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Leaked field manual for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies appears, indicates an Android launch


Fans of shooting zombies listen up. The good folks over at Xperia Gamer have uncovered a field manual for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, that specifically mentions the title being on Android. To add to the legitimacy of this, it was discovered on the official Call of Duty website. 

As is so often -- sadly -- the case with big titles such as this, our iOS toting friends have been enjoying this for a while now. But, big titles are big titles, just so long as we get them. Some of the details of the game are to be found within too, such as having 50 levels, plus even some hidden ones. It's also set to have local multiplayer via Bluetooth, and online multiplayer modes too. 

Sadly, no release dates were mentioned, so we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for this one.

Source: Xperia Gamer

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5 years ago

Dead Trigger teases new weapons


New weapons are on the way to Dead Trigger, the zombie gore-fest launched by Mad Finger Games a few weeks ago. The teaser trailer for update 1.1.0 includes a chainsaw, some kind of lawn/face mower, a lever-action shotgun, and a WWI-era machine gun. Best of all, there are going to be zombies wearing body armor - you can expect that they'll be tough to kill the second go-around. There are a few other nice little gems nestled in the feature list.

  • experience personally four new savage weapons (including two melees): Chain Saw, Lewis Heavy Machine Gun, Marine Engine with sharp-edged blades and Repeating rifle, a classic of the American West
  • enjoy the new funny and handy gadget -- the Head-Flator X100 enables to inflate the heads of zombies to XXL size and... Headshot!
  • meet new zombie creatures -- mutated mobsters or armoured SWAT members
  • explore new fantastic environments -- underground car park or secret research base institute
  • try out new gadgets or get more money - reveal deadly survival arena, that is tailor-made for massacre of hordes of zombies
  • visit Casino and try your luck with a slot machine
  • and finally safe game data with cross platform cloud backup
  • This huge update brings Dead Trigger also to Adreno 205, including Sony Xperia Play!

I'm pretty excited about new Dead Trigger content since a lot of the time Mad Finger's titles feel more like tech demos than games. Dead Trigger in particular is a little pushy with the in-app purchases, but on the whole, it's just some great, solid zombie-killing. Besides, it's hard to go wrong for a buck. How much time have you pumped into the game? Which of the new Dead Trigger weapons are you itching to try out?

Source: @MadfingerGames

Download: Dead Trigger ($0.99)

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5 years ago

Great Big War Game review - silly but strategic


Great Big War Game launched this week, riding on the coattails of its highly successful predecessor Great Little War Game. The same turn-based hex grid warfare is there, along with classic strategic elements such as elevation, fog of war, resource management, and a wide variety of land, sea, and air units to command. 

Great Big War Game's biggest asset is its ridiculous spin on war. The campaign mode puts you in the shoes of an inept general who weathers a barrage of sarcasm from his subordinate all while trying to impress the sexy new lieutenant. Don't let the silliness fool you, though. Great Big War Game has a ton of tactical depth.

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5 years ago

Rdio updated with UI and playback improvements


Looks as though the development team at Rdio had another few days to go ahead and work on their Android app. The latest update is now available in the Google Play Store and has quite a few bug fixes included with it. Most importantly, some playback issues have been resolved along with some UI improvements that will offer up a better in-app experience for those of you have a keen interest in what your friends are listening to these days:

  • New Releases is now a grid view
  • Improved buffering player UI when loading tracks
  • Jump to album from track in playlist
  • Can now view all extended search results
  • Clickable URLs in activity stream
  • Playlist editing improvements
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug fixes

If you had any issues with the previous version, now would be a great time to go ahead and grab the update. If you're new to Rdio, you'll find the link below to get yourself started. Keep in mind, it is a subscription based service so I've included the site link as well below in case you need some more information. Plus, free trials are available.

Download: Rdio for Android, Site: Rdio

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5 years ago

Google announces its Q2 2012 earnings, sees 21 percent growth


Google this afternoon announced its Q2 2012 earnings, reporting 21 percent growth year over year for revenue, at $10.96 billion. GAAP net income was listed at $2.79 billion, up from $2.51 billion for the second quarter of 2011.

As of the second quarter, Google reports having $43.1 billion cash and equivalents, and gained about 5,600 employees for the quarter.

Motorola revenue also is listed in this earnings sheet, since Google completed its acquisition of the company. Revenue for "hardware and other" was listed at $1.25 billion, with $843 million coming from the mobile side, and $407 million from the home side.

We'll be kibitzing on the conference call shortly to keep an ear out for any Android-related news. 

