5 monthly for everyone on that plan. This caps at seven people, so with the maximum number of "framily" together, each person is paying just $25 per month. 

That fee gets you unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 1GB of data. An extra $20 per month will get you unlimited data. 

Things kick off January 10 at both Sprint stores and third-party dealers. To get the ball rolling, show up at the Sprint store with your own unsubsidized compatible phone, or buy one outright, or use Sprint's One Up program to get one. Activate it on the Framily plan, and you'll get an ID to share with folks you want on your plan. Visit Sprint for more info and fancy charts if you need a little bit more 'splainin. 

Yeah, it has a silly name, and it's a little complicated, but for some people this plan will work well. Anyone out there considering it?

Source: Sprint

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4 years ago

Hands-on with Sony's background defocus camera app


Sony brings a new camera feature to the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s

When Sony launched the Xperia Z1 last year, it introduced a new camera apps with several mini-apps for taking various kinds of shots. And now with the T-Mobile-bound Xperia Z1s the company is launching a new, exclusive "background defocus" app to for taking macro shots with artistically blurry backgrounds.

Launched from the main camera menu, background defocus lets you select an object in the foreground to focus on, then hit the shutter button and take your photo. Next you'll enter the defocus editing mode, where you can control the level and type of blur being used — a regular soft blur, or vertical or horizontal motion blur. When you've selected your blur type and level, hitting the check button will save your shot to the gallery.

The new background defocus mode is exclusive to the Xperia Z1s for the moment, though given the ease with which new camera features can be added to the Z1's camera, we wouldn't be surprised to see it on other handsets in the future. Check out our hands-on video for a quick walkthrough.

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4 years ago

Turn your TV into a communications center with this Android based adapter


Join family time even from across the country

Traveling is a large part of many families, and trying to keep in touch while on the go can be a bit difficult. Meet-Bob Ltd. is hoping that they will be able to put families back together even when they are apart with their latest announcement, the Bob. While the name is a bit odd, the device itself is an Android based HDMI stick that will plug into any television set allowing families to communicate, interact, share content and play via the television.

Each member of the family will create a log in for the stick, and this allows for a fully personalized experience each time you log in. Carrying the device with you is easy as it is just about the same size as a USB thumb drive, so just pack it up and get ready to play when you are at your destination.

Bringing families together regardless of the location of each member makes the Bob something that many will enjoy. Being able to watch movies or videos together, share content from across the country or playing a game with the kids while away will be a great selling point.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or availability has been announced yet, but being as everyone in the family will need one of these to participate we can imagine them to be on the affordable side. 

Source: Meet-Bob

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4 years ago

Yahoo acquires intelligent home screen replacement Aviate


Yahoo has announced that they have acquired the "intelligent" replacement home screen application Aviate. The app, which is still in a private beta status, uses data and metrics of how and where you use your phone to decide what content to display. the result may or may not be as useful as setting your own shortcuts and widgets, but it certainly looks good. 

Yahoo says "We hope to make Aviate a central part of our Android-based experiences in 2014 (and beyond), and we are committed to continued innovation on the product." Hopefully, that means the app will soon lose it's beta tag. In the meantime, Yahoo says they will giving away 25,000 codes.

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4 years ago

KD Interactive and Techno Source announce the Kurio 7x tablet


Kid friendly tablet with user profiles for the whole family

Recently we have seen an influx of  tablets being made for kids, and today KD Interactive and Techno Source have announced the Kurio 7x, a kids tablet that will be available on Verizon Wireless. The Kurio 7x will be a 7 inch Android tablet running Android 4.2, Jellybean. Having connectivity to both Wifi and the option of adding Verizon Wireless 4G LTE data as well allows for children to continue to use the device, even outside of the house.

"If today's families are always on the go, why should their kids' tablet experience have to end when Wi-Fi connection is unavailable?" said Eric Levin, division head, Techno Source.  "By teaming up with Verizon Wireless, we're not only offering kids a seamless Kurio experience, but with Verizon's Share Everything Plans, an affordable one at that."

In order to ensure that the tablet is as child friendly as possible the Kurio 7x will feature a bunch of added features. Utilizing a suite of parental controls families will be able to create up to eight unique user profiles, each of which can be set up uniquely.  By doing this each child can be granted different permissions and levels of access, making it like eight tablets in one.

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4 years ago

Hisense announces VIDAA series Android powered Smart TV's


Android powered Smart TV hopes for amazing user experience

In Las Vegas at CES Hisense announced their all new VIDAA series Smart TV's, which happen to be powered by Android. The VIDAA series will come in three different size LED models, a 50, 55, and 65 and will be bringing users an experience that simply does not exist in this category of products so far. Featuring multi-core processing and a very simple and elegant yet powerful user interface, Hisense was able to pack a ton of great features right inside your television.

“Hisense has boldly re-invented the concept of Smart TV with the VIDAA series. By combining a sleek and elegant look with the most intuitive UI and innovative remote control, our television is no longer just Smart – it’s simply brilliant,” said Jonathan Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Hisense USA.

