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4 years ago

Mid-range HTC 'M4' reportedly looks like a miniature HTC One


'Mini' HTC One could pack 4.3-inch, 720p display, dual-core CPU

HTC was won heaps of praise for the design of its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One. So it's natural that it might want to echo that same iconic look in its new mid-range product, and if the latest leaks are to be believed, that's exactly what's on the cards.

Prolific leaker @Evleaks, this time moonlighting for PhoneArena, brings us the first possible image of the HTC "M4," a device he says packs a dual-core CPU and a 4.3-inch, 720p display, 2GB of RAM and an 'UltraPixel' rear camera, powered by a 1700mAh battery. Naturally, it's a dead ringer for its big brother the HTC One, which carried the codename "M7" -- with key elements like the "BoomSound" speakers, unique two-button setup and chassis design making the transition over to the smaller handset. There's also some suggestion that the M4 might not use the same aluminum construction as the HTC One, on account of the duller look of the front and back panels in the render.

We should "expect [the M4] to ship with some manner of One branding," when it eventually appears, according to @Evleaks. (Our money would be on "HTC One Mini" or something similar.) The launch, he says, is scheduled for sometime in Q2, with LTE on-board, as well as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Source: PhoneArena

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4 years ago

HTC dropping HTC Watch support for 6 countries in Europe come May 31


Users in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands will no longer be able to use the service after May 31

HTC Watch, the Taiwanese companies streaming movie service introduced last year with the HTC Sensation, is getting a bit of restructuring. According to an official response from HTC, the service will be discontinued in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands after May 31.

As we continue to deliver new content for HTC Watch, we've made the decision to focus our efforts on markets with the highest engagement. After May 31, we'll discontinue support for HTC Watch in countries with less application traffic.

While users is Spain can fall back on Google Play Movies for their movie streaming and purchasing, Google's service isn't available in the other five affected countries so users will have to use a service offered by their local operator or one of the other web based services available. If you're in one of the affected countries and have a favorite alternative, sing out in the comments.

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4 years ago

Google I/O 2013 session schedule now available


Find out when your favorite Google products will be talked about at this year's conference

It's hard to believe Google I/O 2013 is just a couple weeks away, but we were all reminded of that when Google posted its session schedule for the conference just a few moments ago. Spanning over three days, I/O is a place where Google gets to talk about much more than Android, and developers of all kinds need a good way to manage their time best. The session schedule gives you a great overview of the times and locations of each session, along with detailed information on the topic and speakers for them. There are six main "tracks" you can follow, or you can see all of the sessions on one all-encompassing calendar.

For those of you (well, most of us) watching anxiously from home, knowing the session schedule can certainly help know when the news on your favorite products may be coming out as well. And you of course won't want to miss the main keynote (there's only one this year), which should be live streamed on Youtube. Head to the source link below and start planning your Google I/O experience.

Source: Google

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4 years ago

Madfinger Games bringing titles to OUYA, Moga and Gamestick this year


Shadowgun and Dead Trigger the first games to add wider console support

As a new breed of Android-powered consoles and gamepad accessory devices hit the market, Madfinger Games is hoping to keep up with the times by expanding console and accessory support for its most popular games. First up is Shadowgun, which is expected to hit OUYA on June 4th, as well as be available when Gamestick officially launches. Madfinger also says it isn't ruling out porting over even its older games to the consoles. On the accessory front, Dead Trigger will support both the Moga Pro and Wikipad controllers, which will add to its current support of Shadowgun: DeadZone.

Madfinger says it is interested in bringing all of its popular games to the different platforms and controllers, which is a big deal for gamers that want a better experience than using just touch controls. As these accessories become more popular, having this wider support can be a big plus for the studio.

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4 years ago

Google releases Glass intro video to help us all get started


New Project Glass YouTube channel starts up with an intro video for us all to enjoy, and wonder at

Despite being a long time out from the general consumer release of Project Glass, it's hard to deny that it's the hot ticket right now. The first units are in the hands of the lucky 'Explorers,' while the rest of us mere mortal, non-Glass wearing folks can simply look on in awe. 

