Deadlings for Android

Polish gaming studio Artifex Mundi is best known for their hidden object games like the Nightmares from the Deep and Enigmatis series. But they also publish games from other studios, such as fellow Polish developer Nimbi.

The two companies have teamed up to produce Deadlings, which has just released on Android today. Instead of a hidden object adventure, Deadlings is a clever and whimsical puzzle game starring a bunch of surprisingly adorable zombies. Haven’t we all seen enough of the scary ones anyway?


Deadlings for Android

Deadlings has a whimsical premise in which zombies have overrun the streets and gotten in everyone’s way. Death sees the problem as an opportunity to make some friends, so he pulls the undead minions off of the streets and puts them to work in his factory. There he aims to train them to be productive citizens instead of just sitting around watching Dancing With the Stars all day.

Death commands a variety of Deadlings, with each type specializing in different actions. Bonesack can run and jump; Creep sticks to ceilings and sings Radiohead songs (maybe not the singing); Lazybrain moves slowly and carefully; and Stencher flies around by passing gas. Nasty, but nobody ever said zombies were fresh and clean.

Players will use their arsenal of Deadlings to solve over 100 puzzle levels. You’ll have to switch back and forth between the different undead helpers in order to complete the more complex levels. The more tasty brains your minions collect during a level, the better your rating. With so many puzzles and two different modes to play – strategy and arcade – you’ll have a tough time outliving the Deadlings.

As usual with Artifex Mundi's games, Deadlings is on sale for a special introductory price at launch. You can try it for free, and then purchase for $1.99 if you crave more zombie puzzling gameplay.