4 years ago

OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition now available for $599


It's a Christmas Eve miracle. The OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition — the first phone to ship with CM and with officially sanctioned Google apps — is now available for purchase online. It's a hefty sum at $599 — but that's par for the course for an unlocked device, CM or not. 

As a reminder, this is a large, 5.9-inch smartphone, running Android 4.2 and CM 10.2 out of the box. It's got 16 gigabytes of storage, lacks LTE, sports a 13-megapixel camera that rotates from back to front — and it comes with special CM stickers and a case. Tres cool.

Also important: The source code and factory image for the phone are already available.

And before anyone chimes in that you can get CyanogenMod on a new phone for a few hundred dollars less (or your current phone for free), you need to remember that that's not the point. This is just the start, and it's an important one for Cyanogen Inc.

Buy now: OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition
More: CM blog

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4 years ago

Words With Friends update brings a new interface, performance improvements


A mix of old and new in a long-awaited update

Words With Friends is receiving a long-overdue update that brings in some modern design and a big performance boost. Anyone who has played this game for a while knows that the app has generally been a bit sluggish and most noticeably simply stuck in the past design-wise. This latest update brings an interface refresh that sheds some of the ugly buttons and drop shadows for flat elements and a proper slide-in drawer on the left side.

Zynga claims faster startup times, better performance all around and improved stability to boot. All things we want to hear and experience in a popular app from a big developer. It feels to us as though there's still a bit more work to do, but this latest update is certainly moving in the right direction. Hit the Play Store link above for a download.

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4 years ago

This is the HP Chromebook 11 replacement charger


A seemingly improved design, and a $25 gift card for your trouble

Following worry of faulty chargers that shipped with the HP Chromebook 11, Google has started sending out free replacements. Although under the crunch of the holiday season deliveries may be a bit delayed, Google managed to get the charger out to us in pretty short order.

The charger, to our surprise, is physically smaller than the original — we somewhat expected a larger casing to provide for better heat dissipation and circuitry. It is close in size to the charger brick that shipped with the original Nexus 7, actually, but is sleeker and flat on the sides. Labeled "Chrome" on either side, the charger is tiny and generally simple.

Hit the break for some side-by-side comparison shots of the old and new chargers, and see where the differences have been made.

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4 years ago

Holiday Photo Contest: Day 11 collectible winner!


The eleventh of 14 winners in our extra-long photo contest

Continuing our holiday-themed photo contest, we have yet another winner that will be receiving an Android mini collectible for their photo entry. It's hard to believe, but we're down to the final stretch now with just three more winning photos to pick.

Hit the break to see today's winner, and be sure to get your entry into the contest thread in the forums if you haven't yet participated. Good luck!

Enter the holiday photo contest​

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4 years ago

The best Android shooter games


We’ve rounded up some of the best shooting games across Android for those that always need a target. We’ve got the full gamut here, ranging from simple, single-tap games to full-blown first-person shooters that nearly bring the console experience to your phone and tablet.

Ready to lock and load with the best shooting games out there?

4 years ago

Canonical releases dual-boot Ubuntu and Android developer preview


Files and instructions available to run both operating systems on your Nexus 4

If you're looking to have a little bit of Ubuntu fun on your Nexus 4 during the holiday break, Canonical has something that should interest you. They have released a method to flash your phone so that it can boot into Ubuntu from Android, and boot back to "normal" using what looks and acts like normal applications to the end user.

Looking through the instructions, you'll need to be running Ubuntu on your home computer and know your way around the command line. It's all scripted so there is little room for error, and the only path back is a full wipe and reflash of the factory images. You'll also need to flash an old radio if you want to make phone calls on the Ubuntu side, using a Jelly Bean factory image. 

While this isn't for everybody — and is clearly marked as a developer preview — it is a good way to have a look at how Ubuntu is progressing and still be able to revert back to something more familiar for those times when you need it. Follow the link below, and read everything, if you're interested.

Source: Ubuntu Developer Portal

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4 years ago

ASUS teases CES press conference with another two-in-one device


Presser kicks off on January 6 at 12 noon in Las Vegas

The ASUS CES press conference is set to take place at noon on Jan. 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, and the company looks set to continue its trend of "two-in-one" mobile devices. The first ASUS CES teaser, published today on YouTube, shows the Statue of Liberty brandishing two (or maybe just one) tablet, which switches color between green and blue. The caption reads: "Green or Blue? One or Two?" — and that's led to speculation that we'll see a dual-booting device of some sort, possibly a slate running both Android and Windows.

ASUS has tried its hand at hardware running both operating systems in the past with the Transformer Book Trio, though this wasn't a true dual-booting device. Samsung came closer to Android-plus-Windows interoperability with the Ativ Q, however this device has remained elusive since its announcement this summer.

Whatever ASUS comes out with, we'll be live from Las Vegas on the sixth to bring you full coverage.

Source: YouTube; via: Engadget

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4 years ago

ClockworkMod's AllCast hits Google Play, casts all the things to (almost) all the places


App is free, but $4.99 license removes ads and limit on video length

AllCast, the no-root, cast-all-the-things app from ClockworkMod developer Koushik Dutta, has finally made its way into Google Play. The gist is that with the app you'll be able to stream your local pics and video to a number of devices, including Roku, Apple TV, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Samsung and Panasonic TVs, Google TV and other DNLA-enabled devices.