We can at least get a look at the first in what's likely a series of tutorial videos for Glass released by Google, though. The new Project Glass YouTube channel has uploaded its first video, a getting started guide to Glass. We see a very quick, basic run through of how you operate it, and a look at the Google Now style card UI. It's exciting stuff, for sure, so if you're into Glass, be sure to keep an eye on the Project Glass YouTube channel. 

Source: Project Glass (YouTube)

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4 years ago

Mophie announces Juice Pack for the HTC One, on sale now for $99.95


Well renowned battery case makers latest creation protects your HTC One with an extra 2500mAh battery on board

If you're looking to protect that shiny new aluminum HTC One of yours, and want a little more juice to see you through the day, then Mophie is here to help. A well respected name in the mobile accessory world, Mophie has been producing their range of Juice Pack external battery cases for the iPhone for years now. More recently, we saw a Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and now we're treated to one for the new HTC One. 

Available in black or silver -- although silver isn't showing as shipping until mid-May -- the Juice Pack comes with a 2500mAh battery on board which is enough for a full charge of the phones on board power plant. It adds a little in length to the phone, and some extra thickness, but doesn't seem to make it any wider and importantly doesn't impede either of those front facing speakers. And, it looks to cover pretty much all of that aluminum body. Extra battery life and protection combined doesn't come cheap though. The Juice Pack is on sale now for $99.95, and whichever way you look at it, that's a lot of money. 

Source: Mophie

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4 years ago

Andreessen: Android poised to explode in emerging markets


Bloomberg recently TV interviewed Marc Andreessen, the guy who’s famous for co-founding Netscape and currently works as a VC at his own Silicon Valley VC shop, Andreessen Horowitz.

Towards the end of the interview, he was asked what’s big for 2013. After saying that tablet growth would still be huge, he followed up with this quote:

"The other thing I think I'd point to is the $50 Android smartphone is about to hit the market worldwide. Smartphones are about to be put in the hands of another 3 billion people who don't have them. And that's probably the single biggest thing that's happening right now."

In the developed world, we tend to think of Android as Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, the new HTC One, maybe some Sony, and throw Motorola in for good measure. Yeah, we hear about cheaper hardware, but rarely do we stop to think about what it means to emerging markets.

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4 years ago

AT&T Galaxy S4 unboxing


My time has finally come. It's time I put down ... the other phone I've been using and pick up the Samsung Galaxy S4. Alex Dobie did a stellar job with our deep-dive Galaxy S4 review on Sprint's variant, and now I've got AT&T's in house. 

Hardware-wise, we're not really looking at anything different here. Same 5-inch Super AMOLED display. Same Android 4.2.2 with Samsung's TouchWiz atop it. Same 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. Same paltry 16GB of on-board storage space -- only we know that's not quite true

Where AT&T differs from Sprint, aside from a handful of AT&T-specific applications -- of course is in the network. So we'll see how this thing handles a day of proper LTE versus spotty EVDO. Like many of you, I'm particularly interested in the camera. Will it be a better all-around choice? Will I miss Zoes and Video Highlights too much? Will I, like so many of you, be underwhelmed by an iterative design instead of a radical overhaul?

Only one way to find out. Time for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to live in my pocket for a few weeks. Join me in our Galaxy S4 forums, will ya?

Hit the break for a quick video intro.

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4 years ago

Win one of 10 tickets to Lookout's annual Google I/O kickoff party


Lookout's annual Google I/O kickoff party is May 14, here's your chance to get on the list

If you're going to be in the Bay Area come May 14 (there's a little thing called Google I/O going on) listen up!  Lookout is having a big party for a few close friends, and you could win a chance to be one of them.  They have provided us with 10 tickets for the bash to hand out, which will be chock full of fun, food, and drinks.  Sounds like something nobody would want to miss.

