4 years ago

Android 4.3 rolling out for Dell Venue 7


OTA brings Dell Venue 7 tablet up to version 4.3

Got a Dell Venue 7 tablet? Start mashing the check update button because there is an OTA ready and waiting to bring the 7-inch Clover Trail tablet up to Android 4.3.

Word is that this update does good things, and the Venue 7 runs it well. We've no official change log as of yet, but runs well is the kind of response everyone like to hear.

Thanks, Paul

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4 years ago

Vodafone UK confirms Moto G coming soon


Mid range device coming to large UK carrier soon

We've seen that Motorola is set to launch what we believe is the Moto X in Europe next week, and Vodafone UK has announced that they will be carrying the Moto G as well. Unfortunately Vodafone has yet to announce pricing, as they are holding that for the launch, but we can bet it will likely be less than from Motorola directly. Voda says its Moto G will run Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box — interesting as that update still hasn't landed on the European model.

If you haven't already checked out our review of the Moto G or checked out how it compares to some other devices, you will want to do that now. Would you be interested in making the Moto G your next device?

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4 years ago

Gold HTC One hands-on


One of our 2013 favorites, revisited in an exclusive new color

We've spent all week getting to know some of this year's most-anticipated upcoming Android devices at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. But as we head towards the end of the week, there's just time to take a look at one of our favorite Android phones, we've been able to spend some time with one of our favorites from 2013 in a bold new color option. As announced shortly before the holidays, the HTC One now comes in gold — at least in some European countries — with a darker trim around its edges.

And in our video and photo galleries after the break we'll compare this lustrous new HTC One to the classic silver version, and Apple's rival gold iPhone 5s. Enjoy!

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4 years ago

Nikon talks serious cameras at #CESlive


Nikon has big glass and new ways to share what it sees with your smartphone in 2014

John P and Dan spend a few minutes talking with Zurab from Nikon about the new Nikon gear at this year's CES.

From nine (count 'em — nine) new Coolpix models to the new D3300 DSLR, Nikon has something for everyone. And their new Wifi models will connect right to your Android so the pictures you take can be edited, cropped and shared right from your phone.

While pictures from your phone are good enough for most things, sometimes you want or need a real camera. Companies like Nikon are making it even easier to fit one into your lifestyle.

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4 years ago

Sphero talks creating games and new hardware #CESlive


Sphero upgrades hardware, allows customizations

John and Daniel got to sit down with Ian and Adam from Sphero to talk about the newly introduced Sphero 2B. Turning a remote controlled ball into a game and then branching out with new customizable hardware, Sphero has been hard at work. Whether you want to complete challenges or freely roam around the office and have some fun with friends, look no further than the Sphero.

To catch all the talk about the new changes from Sphero be sure to check out the entire interview above.

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4 years ago

MakerBot magic #CESlive


MakerBot's new Replicator line makes 3D printing easy 

You have to watch Cali and Kevin spend 10 minutes with Bre Pettis from MakerBot. Not because it's about Android (it's not) and not because it's the future of mobile (it's not) but because it's cool as hell.

MakerBot's new Replicator line of 3D printers was unveiled at CES, and hard to put together and even harder to use 3D printers have now become a thing of the past. The new gear is sleek, affordable — starting about $1300 — and ready for my office. Imagine all the Android Central editor bobbleheads I could print.

Anyhoo, be sure to have a look here for some great new technology. You'll be glad you did.

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4 years ago

ZTE shows off phones, phablets and hot spot projectors #CESlive


You put the hotspot inside the Android powered projector?!

Cali and Kevin welcomed Andrew from ZTE to the stage to discuss some of the new exciting offerings from ZTE that they announced at CES this year. Having announced 7 new devices, ZTE is quite proud of being the number 4 smartphone manufacturer in the US right now. From the Nubia 5S to Android powered hot spot projector, ZTE is looking to please a wide variety of customers with their new devices. 

Check out the full video above to see Kevin and Cali get the low down on some of the new offerings from ZTE and check out all of our continuing coverage as well.

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4 years ago

Showgirls, PBR, beer pong and bull riding: It's the Mobile Nations and GeekBeat meet-up video!


There's really not much to say about Wednesday night's Mobile Nations-GeekBeat meet-up in Las Vegas other than this:

PBR. Beer Pong. Cali Lewis. Bull riding. Five kinds of pizza. Cali Lewis. Michael Oddo's awesome Android tattoo. Showgirls on the Vegas strip. Cali Lewis. Kevin Michaluk falling off the bull. Rene Ritchie falling off the bull. Phil Nickinson falling off the bull. The bull begging us to get back on it, only to throw us off again. Cali Lewis. 

