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4 years ago

Curved-screen LG phone could arrive in November


LG Display confirms mass-production of 6-inch curved smartphone display

Adding weight earlier rumors of a curvy LG phone being in the works, LG Display has announced that it's begun mass-production of curved six-inch phone displays, reports Reuters. The outlet also says sources have informed it that LG's first curved-display smartphone will arrive in November, corroborating earlier reports.

LG's screen will be curved from top to bottom, according to LG Display, while Reuters sources claim that Samsung's upcoming curved handset, due to arrive this month, will be curved from side to side.

LG this morning explaind the process in a press release:

LG Display’s flexible OLED panel is built on plastic substrates instead of glass. By applying film-type encapsulation technology and attaching the protection film to the back of the panel, LG Display made the panel bendable and unbreakable. The new display is vertically concave from top to bottom with a radius of 700mm, opening up a world of design innovations in the smartphone market. And only 0.44mm thin, LG Display’s flexible OLED panel is the world’s slimmest among existing mobile device panels. What’s more, it is also the world’s lightest, weighing a mere 7.2g even with a 6-inch screen, the largest among current smartphone OLED displays.

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4 years ago

Sony Xperia Z1 f, Samsung Galaxy J revealed in latest Docomo leak


A smaller Xperia Z1 and a Snapdragon 800-powered GS4 for Japan

We got to see the Sony Xperia Z1 f — a smaller version of Sony's current Android flagship — for the first time a couple of weeks ago, thanks to an NTT Docomo brochure leak. And today we're seeing further evidence of the miniaturized handset's existence from what looks like a similar Japanese carrier leak. Today's brochure images, posted by Japanese blog RBMen, once again shows the Z1 f (codenamed "Itsuki") in black, white, lime green and pink colors.

The Z1 flooks likely to pack internal hardware almost identical to the full-sized Xperia Z1 — a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 20.7-megapixel camera and IP58-rated water and dust-resistance — with only the screen being downscaled to a 4.3-inch 720p panel.

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4 years ago

LG G Pad 8.3 coming to Korea Oct. 14, 30 countries by the end of the year


LG is hoping to make waves with its newest mid-sized tablet offering

LG's new entry into the mid-sized tablet market, the G Pad 8.3, will come to the manufacturer's home country of Korea starting on October 14th. Taking to its blog, LG notes that the tablet will go on sale directly online as well as in malls and other shops in the country. But the sales won't stop there — just as it promised when the tablet was announced, LG plans to have the G Pad 8.3 on sale in 30 countries by year's end.

With a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 1920 x 1200 8.3-inch display and several interesting software features that match up with LG's recent phones, the G Pad 8.3 is likely to be a solid proposition for many. Pricing is set in Korea at 550,000 won (about $515 USD), but official pricing isn't known yet for other markets.

If you need a refresher on what this tablet is all about, be sure to check out our extensive hands-on from IFA 2013 below.

More: LG G Pad 8.3 hands-on

Source: LG (Korean)

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4 years ago

Microsoft's game Wordament makes its way to Google Play


Find as many words as possible in the puzzle and see how you rank

Microsoft has just released one of its casual gaming titles, Wordament, into the Play Store so folks on Android can now challenge those on Windows Phone and iOS. Wordament is a word search game similar to other titles like Scramble With Friends or the tabletop game "Boggle," but with a large community leaderboard aspect. Rather than taking on individual players, everyone around the world playing the game plays the same puzzles and competes for the high scores on a single leaderboard.

The game looks and plays the same on Android as it does on the other platforms, and is pretty easy to pick up and get started with. In order to get into the leaderboards you'll need to sign in to Wordament with either your Facebook or Xbox Live account (sorry, no Google+ here at the moment) but you can play as a guest if you don't care about where you rank amongst the crowd.

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4 years ago

Samsung taps into smartwatches' sci-fi history in first Galaxy Gear ad


'A long time coming...'

A rather clever piece of advertising, Samsung's first dedicated TV spot for its Galaxy Gear wearable looks back on a half-century of smartwatches in fiction, from appearances in The Jetsons to Star Trek to Predator to Knight Rider, to name but a few. While the Galaxy Gear is a very imperfect first attempt at an Android-powered smartwatch, the company is bound to pique consumers' interest with simple yet effective commercials like this. Check it out up above (there's another version after the break), then take a look at our initial review, linked below.

