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4 years ago

Etsy app now available for Android


The official Etsy app is now available for our favorite platform, and now you can shop for handmade trinkets without ever firing up your computer. 

The app itself is geared towards the shopper. The entire 17 million item marketplace is available, and you can easily browse all the shops or other members favorite items, then purchase directly from the app. With categories like seasonal and for her, shopping is easy, and the shops search feature works excellent.

The app itself is done well. It's very holo-esque, with no extraneous menu buttons or other design "mistakes", and is smooth and responsive. It's nicely done, and we appreciate nicely done apps around here. The app is free, and will run on Gingerbread or higher. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

More: Etsy blog

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4 years ago

Google Play Private Channel will host internal apps for your business



If you're a Google Apps for business, education, or government customer; there's a new update to Google Play that you'll probably want to check out. You can now host private internal apps right in Google Play.

Once it's enabled in the developer console, applications can be uploaded to the Play Store, and users who sign in with the same domain name will have a new section to browse, download and update internal applications without any sideloading. This is a great way to host accounting apps, a help desk, or anything your team might need, and a really easy way for the folks who need them to get them installed. It's great to see Google catering to the enterprise.

For more details about how to get started and set up your own Google Play Private Channel, be sure to have a look at the source link. 

Source: Google Enterprise blog

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4 years ago

Ask AC: How to tell when HDR is enabled in Android 4.2


D3lit3 writes in our Nexus 4 forums,

I was taking pictures with my baby and I realized that the HDR mode does not show a tick when you enable it. Thus I am left in confusion because I never know if my pics have HDR. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Don't be left in confusion, D3lit3! While this only applies to the stock camera app in Android 4.2, it is a change, and a little easy to overlook. When you're in HDR mode -- or any other scene mode, you'll see it listed in the circle in the corner. That circle may move around a little bit, depending on which way you're holding the phone. (Also, tap that circle to pull up the settings buttons.) But that's where you'll see it.

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4 years ago

Back in Black at ShopAndroid.com: Cruzerlite Andy Splat T-Shirt


It's here, it's black -- and it's now available in small sizes, and all the way up to XXXL. Scheduled to start shipping on Wednesday. 

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4 years ago

Google I/O 2013 set for May 15-17


Google has just dropped word that the Google I/O 2013 developer conference will be May 15-17 at Moscone West in San Francisco. 

While the location is the same, the May date shifts the conference back to earlier in the year than we saw in 2012, which moved the event to the end of June. (It also puts it the week before the spring CTIA event, which will be in Las Vegas.)

Highlights of the 2012 conference included the unveiling of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the addition of movies, TV shows and magazines to the Google Play Store, the introduction of the Nexus 7 tablet, the first look at the semi-defunct Nexus Q, and a little skydiving with Google's Project Glass.

The 2012 conference sold out in a mere 28 minutes -- ridiculously fast. Gundotra wrote that registration details for the 2013 conference will be announced in February.

Hit the break for a look back at Google I/O 2012.

Source: +Google Developers

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4 years ago

Samsung launches Muse 'music companion' device


Remember when Samsung awkwardly (and unexpectedly) came out with the "S-Pebble" music player at a press conference earlier this year with the Galaxy SIII (S3)? It has chosen to finally release the device, and probably for the better, they've also decided to rename it "Muse". The basic idea is that the Muse pairs with your Galaxy S3 (or any other major recent Samsung device), and syncs music between the two so that you don't always have to use your phone for listening.

Syncing is managed with the Muse Sync app, which is now available in the Google Play Store, and the device can be purchased for a cool $49.99 -- in either blue or white -- at the source link below.

Source: Samsung (2)

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4 years ago

Nexus 4 in stock at UK + German Play Stores [updated]


Update, 12:45pm ET: Both models are now listed on the UK Play Store with 4-5 week delivery windows. Previously the 16GB model was shipping in 1-2 weeks. In Germany, it's 4-5 weeks for 8GB and 5-6 weeks for 16GB.

Update, 12:05pm ET: Both 8 and 16GB versions of the Nexus 4 are now available to order on the UK Play Store. Brits can place their orders over here. (If you're seeing a "sold out" message, try refreshing the page.)

Update, 11:23am ET: Forum reports indicate that other European countries will be getting stock today too, as German emails are going out saying stock would be available from 5pm CET. However at the time of writing the German Play Store lists both flavors of Nexus 4 as shipping in 4-5 weeks. We'll keep watching, and keep you updated.

Original story: Just as it's previously done in the U.S. and Canada, today Google's sending out emails to prospective Nexus 4 customers in the UK, advising them that new stock will be available on the British Google Play devices store shortly.

The next batch of Nexus 4s will be available to buyers in the UK from 5pm GMT today -- less than two hours away at the time of writing.

But if earlier Google Play Nexus 4 launches are anything to go by, stock is sure to be snapped up quickly. The first round of UK stock sold out in under an hour on launch day, and the Google Play devices store has been slow and crash-prone whenever and wherever there've been Nexus 4s available.

Good luck to Brits attempting to get their hands on a Nexus 4. We'll be watching closely to see how long that second batch of Nexuses ends up lasting.