Chromecast, still locked down by Google, isn't yet supported.

There's a $4.99 premium unlock key that removes ads and splashscreens — as well as the limit on video length.

via +Koushik Dutta

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4 years ago

Vector 24: Benedict Evans on the meaning of really cheap smartphones


Telecom analyst Benedict Evans talks to Rene about what really cheap Android handsets mean for the mobile market, Nokia’s quest for the next billion customers, and who’s buying the iPhone 5c.

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4 years ago

Phones 4u announces Boxing Day deals


UK retailer Phones 4u has announced details of its post-Christmas sale, with a number of Android devices being reduced in price from Dec. 26. The sale covers a range of Android devices across various carriers and price points —

  • HTC One free on contracts from £29 per month (was £33)
  • Sony Xperia Z free from £25 (was £29)
  • £200 instant cash back on phones including Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Moto G and Xperia SP
  • 25 percent off Vodafone 12-month 3G SIM-only deals
  • 45 percent off Sony Xperia SP — now £179.99
  • Various handsets free from £18.99 on EE 4G LTE with 500MB of data, including Galaxy Ace 3, Xperia SP and HTC One SV
  • Free wireless speaker worth £120 with every Samsung Galaxy device (3G or 4G)

Look for these deals from P4u from Thursday.

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4 years ago

Sony rolls out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for four more devices


Sony today announced that it's pushing out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for four more devices. They are:

  • Xperia Z
  • Xperia ZL
  • Xperia ZR
  • Xperia Tablet Z

Along with all the base Jelly Bean features, you can also expect Sony's "social camera," new experiences for messaging, smart connect, MyXperia and Walkman, as well as new themes. Plus Sony's thrown in Xperia in Business.

The exact timing and feature set may vary by market, Sony says.

Source: Sony

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4 years ago

From the editor's (new) desk: Moving day


On second thought, perhaps the week before Christmas — which this year is two weeks before the New Year's holiday week, and three weeks before CES — wasn't the best time to uproot things when it comes to the daily workflow, but what the hell. What's done is done. After four years of working from home — in my bedroom, no less, losing my office once we had our second daughter — I've found a new office to call home. 

It's funny how it can take a while to get moved in, though. This is a job that can be done anywhere. I've done it from too many airplanes. From a train from Los Angeles to San Diego. A racetrack in the Detroit suburbs. Outside the U.S., from such faraway lands as Spain and England. Canada. Germany. France. The Netherlands. South Korea. Minnesota. 

So what is it about these bare white walls that makes it all feel so different? I dunno. But I do know that I'm in an interesting place — the top floor will be dominated by the University of West Florida Innovation Institute — and am among the first third of private tenants to be working in the DeVilliers Square building, which is still undergoing its $1.25 million rehab. And it's located in the historic Belmont-DeVilliers area of Pensacola, which is seeing a pretty major revival. Plus there's an awesome burger joint across the street, as well as the Five Sisters Blues Cafe. So there's that. Maybe will have to set up a local meet-up at some point.

It's going to be a fun 2014.

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4 years ago

Tank Domination coming to Android next year


Online multiplayer combat game will be free on Android 

With World of Tanks Blitz still in development, the only proper alternative on Android is Tanktastic. But that is due to change early next year. Game Insight, publisher of the My Country series and Dragon Eternity is preparing to bring their largest game yet to Android: Tank Domination.

With 10-against-10 online battles, a large array of realistic tanks, and even the celebrity voice talent of Michael Ironside, Tank Domination aims to be a serious contender in the tank combat genre. We recently visited Game Insight in San Francisco to try the game out and came away impressed. Head past the break for gameplay details and our hands-on video with the iPad version.

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4 years ago

5 quick tips for better holiday photos from your Android


Get the most out of the camera in your pocket

For many of us, taking pictures is something we do all year. But during the holidays, there are often so many moments to capture that almost everyone with a camera — including the one on your Android — will want to be snapping a few pictures and making memories they can share and keep forever. The real photobugs in the crowd will have their fancy gear out, and a few will have a good camera with them, but everyone with an Android has a capable camera, too.

With a few tips, you can get pictures you'll love from every Android phone. Maybe they won't make the cover of National Geographic or Time, but pictures you can share on Facebook or with friends and family are really what most of us are asking for. Forget all the talk about which Android phone has the better camera, grab the Android you have and follow past the break for some tips to get the most out of your holiday pictures with it.

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4 years ago

Holiday Photo Contest: Day 10 collectible winner!


The tenth of 14 winners in our extra-long photo contest

We're wrapping up the second weekend of our Holiday Photo Contest, and that marks the tenth of 14 winners that will be receiving an Android mini collectible. Each winner is picked after a day of photo entries has been looked at, and that means each day someone enters they have a pretty darn good chance of winning.

Hit the break to see today's winner, and be sure to get your entry into the contest thread in the forums if you haven't yet participated. Good luck!

Enter the holiday photo contest​

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