We're all busy getting ready for Android O and IFA and V30s and Note 8s and everything else, but it's still important to remember to take a break once in a while. That's especially true if you spend the majority of the week behind a desk in a cubicle or office. Take your weekend time, whether it be the normal Saturday and Sunday weekend or other days because work is a 24/7 thing, and get some fresh air.

After you have spent some time in the glorious sunshine of the great outdoors, you can kick back and chat with friends right here. Express yourself, and be yourself with no judging. I think we all learned this week that it's very difficult sometimes when the way you feel inside clashes with what others think. Don't let that stop you from doing a bit of free thinking even if what you're thinking turns out wrong in the end or others don't agree.

The important thing is to be respectful of others when you do disagree. We're all wired differently, but we're all in this mess of a world together. Let's chill and chat with each other!