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4 years ago

Jelly Bean update now available for the Sprint Epic 4G Touch


Update only available over KIES

The Epic 4G Touch is getting its Jelly Bean today, courtesy of Sprint. Don't bother looking in system settings for a notification, as this one is only available through Kies due to its large size. Sprint is not listing any specific changes on its update page, but this update to build GB27 should bring with it the usual Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now and Project Butter

Hit the forums for more discussion about what's new and improved, or for help updating using the Kies method.

Source: Sprint; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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4 years ago

Meet Fynch: Not just another Twitter app


You can get a regular Twitter client that just replicates functionality anywhere, but what if you want something more?

There are plenty of Twitter clients out there that aim to replace Twitter's official offering, often bringing along enhanced design and features -- Fynch for Twitter goes in a different direction. The idea of Fynch is to instead analyze your Twitter feed and instead of display everything, it just display what it thinks will be relevant, and group it into nice categories so the information is easier to digest.

Hang with us after the break to learn a bit more about Fynch for Twitter, a new app that tries to go beyond being just another client.

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4 years ago

Confirmed: Nexus 4 shipping with updated design


Small nubs now lift the back of the phone up off a table; camera lens gets a slight redesign

Android Central has confirmed that the Nexus 4 has undergone a little bit of a design tweak. As first reported by German site MobiFlip. there are now a couple of small nubs on the rear of the phone, where the glass meets the foot, positioned just above the two screw holes. 

We've confirmed the change on a pair of Nexus 4s we ordered on Monday this week and received on Wednesday. In the image above, our original Nexus 4, now some four months old, is on top, with a new retail unit (still in its protective plastic) at the bottom. Note the little nub between the screw holes of the two phones.

This small design change has a couple of effects. It lifts phone up ever so slightly, allowing sound to escape the flush speaker. We can confirm that sounds are a little fuller and louder. Not a great deal, but we can tell. The change also should help keep the glass back from getting the little hairline scratches it's been prone to pick up.

And perhaps more important, it should keep the ultra-slick phone from sliding off any similarly slick surfaces.

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4 years ago

HTC One official flip case review


HTC's stylish flip case also doubles as a kickstand

With the HTC One starting to become available in more countries, it's time to start taking a look at HTC's official accessories. The first is a protective case that doubles as a stand when the phone's in landscape orientation, which just might make it an ideal accessory for heavy multimedia users and anyone flying with an HTC One.

Check past the break for a quick video tour, more words, and an extensive photo gallery.

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4 years ago

Iterate 43: Pocket Casts and going Android first


Russell Ivanovic, Philip Simpson, and Matt Kelsh of Shifty Jelly talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about being indie in Australia, making Pocket Weather, and why they decided to go Android first for Pocket Casts. Note: All accents in this show are, we assume, fake.


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4 years ago

OUYA shows up for pre-order at UK retailer GAME


Android powered console appears on GAME's website for pre-order priced at £99, but without a release date

Today is OUYA day. With the console set to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers, there's also the official launch party in San Francisco too. So, now it's time for OUYA to make its way into the big wide world, there's no doubts a few of you that'll want to be getting in on the action. Here in the UK, no official stockists have been confirmed for the console, but high street gaming retailer, GAME, has already started taking pre-orders. 

There's no indication of a shipping date, but there is a price, and thankfully it's what we would expect -- £99. GAME will also be shipping the additional controllers for OUYA, and these are priced at £39.99. We may have to wait a little while to be able to head out onto the British high streets and pick one up, but it's a positive note for the fledgling console that we'll soon see it line up on the shelves next to offerings from Sony and Microsoft. 

The OUYA may not be packing the most bleeding edge hardware on the market, but it's still one of the most anticipated device launches of 2013. Android, a dedicated gaming console, and under £100, what's not to be excited about? Anyone out there waiting on theirs being delivered? Be sure to jump into the comments, or better yet, head on into the OUYA forums. 

Source: GAME

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4 years ago

HTC One now available on Three UK


Free HTC One plus unlimited data starting at £34 per month

Right on schedule, we're starting to see broader UK availability for the HTC One, and today Three UK has officially launched the silver version of the handset.

Three's 24-month plans start at £34 per month for its "Ultimate Internet 500" deal, which bags you a free HTC One, unlimited data, 500 minutes and 5,000 texts. For £36 per month you'll get Three's "One Plan," which gets you unlimited data (with tethering included), 2,000 minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes and 5,000 texts. The phone is also being offered on Pay As You Go for £479.99.

The black HTC One is available for pre-order on the same price plans. More details at the source link.

More: HTC One review

Source: Three UK

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4 years ago

AT&T Galaxy S4 preorders start April 16 for $249 on contract


Storage options still not known for AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T this morning announced that it's Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for $249 on contract. Preorders start April 16.

Said the operator in a brief statement:

Continuing our legacy as the first carrier to launch Samsung’s Galaxy series, we are excited to announce AT&T customers will be able to begin pre-ordering the Galaxy S4 beginning April 16 for $249.99 with a two-year commitment. We are proud to offer this iconic device and continue to offer our customers the best smartphone line-up, with a variety of devices for every lifestyle and budget. For more information and to pre-order, please visit

We still don't have an exact launch date for the Galaxy S4 on AT&T, but figure a week or two of preorders (at least) before it's available. Nor do we have storage options for AT&T's Galaxy S4. 