Hit the break for our earnings call live chat!​

Source: Google

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5 years ago

Auralux hits the Tegra Zone and Google Play today, it's an RTS game with style


Wardrum Studios' Auralux is now available for Tegra devices on the Google Play store, and it's a new take on an old favorite. When we first saw the press announcement for Auralux, I knew I would enjoy this one, it combines real-time strategy with the modern look and feel you expect in 2012, and does it well. The premise of the game is ultra-simple. You have one type of unit, and you can tell them to move from your planet to a vacant or enemy planet. There are no buttons, or complicated actions involved, just select your troops and move them across the playing field. You start against two opponents, and you all have the same size base and same number of troops. The goal is to wipe the opposition off the map.

We've seen games of this type before, but they never looked or sounded this good. It's very minimalistic, yet detailed when you zoom in tight on an occupied zone. The catchy new-age soundtrack plays in the background without distracting you, which may not have been as "relaxing" as the game description claims, but there is definitely a more casual feel to this one until you get to the more difficult levels. You can take things slow, or enable speed mode for a fast-paced battle of wits. It's very fun, and very simple to play. I've been playing one of the insane difficulty levels for over 8 hours of gameplay (I may retreat, but I never quit!), but the normal levels can provide five minutes worth of entertainment at a time. Gameplay has been excellent and trouble-free on both the Nexus 7 and the HTC One X, and the easy controls make it enjoyable on both devices. It's an addicting little app, and well worth checking out.

To do that checking out, you'll need a Tegra device -- at least for a few weeks. The game is launching as a Tegra exclusive for the first few weeks and then will come to more Android and iOS devices afterwards. The Tegra exclusive Andromeda Pack from the in-game shop, where you've got plenty of action going on at once and a more complicated game layout, will remain afterwards. The app is free in Google Play, and has optional in-app purchases. Grab it at the link below, and check out the trailer and a handful of screenshots after the break.

Download Auralux from Google Play; Auralux on the Tegra Zone 

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5 years ago

Sony's NSZ-GT1 Google TV shipping now from Amazon


If you're in the market for a new Google TV, be aware that Sony's obtusely named NSZ-GT1 is now shipping from Amazon for a couple hundred bucks. That's still twice as much as http://www.androidcentral.com/vizio-announces-its-99-co-star-google-tv-set-top-box-onlive-wellVizio's new Google TV, and we're still not entirely sure where, exactly, the fate of Google TV lies with the likes of the Nexus Q nipping at its heels. But, hey, $200 isn't quite going to break the bank. So if you wanna check it out hit the link below.

Source: Amazon

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5 years ago

Samsung Flip Case for Galaxy S3 review


If you love the feel of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) in your hand and are really only worried about the screen, Samsung’s Flip case might be perfect for you.


Most of the cases we see are designed to protect the back and sides of the Galaxy S3 in plastic, TPU, rubber or some material that cushions against impact.  Samsung has taken a very unique position here by designing a case that really isn’t a case at all – it is more of a “cover” attached to a replacement for the back panel of the phone.

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5 years ago

Doodle Jump for Android updated with four new themes


The classic endless jumping game Doodle Jump has recently been updated to include some of four additional themes that were previously available on iOS. It doesn't seem like there are any other major has been added; the last update fixed a sound glitch, before that it was a long time before we had seen any new features to Doodle Jump.

Although there are plenty of free Doodle Jump clones available on Android, there's a certain charm to the original that others can't quite match. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Get a-downloadin' at the link below. Any Doodle Jump veterans out there? What's your high score? 

Thanks tobi512!

Download: Doodle Jump ($0.99)

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5 years ago

Verizon activates more Android phones than iPhones in Q2


Verizon today announced its second-quarter 2012 earnings. As expected, the carrier sold a lot of phones. No, really. A lot of Android phones. And a lot of iPhones.

On the wireless side, which is the one we pay more attention to here, Verizon saw a 1.2 million net subscriber additions. Some 888,000 of those subscribers are of the traditional prepaid nature. Verizon now has a total of 94.2 million customers, 88.8 million of which are retail postpaid customers.

The really interesting numbers, though were the following:

  • 50 percent of Verizon's postpaid base is smartphones, up 13 percentage points from this time last year.
  • About 7 percent of smartphone owners upgraded their devices in the second quarter.
  • For the quarter, 2.9 million Android phones were activated, 2.5 million of which were 4G LTE
  • Activated 2.7 million iPhones in the quarter, up from 2.3 million a year ago

It's interesting to note those Android activation numbers. In June, Andy Rubin announced that more than 1 million Android devices are being activated every day. Verizon activated 2.9 million devices in 90 days. Just goes to show it's a big world out there, folks.