Source: Android Central Forums

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4 years ago

Toshiba announces Excite 10 SE tablet - new 10-incher with Jelly Bean


Toshiba has announced a minor refresh of its Android tablet line-up today, adding in a new 10-inch model, the Excite 10 SE. Powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a pretty vanilla-looking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the device will retail for $349.99 from Dec. 6. The tablet comes with 16GB of storage and a 3MP rear camera. Storage is expandable via a microSD slot.

Other spec details, such as screen resolution and RAM, weren't readily offered in today's announcement, but  Toshiba does reveal that it's 0.4 inches thick and weighs 22.6 ounces, putting it close to Samsung's Nexus 10.

The back is apparently furnished in a "textured fusion lattice finish," which sounds delicious.

More details in today's presser after the break. Anyone still interested in a "traditional" 10-inch Android tablet at this price point?

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4 years ago

Facebook Messenger nixing requirement that you actually use Facebook


Facebook today announced that it's opening up Facebook Messenger to folks who don't actually use Facebook. Going forward, all you'll need to use the Messenger app is a name and phone number, and you'll be able to hit up your mobile contacts. The obvious play is to get non-Facebook users to stick a toe into the water -- and not into the pools of cross-platform competitors such as Whatsapp. Whether the Facebook name remains too much of a deterrent, we'll just have to see.

Facebook says an update to the Android client should be rolling out today (it's not live as of this writing).

Source: Facebook

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WiFi has begun to receive Android 4.1.1 in the United Kingdom


Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) is now rolling out to the WiFi version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (see our review) in the United Kingdom. Back in September, we saw an update roadmap from Samsung that included the Tab 2 10.1, but dates were not set. If you're one of the lucky owners in the United Kingdom, you can update your device via KIES or an OTA update. Hopefully this is a sign that the rest of the world will see the Jelly Bean update very soon.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1? Have you seen the update yet? If you have, or want to see what others are experiencing, visit our Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Forum.


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4 years ago

Beautiful Widgets 5 released with a new look and full Jelly Bean support


Android app developer LevelUp Studio has announced the launch of Beautiful Widgets 5, a brand new version of its popular widget and application suite.

New features in the latest version of Beautiful Widgets include a visual refresh to many widgets and apps, and full Jelly Bean support, including rich notifications, as well as Android 4.2 features like lock screen widgets and new "Daydreams." 

Also included is a new forecast app and theme store, where as you might expect, there are endless widget customizations to be had. If you're a widget fan, there's certainly plenty in this latest version to keep you occupied.

Hit the Google Play link above to get downloading -- the app sells for $2.39 in the U.S. £1.90 in the U.K. We've got an official promo video after the break.

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4 years ago

The Times offers subsidized Nexus 7 with subscription


British newspaper The Times is looking to expand its digital subscriber-base with subsidized tablet hardware. The paper, which has its online content guarded by paywalls, is offering subscribers a 32GB Nexus 7 for £50, down from the standard retail price of £199, as part of its "Digital Pack" offer. The pack includes a 18-month subscription to The Times, which can be purchased for £299 up-front, or charged as monthly fee of £17.33, following an initial payment of £67.33, which includes the £50 price of the tablet.

As well as a 32GB Nexus 7, subscribers get access to The Times' paywalled content, including mobile and tablet app versions across multiple platforms. It's a unique spin on the digital subscription model for news content, and it'll be interesting to see whether other paywalled newspapers follow suit in the future.

Today's offer comes just 24 hours after Times owner News Corporation announced the closure of its iPad-only outlet, The Daily.

Source: The Times; via: The Verge, The Wall

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4 years ago

First CM10.1 nightlies available for Nexus 10


If you possess both a Nexus 10 and a predisposition for hacking your gadgets, you'll be pleased to hear that the first few nightly builds of CyanogenMod 10.1 for the Samsung-made Nexus tablet have started to appear.

Two early builds of the popular custom ROM are available on the official CyanogenMod download site at get.cm at the time of writing, weighing in at around 163MB.

It's still early days for CM10.1, which is based on the recently open-sourced Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. As such, you can probably expect a few bugs and incomplete or missing features in these initial nightly builds until things become a bit more stable.

Regardless, those with an OEM unlocked Nexus 10 and a healthy contempt for playing it safe can find download details at the source link below.

Source: get.cm

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4 years ago

'Verizon Selects' targeted advertising starting this week


Starting this week, Verizon will be rolling out a targeted advertising system it is calling "Verizon Selects." The basic idea is that customers can opt-in (thankfully) to a system that lets Verizon collect and use "location, web browsing and mobile application usage data, as well as other information including customer demographic and interest data" to help target advertisements to you from their partners. The offers can come by way of text message, email or other mobile advertising.

This is the holy grail of advertising for carriers. Being able to offer companies such granular location and usage information means it can charge extra for those advertising placements. It's best handled in this way -- with an opt-in system -- but is a hard pill to swallow when you're already paying so much for your service every month. Those deals better be pretty darn good to be worth giving up so much personal information.

Source: Verizon News Center

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