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3 years ago

Follow Mobile Nations at Mobile World Congress!


How to keep up with what's happening in Barcelona!

Mobile Nations has landed in Barcelona! We're not just here for cervezas and tapas, of course, but for the annual Mobile World Congress. We've got a lot to look forward to this week – check out our extensive preview if you haven't already – and the team on the ground will be bringing you the very best of it all.

We've a team of six on the ground in Spain, and besides keeping up with everything on the blogs you'll want to be following us on the socials as well. Head on past the break for all the links you need!

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3 years ago

Grab a UK Nexus 5 for just £240!


Black 16GB in stock now at Carphone Warehouse, other colors on back order

If you've been holding out on picking up a UK Nexus 5, Carphone Warehouse might just have given you the best reason there is to go out and grab one. As of right now, they will sell you one for just £240, the lowest price for a SIM free Nexus 5 we've seen to date in Britain.

The white and red versions are offered at £240, but both are currently out of stock showing a "pre order" button next to them. The white is scheduled to ship on Feb 27 according to the site. If you're happy with a black one, you can buy one right now for home delivery or to collect in your local store. Grab 'em while they're hot!

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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3 years ago

T-Mobile HTC One KitKat update now live and rolling out


565MB of KitKat sweetness is ready for your HTC One

Ealier we told you that the KitKat and Sense 5.5 update for T-mobile's HTC One would be pusing out soon. Soon is now (tip of the hat to Morrisey) and the update is live and pushing out.

Grab your HTC One — you did charge it up, right? — open the settings, and get to checking. I'm playing with the wife's, who just got her update, to see what I can see, but per T-Mobile, here's your changes:

  • Android 4.4.2 update
  • Security enhancements
  • Cloud Print service
  • New Bluetooth profiles

Sound off in the comments and let us know how it's running for you.

Thanks, Nick!

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3 years ago

Facebook will no longer change your privacy settings after you die, but will make you a Look Back video


The advent of social media profiles has created an interesting problem, from a philosophical perspective: what happens to your profile after you die? Originally they would just go dormant unless somebody had your password, but then Facebook updated their policy to place the profiles of our dearly departed into a "memorial" mode where visibility was restricted to only friends. But starting today, Facebook is changing that:

Up to now, when a person's account was memorialized, we restricted its visibility to friends-only. This meant that people could no longer see the account or any of its content unless they were Facebook friends with the person who passed away. Starting today, we will maintain the visibility of a person's content as-is. This will allow people to see memorialized profiles in a manner consistent with the deceased person's expectations of privacy. We are respecting the choices a person made in life while giving their extended community of family and friends ongoing visibility to the same content they could always see.

Additionally, Facebook is offering users the option to create a posthumous "Look Back" video (by 'users' we mean the live ones — they haven't figured out Facebook Afterlife… yet). Reacting to a plea from John Berlin of Missouri, the father of Jesse, who passed away in 2012, Facebook did the work to make it possible to create Look Back videos for memorialized accounts, saying that "John's request touched the hearts of everyone who heard it, including ours."

As the biggest and most interconnected social network out there, Facebook also sees the most death among its ranks. In fact, in October of last year, XKCD tackled the question of when Facebook's dead will outnumber living members, and the answer was sometime in the next 50 to 120 years. It's still an interesting philosophical debate: what happens to your digital presence after you're no longer present?

Source: Facebook

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3 years ago

AT&T's HTC One KitKat update also approved and coming soon


AT&T green lights the Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 update for the carrier's HTC One

Following on the heels of the T-Mobile HTC One's KitKat update getting approval, we find that AT&T's version is also approved and coming soon!

It takes a bit to get the update URL primed and ready, and there are probably some last minute preperations that are needed — a must-have when you have so many customers. If you've got an AT&T HTC One in your pocket, keep an eye out. And you know who to holler at when that KitKat update starts to come down!

