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4 years ago

Google Play Movies purchase options going live in more countries


Google's "Playground" event may have been called off, but it seems some changes to the Google Play Store may be arriving regardless. We're seeing movie purchase options appearing for some Google Play Movies titles here in the UK, though the selection is extremely limited at the moment. Likewise, Ausdroid reports that Google's started rolling out movie purchases in Australia, where previously only rental options were available.

In the UK, we've spotted titles such as Ill Manors on sale for £7.99. Down under, prices reportedly range from AU$8 for older movies all the way up to AU$25 for more recent offerings.

Considering today was originally going to be a big day for Google Play and Android, we'll be watching throughout the day to see if any other changes quietly drop.

International folks -- seeing anything new on Google Play today? Drop us a line in the comments.

Source: Ausdroid

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4 years ago

Reminder: No Nexus/Android event today


A reminder that with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East coast of the U.S., Google recently made the decision to cancel its "Playground" event, originally scheduled for later today.

A T-Mobile event, also planned for today, has been called off too.

Google's Android event was expected to bring the official announcement of a new Nexus phone, the LG Nexus 4, and new high-res Nexus tablet, the Samsung Nexus 10. Both devices were expected to go live with Android 4.2, which was to be unveiled at the same event. But it looks like we'll have a little longer to wait for these devices -- we'll probably hear more about a rescheduled event in the coming days.

In the meantime, there's plenty of non-Android news today for you multi-platform mobile fans. Our sister site will be live from Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco later today.

If you're expecting Sandy in the next day or so, stay safe and keep 'em charged. We'll see you on the other side.

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4 years ago

Nook HD and HD+ now available to pre-order in the UK


Barnes & Noble's Nook brand continues its advance into the UK, with today's news that its Android-based Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets are available to pre-order from the company's site.

Announced late September, the 7-inch Nook HD and 9-inch Nook HD+ boast higher resolution displays than competing small form factor tablets. B&N will be hoping that this combined with the tablet's lower price point will tempt consumers away from the Apple, Amazon and Google competition as the holiday shopping season approaches.

The Nook HD boasts a 1440x900 display, and is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM. The Nook HD+ bumps this up to 1920x1080 ("Full HD"), along with a small CPU speed increase to 1.5GHz. The HD is up for pre-order at a Nexus 7-matching £159, while the HD+ can be yours for £229.

Both Nook HD and HD+ will begin shipping to UK buyers from Nov. 22.

Source: (1, 2); via: Business Wire

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4 years ago

Samsung GT-N5110 listing hints at possibility of more Galaxy Note tablets


With the success of the original Galaxy Note, and critical praise for its successor, the Note 2, it seems Samsung may be looking to expand its Note line even further, possibly bringing to market a smaller Note tablet device. That's what's suggested by a new DLNA certification filing, which lists a Samsung "GT-N5110" with digital media server and playback capabilities. So far all "GT-N" series devices have come to market as Galaxy Notes -- the original was GT-N7000, the Note 10.1 is GT-N8000 and the Note 2 followed as GT-N7100 -- so there's little doubt in our mind that the N5110 is most likely another Galaxy Note product.

Conventional wisdom suggests that it could be a 7 8 or 9-inch tablet, filling the gap between the Note 2 and Note 10.1, as SamMobile speculates this morning. However, aside from the name, we know nothing about this device, so we're willing to keep an open mind.

Assuming Samsung is working on a 7-9-inch Galaxy Note tablet, CES in January and Mobile World Congress in February are both strong possibilities for launch venues. MWC in particular might be likely, as that's where we saw the Note 10.1 last year, along with the entire Galaxy Tab 2 range.

Any wild theories about what we might see on such a device? Shout out in the comments.

Source: SamMobile

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4 years ago

In space no one can hear you scream, right? Help the STRaND-1 smartphone nanosatellite test it


Some of you may remember the tag line from Alien but now Cambridge University Spaceflight is looking to put it all to the test. Using the STRaND-1 smartphone nanosatellite that runs Android and built by the University of Surrey's Space Centre and SSTL, the STRaND-1 will carry the videos submitted by folks like yourself into outer space all in an effort to test the hypothesis that in space no one can hear you scream.

If you're looking to help out, your mission is simple. Upload a 10 second video to YouTube and submit it to the project website. Once submitted, you can get your friends and family to vote for it to give you a chance of being one of the 10 winning videos included in the mission. Even if you don't enter, you should check out the project link below. On its own, the STRaND-1 smartphone nanosatellite is a pretty cool piece of technology.

Source: Scream In Space! Thanks, Ed!

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4 years ago

T-Mobile also cancels NYC event on account of weather


We've been through this before. This notice has just landed in our inbox:


Apologies for the late mail, but due to the expected weather in New York, T-Mobile will be postponing its showcase event (which was scheduled for October 29) to a later date.  We will keep you posted on a rescheduled date as soon as we can.

