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4 years ago

Android malware scanners -- should you use one?


Recently we've seen AVG, an Android "security" app marking other applications as malware when they aren't. That's called a false positive, and it's a fairly common occurrence. When it happens to a popular app, it always causes confusion and gets everybody unnecessarily stressed out. This time it also got us thinking -- do people really need to run any type of Android malware scanner, and are they doing more harm than good?

Android malware certainly exists. We take issue with the way it gets reported sometimes, as sensationalism draws focus away from real issues, but we're not foolish enough to pretend that people aren't writing apps designed to cause trouble. But who needs to worry about this sort of thing, and how to stay safe is something that needs discussed. That's what we're going to try and do today, in real-talk that everyone can understand. Hit the break and let's get started.

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4 years ago

Sprint Galaxy S3 receiving large OTA update


It looks like many users with the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) on Sprint are receiving a relatively large -- about 157MB -- OTA update on their devices. Grant, who sent us the above screenshot, notes that this is a Samsung software update and not a regular firmware update. Sprint's support pages indicate that the update to software version L710VPMA6 brings updates to the voicemail app, adds SMS features and fixes calendar sync issues. Users in the forums have also reported that it fixes a security exploit.

Sprint users have yet to see the update that would bring Samsung's premium suite to the device, and will have to wait a bit longer as this update doesn't have it included. Has your device pulled down the update yet? Let us know here and in the forums what changes you're seeing after the install.

Source: Sprint; More: Sprint Galaxy S3 Forums; Thanks, Grant!

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4 years ago

Android 4.2.2 OTA for the Nexus 4 is a go, kills unofficial LTE [updated]


The Android 4.2.2 update for the Nexus 4 is rolling out to users, bringing all the bug smashing goodness you can handle to the latest Nexus phone. It's build JDQ39, just like we saw for the other Nexus devices and checks in at about 54MB. If you're curious about what this update brings you can have a look here.

If you don't feel like waiting, you can download the OTA package direct from Google right here and install is manually via a custom recovery or by sideloading. If you need a little help with that, I'm sure someone in the forums will be happy to give you a hand.

Update: AnandTech's Brian Klug notes that it appears LTE Band 4 -- was never supposed to be officially supported by the Nexus 4 and was more of a residual effect from the hardware, which basically is an LG Optimus G -- appears to be kaput.

Via: XDA

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4 years ago

WeFi Pro: get the most out of public Wifi access


Many of us are coming to the realization that mobile data limits are, well, limiting. At the same time, public Wifi access has been a major initiative in many large cities and private businesses alike. WeFi Pro, which was previously only available to Cricket customers, is hoping to help users take advantage of the vast amounts of public Wifi available today.

Stick around after the break to see how WeFi Pro could help you cut down on the monthly data charges.

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4 years ago

Archos releases free, ad-supported version of video player app


One thing that Archos has traditionally done pretty well is video, and back in December they launched a standalone version of the video player app that ships on their Android tablets. With a lengthy feature list, and a well designed UI, the only thing preventing some from giving it a spin was the price. At $4.99 (£3.99) it carried a premium price along with the excellent feature set. 

Now though, Archos has released a free, ad supported version of the app into the Google Play Store. Above all, it gives you a perfect chance to test out the full version of the app without dropping down any green first. It promises to work on both smartphones and tablets, but will require Android 4.x to run. Grab yourselves a copy at the Play Store link above.

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4 years ago

Slacker Radio hits v4.0 with a new UI


Very popular streaming radio app Slacker Radio has just received a notable update to a completely new user interface. The new UI follows a stark blue and white contrasting design, with some holo-esque features to it such as use of the overflow menu button and clean transitions. Other than that, the new app is generally pretty simple and unique in its design. You still follow a simple design of a homescreen with search and four options -- genres, my music, specialty stations and news/talk/sports -- with the rest of the UI being just lists of stations when you dive deeper.

This is a big step forward in design for Slacker, and it seems to perform as well as it looks. Not to mention that v4.0 slots it right in with the styling of its web interface, which is important. You can grab a free download of the app at the Play Store link above.