T-Mobile has announced that its Galaxy S4 will be available May 1.

Source: AT&T
More: Our Galaxy S4 hands-on preview; Samsung Galaxy S4 forums

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4 years ago

Commuters text while driving more than teens, AT&T-sponsored survey finds


Some 77 percent of kids say their parents aren't setting a good example

A pair of recent surveys commissioned by AT&T found that 49 percent of commuters reported having texted while driving, compared to 43 percent of teenagers in a companion study.

Some 97 percent of the 1,200 teens surveyed in April 2012 said they knew texting while driving was dangerous, with 70 percent recognizing that texting while at a stoplight also wasn't safe. 

Perhaps more sobering for those of us with children is that 89 percent of the teens surveyed said they believed their parents were bad role models for not texting while driving, and 77 percent of them believed their parents text "all the time" in the car.

It's simple. Do not text and drive. Better yet, keep the phone in your pocket. Period.

Source: AT&T; More: Commuter survey (pdf), teenager survey (pdf)

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4 years ago

Incoming Real Racing 3 update includes new race mode and Chevrolet cars


We got a sneak peek at an as-yet-unreleased content updated for the free-to-play Real Racing 3 on Android at GDC 2013. The next big update, due to launch this spring, will include cloud saving support, a new hunter race mode where players need to beat a specific car in a single lap, and introduce a new lineup of Chevrolet vehicles, including the Camaro. 

I also got to needle the Firemonkeys community manager a bit about their decision to switch over from a premium price point to free to play, and he was generally pretty classy about how they're listening to consumer feedback and making sure their implementation isn't unbalancing.

Any real racers in the house? How have you found the game so far? Any particular changes you'd like to see in the next patch?

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4 years ago

EE's 4G LTE reaches 50-market milestone in the UK


UK's first 4G network says it now covers half the country's population

EE, currently the UK's sole provider of 4G LTE services, has announced that its 4G network is now live in a total of 50 towns and cities, five months after its launch. The operator says today's 4G light-ups mean its 4G network now covers half the UK population.

Today EE's LTE has been switched on in Bradford, Bingley, Doncaster, Dudley, Harpenden, Leicester, Lichfield, Loughborough, Luton, Reading, Shipley, St Albans and West Bromwich. EE says it's committed to bringing 4G to a further 30 towns and cities by the end of June.

EE claims its 4G network currently offers average download speeds of 16Mbps and peak speeds of 50Mbps. That average speed sounds about right, but the 50Mbps claim is nowhere near what we've seen from EE's network in real-world use. If you've been using EE's 4G network in recent months, let us know how you're getting on down in the comments.

We've got the full list of all towns and cities with EE 4G service after the break.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 up for pre-order in the UK


Official pre-orders start today ahead of April 26 launch

A little under a month away from launch day, Samsung's Galaxy S4 is now available to pre-order from leading UK retailers and carriers. You'll find a breakdown of what the major players are offering with Samsung's latest handset after the break.

We'll update this post with any more pre-order deals that come to light during the day. Check below for the full breakdown.

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4 years ago

Chillingo goes all-in with Android - Endless Road, He-Man, and more on the way


One of my favorite mobile game publishers, Chillingo, was at GDC 2013 and we got to catch up with them and hear about all of the awesome titles that are coming to Android. Some are already out, like Parking Mania and Contre Jour, but others like He-Man, Puzzle Craft, and Endless Road are on the way, and others still like Catapult King just came out. We only got to try out a few of these, but Chillingo's catalog is really impressive, and it will be great to see more of their stuff hitting Google Play this year. 

What are your favorite Chillingo games? Any other publisher that you have a particular fondness for? 

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4 years ago

Xperia TX now receiving Jelly Bean via PC Companion software


Sony said back in February that it would deliver Jelly Bean for the Xperia TX, and the update has hit just in time.

Starting late last night, folks who have a Sony Xperia TX and the associated "PC Companion" software on their computer were being notified of an update. Luckily it is indeed the Jelly Bean update promised by Sony all the way back in the first week of February. The update brings big improvements to all of Sony's customizations, from the included apps to the launcher and home screen experience. The move to Jelly Bean of course brings Google's own set of goodies like Google Now, Project Butter and actionable notifications as well.

At this point the update only seems to be coming over that PC Companion software and not OTA -- which is unfortunate -- but the option should be there if you're ready to get your Jelly Bean on. Grab the update yet for your own device? Let us know in the comments.

Source: XDA

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4 years ago

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar to bring casual demon-slaying to Android


The venerable Ultima franchise is coming to Android this spring by way of a lightweight role-playing game called Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar. We got to play around a bit with it at GDC 2013, and it really does promise to bring the classic hardcore MMO model to a more casual audience. Players party up in groups of four to delve into dungeon romps that last five minutes and up, depending on how much time you and your buddies have.

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