Thanks for your flexibility and patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

The weather is getting nasty out there, and T-Mobile has decided that holding its event in New York City isn't the best choice. Since Google has also decided to postpone its impending Nexus event, we're not going to blame T-Mo for taking the safe route. No reason to risk having extra people traveling in Hurricane Sandy.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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4 years ago

Here comes Hurricane Sandy: Charge 'em if you got 'em


Ed. note: Bumping this up because it's important stuff.

OK, boys and girls on the East Cost. Listen up. Hurricane Sandy's on her way, and she's liable to make a mess of things next week. Just how bad depends on who you're reading, but regardless it's time to start getting ready. As we tend to do when storms like this pop up, let's review how our Android phones can help.

  • Charge your phones. Now. Keep them charged. And once the storm starts, keep them off. You'll likely lose power at some point, and there's a good chance your local cell network will go down for a bit, even with generator backups.
  • Spare batteries. If you got 'em, make sure they're charged, too. If you still have time to get some, do it.
  • Car charger. Get one. Get a couple, actually.
  • After the storm, text messages may work best. If the network's up, it's going to be clogged, and calls might not go through. Text messages have a much better chance.
  • If you're worried about damage and don't have a traditional camera, use your phone to take a few pictures of your home and your belongings. It'll make insurance claims much easier, should it come to that.
  • While you still have power and internet access, be it on your phone or broadbad, take advantage of features like instant uploading on Google+ Dropbox to make sure those pictures get somewhere that can't be destroyed by the storm. Better to be safe than sorry in that case.
  • If you just have to use Instagram during a storm, don't use a damn filter. Folks wanna see what's happening, and filters don't help that.
  • Use apps like Evernote to help keep track of your emergency supplies.
  • Before the storm, use those gas-finder apps to track down the cheapest petrol. That won't help you with the lines, but it may save you a few bucks.
  • See if your phone can serve as an FM radio, if you don't have any others around. (That's not out of the question in 2012.
  • Apps from FEMA and the Red Cross can help you find shelters and other emergency information.

And as of this writing, Google's "Playground" event is still on for Monday morning. If that changes, you'll hear it here first. And Google's event is off. Stay safe out there, people.

More: Hurricane Sandy updates from NOAA 

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4 years ago

From the Editor's Desk: Who is this, and what did they do with Microsoft?


Ladies and gentlemen, Microsoft is back.

I wasn't sure we'd ever have reason to write those words again, and Microsoft's not yet all the way back. But it's absolutely taking the right steps. And for the first time since I began worrying about this sort of stuff, Microsoft appears to actually have some direction, some common goal.

Google easily made the right call by canceling Monday's "Playground" event. More here.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory late last week, a couple days before a trip without a couple of reviews hanging over my head. Relative free time. Windows 8 had just gone official, and I hadn't actually gotten around using any of the beta builds over the past few months, and a $39 upgrade is kind of a no-brainer. (That and my daily machine is now a Mac, so I wasn't overly concerned about app compatibility just yet.) So, I popped Windows 8 onto the box it now shares with an Ubuntu install (for those times I feel like torturing Jerry with Linux questions).

First off, I'm loving the move away from the traditional desktop metaphor. It's going to be a big adjustment for us old folks. But our kids are gonna love it. And (for me, anyway), things started to make sense pretty quickly. There are Metro apps (sorry, Microsoft, but that's what they're called, and that's what I'm calling 'em), which run on the cool (if busy) start screen, and there are legacy apps, which run on top of a traditional desktop space. We'll eventually see the latter phased out entirely, I suppose, but that's going to take time. It takes a little work getting used to only having one app on the screen at a time. But maybe that's not a bad thing for casual computing. 

For me, though, it shows that for the first time in a very long time, the different departments at Microsoft are working together. Hell, they're probably allowed to talk to each other for the first time. Three screens and the cloud no longer is just bluster coming from Ballmer, ladies and gentlemen. 

What does this mean for Google and Android? Not a lot, just yet. It's still early in this rebirth for Microsoft and it's going to take more time for the ball to start rolling down the hill. But it's most certainly in motion, and it's no longer going uphill. Google, obviously, is serious about the mobile space. You wouldn't be reading this otherwise. I think it's still kinda toeing the waters when it comes to Chromebooks, but I also think that'll change over the coming months as well. (I love this new Chromebook commercial. Google's got to do this for Android, too.) And I still think Google's got more in store for the living room space; the Nexus Q was just a teaser.

But consider this: Microsoft is making its products available on current non-Microsoft devices. We're already seeing that with Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox Music is coming to Android as well -- quite possibly sooner rather than later. Microsoft Office is still strongly rumored. I've always believed one of Apple's bigger mistakes was not letting iTunes -- and its purchasing power and gateway drug status -- infect other platforms. Microsoft has never been shy about spreading its reach. After all, it's how we ended up with Bing Android phones for a short time.