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4 years ago

Android 4.2.2 rolling out to 'yakju' Galaxy Nexus, but here's a better idea


The Android 4.2.2 update has now started to roll out to the various "yakju" Galaxy Nexus phones. If you're not familiar with the term, yakju is a tag placed on the versions of the GSM Galaxy Nexus that were sold through channels other than Google Play. Phones sold from Google Play were labeled "takju," and on the software side the only difference is the inclusion of Google Wallet. The thing that matters here is that takju devices have historically received updates well before yakju devices -- today's news of a yakju OTA this close to the takju version is a rare sight.

Why am I telling you all this? We now have manual download link for the yakju GNex, and people (maybe even you) are going to be digging out USB cables and manually updating. I have a better idea for folks who want to get their hands a little dirty at the command line -- flash your phone to the takju version so there's no wait for the next OTA.

Any GSM Galaxy Nexus can run it, Google Wallet is baked right into the ROM (important if you're in the U.S.) and it puts you on the same software and update schedule as the phones from Google Play. It's also kind of fun. The down side is that you'll be starting from scratch, but a fresh install always feels good.

The method is covered right here if you're interested, and I promise that if you're able to manually update your yakju phone, you can flash the takju software and manually update as well. If you don't feel like fooling with it, that's cool, too. Here's the manual download link for the yakju 4.2.2 OTA, and you can sideload it with one of the existing methods. Hit the forums if you run into trouble.

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4 years ago

Lloyd Gear Flex Case for the Nexus 4!



They have arrived. Meet the Lloyd Gear Flex Case for the Nexus 4. More than a bumper but less than a strongbox, the Lloyd Gear Flex Case is made of a shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane material that gives you great day-to-day protection. It's not a tank. But then again it's not a tank, ya know? Wireless charging still works with the case on, as does NFC.

Plus, it's got Lloyd on the back. 

The Lloyd Gear Flex Case is available now at a special price of $14.95 (you're currently saving $5) and it comes in black, clear, smoke or green.

And don't forget about's 14 percent off Valentine's Day Sale, which runs through midnight Thursday. Use the coupon code vday13 at checkout to save even more!

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4 years ago

Google Now officially gets widgets in latest Google Search update


Seems like it was only a couple days ago that we were tipped to home screen and Android 4.2 lock screen widgets for Google Now, and today that update has come, along with a few other trinkets.

First off is that widget. It works on a home screen or lock screen (the latter only if you've got Android 4.2). We not noticing any real customizable settings just yet -- sing out if you see any. But you can at least resize it on the home screen, and you might well need to if it tries to take up a full 4x4 spot by default.

Then there's support for movie passes from Fandango, as well as ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. If you're searching for a home, you'll get real-estate listings from Zillo. In the United States, you'll now see a music button when a song is playing in voice mode. And, as some of you have already noticed this week, there's now support for college sports. (Just in time for March Madness!)

Update: Google's got a blog post detailing the update here.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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4 years ago

10 great fitness accessories in 2 minutes


February is Fitness Month here at Mobile Nations, and thanks to our Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS, and Windows phones and tablets, we have a host of new options for getting in shape and staying healthy.

Regardless of your platform of choice, or whether you stick to one type of device or many, there are a ton of great options to choose from now. Georgia is spearheading Fitness Month for us this year, and she's going to show you just 10 of her favorites, and she's going to do it in just 2 minutes.

Most of these will work for a variety of different phone and tablet sizes, running a variety of different operating systems and versions. I couldn't find alternatives for all of them, however, so if you know of some, tell us about them!

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4 years ago

Brazil rules Apple doesn't have exclusive rights to iPhone trademark


It's a slightly bizarre feeling, but in Brazil, this Android smartphone is the iPhone. And, thanks to a ruling by Brazilian regulators, it can continue to be called the iPhone, as Apple has been ruled not to have exclusive rights to the trademark in the country. The key item involved in the dispute -- local company Gradiente registered the iPhone trademark there in 2000, some 7 years before the first Apple iPhone. Apple's argument centered on the fact that while the trademark may have been filed, Gradiente failed to release a handset under the moniker until 2012.