More: Samsung Galaxy Gear initial review

Source: YouTube

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4 years ago

Follow the Android Central Forums Moderators on Google+


We hope everyone reading this spends at least a little bit of time on the forums.  Spend enough time there and you're sure to see the Moderators hanging around threads, helping members and just generally nerding about the latest and greatest devices like everyone else.  We do other things, too, that don't get as much focus here on Android Central.  

We're really just regular people just like all of you.  Don't believe me?  We have Google+ pages, and it's a great way to interact with us and find out, especially from your Android device.  Hit the break for the links to our pages.

Talk to you soon!

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4 years ago

Samsung HomeSync now available in the US


Build your own cloud for $300

The Samsung HomeSync can now be yours, provided you live in the US and have $300 to spend. We first saw the media-center slash network storage device back at Mobile World Congress in February, and we're a bit intrigued. 

Picture a Chromecast crossed with a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, like a Drobo, that's attached directly to your TV. You can play all your Google Play content, like movies and music, as well as upload your own media to the device's 1TB worth of storage. It runs it's own version of TouchWiz, and has full support for other apps via Google Play.

You use your Samsung Android device as the remote, and you have your stuff on your big screen. The HomeSync can synchronize with up to eight different accounts as well, so you don't have to add your wife's Celine Dion songs to your Google account. 

The HomeSync retails for $299.99 at Amazon. It's a bit expensive, but it looks very convenient for folks who aren't into fiddling around with network devices and hard drives. We've got one on the way and we'll take a long hard look at it.

Buy the Samsung HomeSync from Amazon

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4 years ago

From the Editor's Desk: Working hard? Or hardly working?


A busy year gets even busier — and we've got lots in store for 2014

At some point earlier this year — probably back in February, between trips to  San Francisco, New York City and Barcelona — I made a conscious decision to not travel as much this year. Things haven't quite worked out as I planned, of course. That's a good problem to have. Being busy means business is good. And this is a great business to be in.

That was as apparent as ever last week in Miami, where I and the other Mobile Nations editors met up for a few days. Day 1 was spent cannonballing and hair-flipping and shooting a wrap-up video for Talk Mobile 2013. Believe it or not, it took about 11 months from inception to being damned near finished.

Days 2 and 3 last week were spent working on strategies to take us well into 2014. If you thought 2013 was ambitious, well, we're just getting warmed up. This is going to be fun — and extremely challenging. If we accomplish even just half of what we've been talking about internally, it'll be a great year.

And now I'm off to London for a few days' worth of meetings with some great folks. And chances are we'll have some Nexus-type news pretty quickly upon my return, to say nothing of any number of expected releases this fall. So we're not done yet.

As always, thanks for coming along for the ride. It makes all the travel and time away from home and family worth it.

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4 years ago

LG Nexus service manual posted online, gives us specs of the next Nexus phone


Technicial manual for an LG Nexus leaks out

Curious about the next Nexus on the technical level? If so, you're in for a treat. What's supposedly a draft of the official LG service manual for the next Nexus has been posted online. It's a 281 page document, filled with troubleshooting materials, circuit schematics and pinouts, but it does have a couple really interesting things hidden inside.

First of all, the line drawing (seen above) gives us the complete look at the overall device design. Picture the G2, with some minor cosmetic changes and no weird button placement. The back of the unit is also pictured, and it matches up well with some previously leaked images and looks similar to the Nexus 7 from a materials stand point. But most important to many Nexus fans are the specs, which we can glean from the document.

  • 4.95-inch 1080p IPS LCD
  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU (MSM8947) at 2.3GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB storage
  • Wireless charging
  • 8MP rear camera with OIS; 1.3MP front camera
  • 2300mAh battery
  • Accelerometer; ambient light sensor; Compass; Gyroscope; Proximity; Pressure sensors
  • HDMI out via Slimport
  • Notification LED
  • NFC; Bluetooth 3 (?); A-GPS; 802.11 b/g/n wifi

It is worth noting that this is a draft, and of course it could be an elaborate hoax. Some glaring errors are present (page 8 and page 11 give conflicting info about Bluetooth specs for starters), but it sure is some juicy juice to pore through on a Saturday night. You'll find the complete doc embedded after the break.

Via: Android Police

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4 years ago

Android 4.2.2 now available for the Wifi Galaxy Note 8 via Kies and OTA



US Wifi versions can update OTA or via Samsung Kies

We're confident enough to say that the Android 4.2.2 update for the US Wifi model Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is really rolling out to just about everybody. For a few days, we've been hearing reports from folks saying it was available, but it seems to have gotten a big push from whoever pushes these sort of things and chances are, it's there waiting for you. 