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3 years ago

TestFlight developer acquired by Apple


Oh, so that's why they were shutting down Android support

Burstly, the developers behind a beta testing framework called TestFlight, has been acquired by Apple under undisclosed terms. TestFlight isn't particularly well-known around Android circles, so it's no surprise that they announced the termination of their Android beta a few days ago.

Having used TestFlight a few times to preview iOS apps, I can say it's a great tool, but mostly it just highlights how silly wide-scale pre-launch app distribution can be on iOS compared to Android. On Android, you get an .APK and away you go. Sure, there are many developers who are sensitive to that installation file leaking out and getting subsequently pirated. Plus, when dealing with anything outside of Google Play, you need a mechanism for updating apps, since new builds will be coming fast and furious. In those cases, there are still several Android beta testing solutions available out there. It just happens that TestFlight was the most well-known one, even though it had made a name for itself primarily on iOS.

Developers, how do you beta test your application? Do you need a specific solution to do get through the process?

Source: TechCrunch

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3 years ago

Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 OTA for T-Mobile HTC One expected 'shortly'


Technical approval from the carrier has been given, rollout to begin soon

Good news everybody! Well, everybody on T-Mobile with an HTC One. The KitKat and Sense 5.5 update has been approved and is on the way soon.

T-Mobile has replied in the Twitterstream, and they say to keep your eyes peeled on their newsroom for more information.

We don't expect much deviation from the standard 4.4 and new Sense we've seen on other phones — and that's a good thing because it runs pretty well. Keep your batteries charged, and keep checking for that update. When it hits, holler!

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3 years ago

Fitbit stops sales and recalls Force amid rash of skin irritation complaints


Responding to complaints of skin irritation from Fitbit Force users, Fitbit has stopped sales of the fitness band and is conducting a recall of the product. They're offing a refund direct to consumers for the full retail price of the Force ($130) and have set up a dedicated webpage and call center to handle the recall.

Fitbit CEO James Park said that "only 1.7% of Force users have reported any type of skin irritation," that test results have shown "are likely experiencing allergic contact dermatitis." The growing chorus of reports about skin irritation was likely a factor in pushing the company towards the recall.

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3 years ago

Sony teases 'Something Extraordinary' on Feb. 24


Tablet, or phone, or both? We'll know soon enough.

Sony has posted a short teaser for their Mobile World Congress event, telling us we'll get to see "something extraordinary" on February 24. 

We've seen the Xperia Z2 leaked, and plenty of leaks and tips of the new Z2 tablet are out there, so either or both is a safe bet. Both look quite nice, and should do well with the growing number of Sony Android fans out there.

Whatever it is, you know we'll be there live to check it out when they give the world the first look. Keep it locked on AC for everything Mobile World Congress!

More: Preregister for info from Sony

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3 years ago

Geeksphone Revolution now on sale, €222 gives you the choice of Android or Firefox OS


Mozilla's Firefox OS is still in its early fledgling stages, and Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone has probably been its biggest proponent. But getting people to commit to spending the cash for a phone that runs the unproven OS with primarily only webapps available has proven a challenge, and thus Geeksphone's going the dual-booting route with the new Revolution.

On sale today, the Geeksphone Revolution costs €222 (before tax) ($305 USD) and is capable of booting into either Android or Firefox OS. So you can try out the open source Mozilla OS without making a full commitment. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you'll just spend your time on Android.

Now, €222 doesn't get you a highly impressive phone, though what you get for the price isn't bad. The Revolution spots a 4.7-inch qHD (540x960) iPS display with an 8 megapixel camera on the back and 1.3 megapixels on the front. Chipset-wise there's a dual-core Intel Atom Z2560 clocked at 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage (expandable via MicroSD). There's a standard compliment of Wi-Fi b/g/n radios and Bluetooth 3.0, though the HSDPA radio is a bit of a bummer. But, again, at that price it's not a deal-breaker.

