Even tech websites can't escape the trap that is politics. We know every time we write an article about something tech-related and political, the proverbial stuff will hit the fan. Especially any opinion pieces. That's not going to change how we feel about telling you important things you need to know, but it's usually just not fun. That's why it's called work, I guess.

Anyhoo, resist the temptation to go off the rails in these comments. There's plenty of other stuff to talk about! Like the wonder from Asia that is the KFC phone.

If you find out anything about importing this one to the states tell Jerry

Sprint is trying some interesting stuff, and the man behind the money — Masayoshi Son — is being pretty aggressive to keep the company going strong. It's always great to see Sprint news that's good. They're a pioneer in this industry and introduced the first U.S. nationwide digital network, which was the largest of its kind. Here's hoping some more money can bring back the days when Sprint was working on the future.

We've heard more about the Pixel 2, and while rumors and leaks are just that, we really do expect to see it in the not-too-distant future. We also know the Note 8 is close to a big launch, as well as things whispered that can't be talked about from other companies. Cough. LG V30. Cough.

See? there's plenty to talk about without saying a word on politics. Give yourself a break from the drama and let's chat.