Speaking to the BBC, the Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) said they expect an appeal to the decision from Apple. They also went on to declare that the decision only applies to handsets, and that Apple still has exclusive rights to the iPhone term on clothing, in publications and in software. Apple can still sell the iPhone in Brazil, but as it stands Gradiente has the option to sue for exclusivity. 

The iPhone Neo One is available for 599 reals ($304/£196.) 

Source: BBC

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4 years ago

Alcatel unveils mid range One Touch Star, and it's available in pink


Fresh from CES where they announced a whole raft of new Android devices, Alcatel has announced yet another smartphone. The latest in the company's One Touch line, the One Touch Star is a distinctly mid-range flavored device that will likely be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Oh, and it comes in a pretty fetching shade of pink. 

There is also an all white version, along with a black fronted, silver backed variety too. Beneath the colorful exterior, the One Touch Star houses a dual-core 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of on board storage and a microSD card slot. The 4-inch device houses a 480x800 resolution AMOLED display, and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The One Touch Star is powered by a modest, yet likely fit for purpose 1500mAh battery, and houses a 5MP rear camera along with a VGA resolution front facer. 

So, not likely to set the world on fire, but could still offer a solid enough Jelly Bean experience to those hunting for a more budget-oriented device.

Source: Alcatel

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4 years ago

Motorola RAZR HD now in stock SIM-free in the UK from Expansys


The Motorola RAZR HD may of been rocking the U.S. for some time now, but it's only today that the Android device has become available SIM-free in the UK.

If you are after a high-end Android handset with a meaty battery then the RAZR HD is well worth considering. The 4G (pentaband) ready device sports a glorious 4.7 inch Super AMOLED HD display, 1.5 GHz Dual-core chip and 1GB of RAM, and ships with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0.4) although upgradeable to Jelly Bean (4.1).

In addition, Expansys are offering the chance to win a Virgin Experiance Day if you order in February. They have five pairs of tickets to give away each worth £125 - not to be sniffed at.

The Motorola RAZR HD will set you back £419.99 SIM free. You can order it here.

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4 years ago

Sprint pushing out security fix update to Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Sprint Galaxy Note 2 owners should be looking for an update notification sometime soon, as the carrier has begun to push out a security fix update which bumps the device to version L900VPAMA7. While not particularly exciting, security fixes are important so you'll be wanting to grab it as soon as it becomes available. 

The update is rolling out in stages OTA and Sprint says all users should receive it within 5 days. To check for the update manually, head into Settings>System Update>Update Samsung Software>Check Now. If there's anything else you notice post update, be sure to jump into the comments below, or the forums, and let us know what you've found. 

Source: Sprint via Android Central Forums

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4 years ago

Opera hits 300 million users, confirms switch to WebKit and MWC showing of new Android browser


We first heard of Opera's intentions to switch to WebKit back in January, following the release of a leaked internal video which made mention of the 'Ice' browser. Today, Opera has confirmed the move in a statement which also pins their user base now at 300 million. Whatever 'Ice' turns out to be will have to wait, but Opera's new browser for Android will be on show for the first time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a couple of weeks. 

That's not to say that 'Ice' isn't real though, Opera has confirmed its existence as one a series of R&D projects: 

Opera is also experimenting with WebKit in several research and development projects, and many of you got a peek of one of them, codenamed ‘ICE’, last month. As a leading innovator in browsers, we are very excited that ICE received such great buzz. We will provide more information about ICE and other exciting R&D projects in the future, but as we are also really proud of our new browser on Android and our Opera Web Pass operator offering, those products will be the main focus at MWC

In addition to WebKit, Opera also intends to make use of the Chromium Project too in future releases of its browsers for both computers and mobile devices. Of course, we'll be on the ground in Barcelona as everything unfolds starting in little under 2 weeks. 

Source: Opera

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