It's very similar to the leaked version many were running, and has the same stability improvements as well as some small interface changes in TouchWiz that the LTE version saw last month. Specifically to Contacts, S Planner and Email. Of course, the under-the-hood improvements that come with a platform version bump will also apply.

To see if your spot in the queue is ready, you can check for an update from the settings or connect to your computer via Kies. Once you get it installed, be sure to hit the forums and chat it up. 

Thanks Joe for the pictures, and everyone who sent this in!

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week: Quickoffice, NHL Gamecenter, VidTrim and more!


A weekly grouping of the apps that find their way onto our devices

There's a new month on the calendar, but we're sticking to our schedule of bringing you the Apps of the Week column every Saturday. Once a week we round up a selection of apps from the writers here at Android Central and highlight them in a grouping for everyone to check out. This isn't a list of "the best app for x" or "the top selling apps in category y," but they're ones that we've found to fit our needs.

And if they work for us, maybe some of them can work for you as well. Stick around after the break and see how this week's picks stack up against the rest.

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4 years ago

This is the HTC One Max dressed for Verizon


The Big One looks destined for Big Red

We're all pretty sure HTC will eventually tell us more about the One Max soon. It's a given — we know it exists. They know that we know it exists but this is how the game is played. Here in the states, because we have a wonderful system built around carrier lock-downs and subsidies, we all want to know who will be getting it, and when.

We can't help much with the when, other than a few secret Internet rumblings from people who oftentimes know these things. But AC forums member Jeremy Kessous has some good news on the who side of things — he has pictures of the One Max sporting (tastefully done) Verizon branding.

It appears just like the rest of the One Max leaks we've seen, except between those capacitive buttons it says Verizon instead of HTC. That means it's big — 6-inches to be exact — with BoomSound dual stereo front facing speakers. And get this — Mr. Kessous said his source has confirmed a removable back cover and a fingerprint sensor.

We all want to know more, and if things are this close — the phone pictured is in a Verizon location — we should know more soon enough. There's another picture after the break, and I imagine the forum thread would be a great place for further discussion.

Source: Android Central forums

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4 years ago

Moto Maker rumored for Verizon November 11


You may soon be able to build a red Moto X on Big Red

Motorola has said time and time again that the Moto X Moto Maker customization options would not be an AT&T exclusive forever, and long-time leaker of things @evleaks says that will come true November 11, when the service debuts for Verizon. 

There's no word on other carriers, or more customization options like wooden or unicorn-hide backs. Of course, Verizon and Motorola have made no announcements. 

What say you? Have you been waiting for Moto Maker on Verizon, or has the wait ruined it and your eyes are on another prize?

Source: @evleaks

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4 years ago

HTC EVO 4G LTE set to receive Android 4.3 and Sense 5 by end of year


Announcement continues transparency on update schedules from the manufacturer

President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie has just announced on Twitter at the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint will receive Android 4.3 and Sense 5 by the end of 2013. Following hot on the heels of news that the HTC One on AT&T would join the Android 4.3 upgrade party next week, this is great news for those who have this slightly older handset.

A few users may have been a little disappointed to see an update hit their EVO LTE a couple of days ago when it wasn't the big jump to Android 4.3, but it's great to know that the update is actively being worked on. We don't have a better time frame than the "end of the year," but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Source: @JasonMacHTC

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4 years ago

Android sees slight dip in US market share, still holds over half the market


Samsung still the largest among Android makers, but still far behind Apple

As of August, 2013, Android still controls over half of the US market share, according to analysis by comScore. 51.6 percent of the mobile market is impressive, but it is down 0.8 percentage points compared to May of this year. Apple's iOS, on the other hand, has gained market share in that period, up to 40.7 percent from 39.2 percent a few months earlier.

In terms of which manufacturers are selling devices, naturally Samsung is still on top of the Android heap. With 24.3 percent of the US market secured — up 1.3 percentage points since May — Samsung is solidly behind Apple's 40.7 percent (the same as its OS market share, of course) but far and away ahead of everyone else.

Rounding out the top five manufacturers are HTC at 7.4 percent (down 1.3 percentage points), Motorola at 6.9 percent (down 0.9 percentage points) and LG at 6.7 percent market share.

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