There's no transportation or Google I/O passes; you'll have to provide those yourself.  It looks like an awesome way to get things started at Google I/O, so if you're going to be in the area hit the forums to read the details and try your luck! 

Win 1 of 10 tickets to Lookout's annual Google I/O kickoff party

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4 years ago

AT&T now offering trade-in discounts on new devices


Every smart phone trade-in qualifies for at least a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new device

AT&T is extending an offer from any of its retail locations that will give customers who trade-in an old smart phone at least $100 towards a new phone of their choice on the network. As long as the phone you are trading in is no more than 3 years old, and is in good working condition, you'll receive an instant credit of $100 or more to put towards a new device. AT&T says that each device will be evaluated, and some could be worth more than $100 as well. The credit can be applied towards brand new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, or lower-end devices as well.

While some authorized retailers may participate in the trade-in program, corporate AT&T stores are guaranteed to participate and may accept a wider range of devices, including tablets, data sticks and even feature phones. The offer seems like a pretty good deal for those trying to make an upgrade and save an easy few dollars, and could bring your on-contract price for a new device near $0 if you're lucky.

Source: AT&T

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory roundup


Picking up your Galaxy S4 this week? Check out some of the top accessories

The Galaxy S4 is finally upon us, and that means many of us will be looking for some shiny new accessories to go with the latest Samsung smartphone. Here's a quick roundup from ShopAndroid.com --

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4 years ago

How to get to the developer settings on the Galaxy S4


It's worth a quick reminder that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one one of the first devices to actually launch with Android 4.2.2.  And it's also worth a reminder that the developer options are hidden by default starting with that version of Android. As those of us who have been using Nexus devices for the past quickly learned, you'll need to spend about 20 seconds and a few taps of the ol' index finger -- OK, any finger will do -- to open up the nether regions of your Galaxy S4. 

So. You're sure you want to do this? You want to unlock the developer options on your Galaxy S4? Cool. Here's how.

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4 years ago

2Fuse: A quick time killer with simple gameplay


A game doesn't have to be complicated to offer hours of fun

There are in-depth and wonderful games that require hours and days of your time to complete, and then there are the equally necessary games that draw you away from reality for just a few minutes at a time. 2Fuse is in the latter group, and executes on that premise quite well. It's a quick and dead simple puzzle game with just a few rules and some fun animations and sounds to keep it lively, paired with a gameplay model that will keep things fresh no matter how many times you play.

Just because a game is simple doesn't mean it needs to be overlooked -- stick around after the break and learn a little bit more about 2Fuse, a new puzzle game on Android.

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4 years ago

AT&T flips the switch on even more LTE markets


Over a dozen new markets, primarily in the South, are seeing AT&T's latest network infrastructure

AT&T isn't slowing down on its LTE network deployments, as evidenced by several large markets going live with the service starting today. Users with LTE-capable handsets and the proper provisioning should see the network, if they haven't already, in the following areas:

The carrier is surely hoping to keep up a pace like this through much of 2013 in order to meet the expansive rollout Verizon is doing right now. Live in one of the above markets and seeing LTE up and running on your AT&T handset yet? Let us know in the comments.

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4 years ago

Yahoo! v1.0 update improves interface, adds news summaries


A newly refined design highlights the company's best products

In an attempt to make some leaps forward in terms of design and user experience, Yahoo! has revamped its Android app today with a new interface and set of features. Version 1.0 of the app changes the look of things, with an endlessly scrolling set of news stories as the main page, which nicely displays the article title and a summary with an opaque background over a headline image. Those summaries condense the article's main premise into a short paragraph, which is very similar to the technology that Yahoo! acquired just recently when buying a company called "Summly". 

Other highlights of the app include a revamped search interface that includes images and video in-line, which can be found behind a nice slide-in panel on the left side of the app. Here you can also find settings for customizing your news topics and sources, as well as quick tabs to launch other popular Yahoo! apps on your device such as Mail, Finance and Messenger. The entire design is a big step forward for Yahoo!, and certainly makes a better case for staying installed on your device.

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