With ease you will be able to jump between Video On Demand, Applications, Live TV and the Media Center, as well as utilize the built in Wifi to hop on Chrome and browse the web if you wanted. In addition the VIDAA series will support screen sharing so you can easily show pictures, videos or play music right from your mobile device to the television set.

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4 years ago

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


Small improvements both inside and out, with no bump in sensor quality

Samsung was sure to let us know that the latest iteration of its Galaxy Camera was on its way at CES, and we were lucky enough to spend a little time with it on the show floor. The Galaxy Camera 2, as it's called, refines the design just slightly and bumps the internal specs — a larger battery, faster processor and double the RAM. Aside from new shooting modes and Android 4.3 onboard the camera interface, lens and sensor are unchanged — you'll be taking pictures of the same quality as you did on the original.

Be sure to check out our hands-on comparison video (above) between the Galaxy Camera 2 and its older sibling, as well as a photo gallery after the break.

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4 years ago

AT&T to be exclusive data provider for Tesla Motors in North America


AT&T looking to be the leader in the new connected car space

AT&T has announced that they have partnered with Tesla Motors, and will be the exclusive wireless provider for the North American region. Their data network will be powering Tesla's remote diagnostics, entertainment, live traffic reports, weather and navigation services. Everyone's favorite entrepreneur and technologist (as well as Tesla CEO) Elon Musk seems pretty stoked about the deal.

Tesla’s goal has always been to catalyze the market for electric vehicles for all consumers while providing an exceptional driving experience. AT&T’s advanced and reliable wireless connectivity will help Tesla continue to deliver a cutting-edge ownership experience.

Yesterday AT&T announced their new AT&T Drive initiative and 5,000 square foot Atlanta-based Drive Studio, which should work out well for both Tesla as well as application developers wanting to get attention for their apps. 

While Tesla won't move the volume of cars that a company like Ford or Nissan would, inking a deal with Musk and Tesla is a pretty big score for AT&T. It never hurts when you can work with one of the darlings of the tech world while developing new technology. 

The full press release is after the break.

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4 years ago

Seidio announces OBEX Waterproof case for Galaxy Note 3


Seidio today at CES is announcing a new OBEX waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The case sports an IP68 rating, meaning that it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 2 meters. (Far better than you’d fare, we’d say.) It’s also rated against dust, and for falls from 6 feet at different angles.

Also, an anti-reflection glass protects the camera lens without getting in the way of your precious selfies. Waterproof membranes protect the speakers and microphones, and rubber stoppers keep the phone’s USB and headphone ports clear of debris. And the case does all this without getting in the way of NFC signals.

The case itself is $79.  Another $10 will get you a holster as well.

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4 years ago

Audi announces Android-powered Mobile Audi Smart Display tablet


If you're in the market for a new Audi tablet, you might also be in the market for a new tablet. Audi's already announced their participation in the new Open Automotive Alliance with Google, and it was widely anticipated that they'd be announcing Android in the car at CES 2014. Well, they did, but not in the way you might have expected: it's a tablet.

The new 10.2-inch Mobile Audi Smart Display tablet is Audi's latest foray into electronics. Powered by a Tegra 4 chip, the Mobile Audi Smart Display runs Android underneath, but features a very heavily skinned launcher that is optimized for in car use. For passengers, not drivers. Audi's rolling out a new version of their rotary dial + touchpad MMI interface for drivers that integrates multitouch gestures and natural language voice controls (ala Google Now and Siri) for the drivers.

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4 years ago

Motorola introducing a new device next week in London


With the onslaught of news coming out of Las Vegas this week, we almost forgot that CES isn't the only place to make an announcement. Then we opened our mailboxes to find this. It's an invitation to join Motorola in London on January 14 for the unveiling of a new product, and despite previous assertions, we're hoping the company is finally ready to bring its flagship Moto X to Europe.

Luckily, we'll be out of the desert and back across the pond by then, so tune in next Tuesday to see exactly what Motorola has up its sleeve. 

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact preorder info comes rolling in for UK customers


Sony's new compact, waterproof-coated phone now available for preorder

It seems like just a few short hours ago that the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact was announced. Now the world can preorder it from at least a couple different places, including Phones4u and Unlocked-mobiles.com.

The latter will have it available SIM-free with stock expected around the second week of February. It will be available in black, white, pink and even lime in the UK. The Unlocked-mobiles.com preorder page can be found here.

Phones4u is offering some promotions with the preorder of the phone. With each preorder, Phones4u will throw in a Sony SRS-BTX300 wireless speaker for your listening pleasure. Some lucky ducks will also receive £65's worth free movies and music. You can find more info on the Phones4u preorder page here.

Carphone Warehouse has also announced that it will stock the phone. At the moment, it just looks like interested parties can let Carphone Warehouse know of their interest. Carphone Warehouse will then inform interested parties when their bouncing baby smartphone is available. The form to register interest is here.

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