Another weekend is here, and with it comes yet another hurricane determined to wreck everything in its path. We hope everyone in its path can stay safe and has a home to return to once the weather settles down. Our thoughts go out to folks affected by Harvey and Irma, and we hope everything turns out for the best.

For those of us who aren't facing Mother Nature's wrath, here is your weekend spot for talking about anything. Android is cool and we all love it, but there are so many other great things to chatter about — cars, cameras, pets, lawn mowers, you name it.

This is also a great spot for people who work Saturday and Sundays, where you can pass some time while the boss isn't looking by getting to know your fellow AC members. That's what I do 😁. Think about us while you're enjoying the weekend; both the people who are working hard and the people who are hardly working.

And once again, if you're in the areas affected by Irma listen to your local authorities and get out of dodge if they recommend it! Stay safe so we can talk next week.