Source: Verizon

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5 years ago

Camera MX updated with new filters, video, geotagging, and more


The Camera MX photography app for Android has been updated to version 2.0 with a bunch of new features, such as fresh effects, video handling, and geotagging. Here's the full feature list:

  • New effects: HDR, Tilt-shift, Little Planet, Color Glow, Kaleidoscope, Drawing
  • Customize effects
  • Textures, borders and picture effects
  • Record and trim videos
  • Random effect feature
  • Save effect combinations as templates
  • Design and add subtitles
  • Video support in the media manager
  • GPS map: pinpoint photo locations on map
  • Hide music folders

We're big fans of Camera MX, particularly since it's free and they offer a chunk of cloud storage. The usual sharing options to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are there of course. 

Which photography apps are you guys using this summer? Any in particular leaping out at you? Does Camera MX have what you need, or is there anything more you're looking for?

Download: Camera MX (free)

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5 years ago

Now that's some Verizon Galaxy S3 dedication


How badly did Android Central Forums member Droid83 want to get to know his new Verizon Galaxy S III? Not even kidney stones were going to stop him.

While laying there in pain and an IV stuck in my right arm, I was able to take pics, text and Facebook, etc., with my left hand. And i'm a righty. Then I was pushed down the aisle by the nurses to the CAT scan room. Keep in mind I'm still multi tasking with the S3. Even check this forum for a quick second. The nurses let me take pics of the CAT scan room.

Sadly, the pic below was the first time I ever use the S3 to take pictures. Been to busy tricking the phone out and never even tested the camera and I had the phone since I got it on the 6th. The phone is not that big. 4.8 inches is perfect. I'm not big. I'm an average dude with average hands & kidney stones. If I can handle the phone given the position I was in, you can do it.

The rest of us are worthless and weak. Check out Droid83's complete post here, and be sure to sign up for our world famous Android Central Forums, with more than 860,000 members and nearly 2 million posts!

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5 years ago

Huawei Ascend P1 coming to Canada by way of WIND Mobile


Vodafone UK isn't the only one getting the Huawei Ascent P1; WIND Mobile up in Canada has started selling the handset today for $49 on their tab payment plan ($399 otherwise). To kick off the launch, WIND is hosting a contest on Facebook where participants have a chance at winning the phone, free service, and a trip to Hollywood for the premiere of The Expendables 2. Here's a rundown of the specs.

  • 4.3-inch 960 x 540 qHD display
  • 4 GB local storage plus microSD slot
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 8 megapixel camera with 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor

We're still not sure if this thing will ever find its way to the U.S., but with support on WIND, it would at least be compatible with T-Mobile's AWS bands. 

We've got a full review of the Huawei Ascent P1 here, and if you're ready to take the plunge, the P1 can be found at the WIND Mobile online store here

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5 years ago

Huawei Ascend P1 headed to Vodafone in the UK


Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced that its super-slim Ascend P1 will be headed to British shores, arriving first on the Vodafone network. Offering a near-stock Android 4.0 user experience in a 7.69mm-thick chassis, there's a lot to like about Huawei's latest mid-to-high-end smartphone, as we explained in our full review last month. It's no slouch when it comes to specs either, with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip running the show, along with 1GB of RAM and an 8MP rear camera.

The version headed to the UK will apparently sport a soft touch back, as opposed to the glossy white chassis found in other markets. Huawei plans to launch through multiple outlets in the UK, though Vodafone UK will be getting it first, and it'll be available for free on Voda contracts starting at £26 per month. No word on SIM-free prices just yet, but we'd expect something around the £300 mark based on pre-order prices at independent retailers.

We've got the full presser from Huawei after the break. If you're tempted by the Ascend P1, be sure to check out our full review.

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5 years ago

Telstra: HTC 'preparing' Jelly Bean updates for One XL and One S


We haven't heard much from HTC on the subject of Android 4.1 updates of late. When Jelly Bean was first announced, the manufacturer said it was "reviewing the software" in order to determine which devices would be getting an update, but we've yet to see any definitive list of phones to be upgraded. However, it looks like owners of the One S and One XL (that's the international name for the Snapdragon S4-powered One X, with LTE) can rest easy, as Aussie carrier Telstra has indicated on its software updates page that both of these phones are due for Jelly Beans at a future date.

That's not even remotely surprising -- as flagship products that are less than three months old, the One S and One XL were pretty much dead certs to receive Jelly Bean anyway. And as for the international Tegra 3-based One X, we're sure that'll be on the Android 4.1 update path too, it's just not listed by Telstra as they don't sell it.

Unsurprisingly there's no ETA provided for these Jelly Bean update, though if we had to guess, we'd say they're probably months, not weeks away at this point. The final Jelly Bean source code was released just over a week ago, so HTC will need time to get its devices up to speed on the new version of Android.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our predictions about when your phone will get Jelly Bean.

Source: Telstra; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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