The Revolution is actually an Android phone first, booting to Android (version number is unspecified, though by the press images it's 4.x of some sort, and it appears to be running Google apps) on first activation. Though you can switch to Firefox OS whenever you like. The question is, though, would you?

Source: Geeksphone

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3 years ago

Android at Mobile World Congress 2014 — What to expect from this year's show


Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G Pro 2 and new wearable devices

One of the largest mobile shows of the year is about to kick off on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. This weekend — and for much of next week — we’re at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we’ll be covering some of the biggest mobile announcements of the year. Highlights are expected to include Samsung’s Galaxy S5, new Xperia devices from Sony, and Nokia’s first Android handset. And possibly new fare from HTC as well.

For the second year running the show itself is taking place at the futuristic Fira Gran Via, a new venue in Central Barcelona, and attending companies will also be holding press conferences all over the city. We’ll have six Mobile Nations editors on the ground — myself, Phil Nickinson, Andrew Martonik, Richard Devine, Kevin Michaluk and Daniel Rubino — so you’ll want to keep track of all our MWC coverage across Android Central, Windows Phone Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Smartwatch Fans.

MWC runs from Monday, Feb. 24, until Thursday, Feb. 27, with most of the big news happening on the 24th and 25th during the morning U.S. time. We'll have constant coverage through our massive Mobile World Congress hub page, which is where you'll find our latest news, articles, videos and behind-the-scenes stuff.

We’re in for a busy week at this year’s MWC, so let’s break down what we’re expecting from the major Android players ...

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3 years ago

Verizon Moto X getting Android 4.4.2 update today


Yesterday's soak test be damned, Verizon's pushing out Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the Moto X today. This brings the Verizon Moto X right up to date with the latest version of Android, inline with the rest of the Moto X family, the HTC One (for some carriers), Google Play Edition devices , and Nexus devices. This is also ahead of Samsung, who has committed to updating an array of devices from the past two years to 4.4.2, but provided no timeframe for those updates.

The update to Android 4.4.2 brings relatively minor improvements to the Moto X, including improved 3G and 4G data stability and bug fixes related to call volume and MMS. The camera software has also been improved with better sky detection and auto-HDR.

Got Android 4.4.2 on your Moto X? Let us know how it's treating you.

Source: Verizon (pdf)

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3 years ago

LG G2 KitKat update hitting the UK from mid-March


Speed boost promised with latest Android OS update

Android 4.4 KitKat for the LG G2 will bering rolling out to devices in the UK from mid-March, a video uploaded by LG UK reveals. The manufacturer says that the KitKat update brings performance improvements to the G2, alongside standard Android 4.4 features like cloud printing and the Chromium browsing engine for web views.

In the video above, LG uses a high frame rate camera to capture the performance differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat in a variety of tasks, including KnockOn wake-ups, app load times, camera startup and web page rendering. All in all, the company says KitKat makes the G2 17 percent faster, which is nothing to sniff at.

Thanks, gonk24!

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3 years ago

Vector 31: Facebook, WhatsApp, and the value of mobile messaging


Kevin Michaluk of Mobile Nations joins Rene to talk about Facebook’s $16 billion WhatsApp acquisition, not mistaking products for businesses, the value of user-base, the mobile hierarchy of needs, BBM’s missed opportunity, LINE, WeChat, Kik, and more.

Show notes




Yell at us on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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3 years ago

Get on the Google Cast beta track with new Chrome extension


Public beta available for developers and those who like living on the bleeding edge

A quick heads up for Chromecast fans everywhere, that Google has released a public beta track of the Google Cast extension for Chrome. It's aimed at developers working with the newly released public Chromecast SDK, but it's available for anyone who wants to use it from the Chrome Web Store.

The Google Cast beta will gain early access to new APIs and features in advance of the regular consumer version and will update automatically. For more, hit up the Google Developers portal or download from the Chrome Web Store at the link below.

Download: Google Cast beta for Chrome

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