Microsoft may be in third place in the mobile space, and that's not all that likely to change anytime soon. There are just too many Android and iOS devices out there. But make no mistake, Microsoft's in a much stronger place than it's ever been.

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4 years ago

The first Verizon Galaxy Note 2 accessory you'll want to buy


Cover that ridiculous logo on Verizon's Galaxy Note 2 home button with an equally ridiculous sticker. Get three pieces for $10 U.S. and stick it to the man. 

Source: eBay; via +Cory Teague

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4 years ago

HTC One X (international) Jelly Bean roll out begins


Jelly Bean for the international versions of the HTC One X has begun pushing out, but the situation is a bit complicated. Rather than being pushed to all phones in a particular region, HTC pushes out updates to certain devices based on their CID (Customer ID) in each region. For example, phones with a CID of htc__612 are sold to carriers in Taiwan, and they started receiving their OTA last night. Alternatively, my unlocked phone with a CID of htc__044 hasn't received it yet, even though it's also sold in Taiwan (among other locales). I told you it was complicated.

What we know now is that the mentioned phones with htc__612 CIDs are receiving the OTA update as we speak, and HTC has informed me that the Jelly Bean update for all phones in Asia and Europe is "rolling out now". An insider told me that my particular model (htc__044) should start seeing the OTA tomorrow (Sunday). Finally, I've yet to hear from anyone in Europe who has received the OTA. I told you it was complicated.

If you've hacked your Tegra3 One X, you understand all of this and know where to look for information about rolling back and getting the OTA. If you haven't hacked your phone, just know that the Jelly Bean OTA is in process. Hopefully we'll all see it soon, as a few early reports say it's extremely fast and makes a great phone even better.

Thanks, Jeff and Ray420!

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4 years ago

Nexus 10 shown off in extremely short video


Okay folks, this is probably the shortest video leak we've ever seen, but it's a leak nonetheless. We've got 5 whole seconds of the upcoming Nexus 10 tablet on video, showing the homescreen and opening the browser. If nothing else, you get a really good look at the front design of the device and the screen.

It seems like there are no more secrets to be leaked at this point, but unfortunately we're gonna have to wait until a later date to see everything unveiled officially.

Source: BriefMobile

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4 years ago

Weekend project: Flashing Ubuntu to your Nexus 7


Web browsing on the Nexus 7, using Ubuntu and Firefox

I love fiddling with things. Especially electronic things. I admit, I've fooled with ARM builds of Ubuntu on Android devices, or running them in a chroot environment. I read the comments and forums, so I know I'm not the only one. The problem is, that while it's fairly easy to do, if you're not comfortable with terminal commands you just won't be doing it. Canonical, who is using the Nexus 7 as a sort of reference for Ubuntu on ARM touch devices changed that today by releasing a simple one click installer.

Now, anyone who can install Ubuntu on their computer can just as easily install it on their Nexus 7. It's not very practical, and you'll likely flash back to Android after a few hours of playing with it, but it is extremely cool to play with for a few. If you're the type who likes to hack and flash at your Nexus 7, you will want to try this. Read on.

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week - Nun Attack, UNIQLO Wake Up, Exodus Live Wallpaper and more!


If you're anything like the writers here at Android Central, you're probably losing your mind a little bit waiting for the big Google news to hit on Monday. If you were looking for a bit of a distraction to keep from going off the deep end, we wouldn't blame you. Luckily, our app picks this week should help you out with that. Per usual, we've got a handful of games and a few utility apps that should keep you entertained for the weekend. Take a look after the break and see how we did.

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4 years ago

Monday's Google event in NYC canceled due to Hurricane Sandy


Bad news folks, this has just landed in our inbox: 

Hi Phil,

We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more.

Stay safe and dry, The Android Team

So, it's off. What does this mean for any launch plans? We don't know. And it looks like Google doesn't yet either. When we know more, you guys will be the first to know. But, the priority is for people to stay safe. If you're affected by Hurricane Sandy, take care of yourselves. There'll be time for phones on the other side. 

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4 years ago

Carphone Warehouse in store advertising backs up earlier pricing information for LG Nexus 4


In a week quite literally filled with LG Nexus 4 leaks, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse accidentally pulled the trigger on their pre-order page for the device. Contained within was plenty of juicy tidbits about Google's next Nexus smartphone, including some hints at pricing. Following this, we then saw leaked internal inventory screens that seemed to back it up further still.

Now, it seems, the very same retailer -- in some locations at least -- has already started to display their in store price advertising for the Nexus 4. It says that the device will be free on new and upgrade contracts from £31 per month, and that for £389.95 you can buy one out right. 

What is lacking from this price tag however, is any indication of storage size. But, it's a weekend, so we're not going to get into that debate right now. We'll leave that to you folks in the forums, which is where you should be headed to talk up -- or down -- the LG Nexus 4 to your hearts content. 

Source: @ollygosling (Twitter)

More: LG Nexus 4 Forums

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