But, really, the most important part — the thing that makes all this craziness worth it — is getting to meet the fine men and women who frequent our site. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a blast, and a pleasure meeting you.

And we're not done yet — there's more CESlive on the way!

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4 years ago

Hands-on with the ZTE Grand S II LTE


High-end specs and new voice control functionality lead ZTE into 2014

Following up precisely a year after the launch of the original Grand S LTE, the 2014 flagship device for ZTE is the Grand S II LTE. In proper second-generation device fashion, the Grand S II isn't a stark departure from the original. We're looking at a very similar size and shape, but with a few new design differences. The Grand S II is focusing more on ergonomics rather than being the thinnest phone in the world, and the internal specs have been boosted as well.

You'll find a Snapdragon 800 processor on board, along with 2GB of RAM powering this 5.5-inch 1080 x 1920 display. The Grand S II has a similar 13MP camera and 3000mAh battery as before, which are fine specs to carry this device through the year.

The bigger deal with this 2014 flagship, ZTE is hoping, is the software. Based on a build of Android 4.3, ZTE is cleaning up its software design just a bit and adding additional functionality. Visually you'll see a few different changes in the settings and notification shade that are a logical evolution of ZTE's design, but there are two big changes you'll notice right away. The first is extensive voice control over the Grand S II — you'll have the ability to operate and navigate the device completely hands-free if you choose. You can unlock the device, take pictures, give commands while driving and more.

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4 years ago

#CESLive morning brief: Friday, January 10


The end is nigh, and our guys in Vegas are packing their swag bags and beginning to head back to their respective corners of the globe. But before the stage comes down, join us at 11:30 PST for the final day of #CESLive -- we'll be sitting down with Olloclip, MyCaseBuilder, Monoprice and more as CES 2014 comes to an official close. Parting will be such sweet sorrow.

After five days on the ground, a handful of keynotes, countless #CESLive interviews and one evening with a mechanical bull, what was your favorite moment of CES 2014? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below, but before you do, head on over to our #CESLive hub to catch up on all the CES news fit to print. 

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4 years ago

CES Day 3 round-up: Smartwatches, smartwatches, and smartwatches

4 years ago

Taking a spin in the all-electric BMW i3 at #CESlive


Electric Drive

It's been an odd development over the past few years, but car manufacturers are now among the biggest exhibitors at CES. With giant and massively expensive booths you'll find Sony and Samsung along with Ford and Audi. BMW, too, has a huge presence at CES 2014, taking up the entirety of the parking lot outside the south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. They built an exhibition center to show off the technology that's gone into their electric "i" sub-brand.

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4 years ago

Motorola offering free Chromecast with off contract Moto X purchase


New promotion puts a free Chromecast in your cart

If the recent price drop wasn't enough to make you purchase a Moto X, Motorola hopes their new deal may be the one. For those who purchase a Moto X at full retail will be eligible for a free Chromecast as well, and who doesn't love free stuff -- right. Taking part in this promotion is easy, simply add a 16GB or 32GB Moto X to your cart, and a Chromecast, and then use the promo code STREAM, and the Chromecast becomes free.

Whether you are interested in the 16GB version for $399, or would rather the 32GB for $449 if you purchase prior to 1/14/14 you can get a Chromecast in addition at no additional cost.

No more excuses, get to designing!

Source: Motorola

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4 years ago

BBM 2.0 and the slew of new features #CESlive


BBM me baby, one more time

Cali and Kevin sat down with Alex Kinsella of BlackBerry to discuss the companies plans for the future of BlackBerry Messenger 2.0. With BBM Channels having recently officially launched on BlackBerry devices, Alex speaks about bringing them to Android along with QuickShare, which will allow sharing of contacts and attachments, as well as integrate directly with Dropbox and Glympse. This will help to move information between yourself and friends with ease.

BlackBerry realizes that people love to get things done, and get them done quickly. The updates to BBM will allow for just that. Be sure to check out the full interview above to see all that they have to say about BBM 2.0 and what it will bring.

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4 years ago

NewTek shows how they fit a TV truck in a box #CESlive


Honey, I shrunk the TV truck

Cali and Kevin got to sit down with Philip Nelson of NewTek to discuss how they were able to pack what used to fit in a whole truck all inside of one rather small box. While it may not be Android related, it is some amazing tech, and to be honest we all love great technology -- right? NewTek was kind enough to sponsor CESlive this year, and we are extremely thankful that we were able to bring you all this technology thanks to them.

If you want to see how NewTek shrunk the TV truck and fit it into a portable box be sure to check out the full interview above.

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